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Books that Shaped Work in America

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Stone Butch Blues

Stone Butch Blues

Author: Leslie Feinberg

Year Published: 1991

Description: Jess Goldberg, raised in the traditional blue-collar environment of Buffalo, New York, in the 1950s, undertakes a journey toward self-discovery and community among a group of intimate friends and fellow gender-nonconforming pioneers in Leslie Feinberg’s 1993 Stonewall Book Award-winning novel. A journey that begins with Jess furtively trying on her father’s suits, and facing institutionalization as a consequence, the book is one of the first comprehensive explorations of the transgender experience. As she begins to explore the transgender culture in the gay bars of the 1960s, facing police brutality and sexual violence, Jess finds a community of peers who help guide her as she explores her “butch” lesbian identity and struggles to truthfully express her gender. This brave novel follows Jess as she navigates the workplace, moving from factory job to factory job, facing fierce discrimination as an individual whose appearance does not match society’s expectations.

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'I didn't want to be different. I longed to be everything grown-ups wanted, so they would love me. I followed all their rules, tried my best to please. But there was something about me that made them knit their eyebrows and frown.No one ever offered a name for what was wrong with me.'

Stone Butch Blues

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The Department of Labor touches almost every aspect of working in America, including:

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