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Veterans' Employment & Training Service
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Filing Assistance

Obtain Blank Report Forms

You may download the VETS-100 and/or VETS-100A form(s) at:

How to File

You may now file your VETS100 and/or your VETS100A reports via the links below for 2013:

If you have any questions about which report your company needs to file please consult our Frequently Asked Questions.

You may also submit your reports via EMAIL:

OR POSTAL MAIL: VETS-100 Service Center
C/O Department of Labor National Contact Center (DOL-NCC)
14120 Newbrook Dr, Suite 200
Chantilly, VA 20151

Confirmation of Filing

Upon the successful submission of a VETS-100 and/or VETS-100A report(s), federal contractors will receive an email confirmation of receipt notification for their records. These confirmation notifications should be used as verification of submission by Federal Contracting Officers when obligating funds to an awarded contract.

The copy of a submitted report is not required by VETS to suffice for a confirmation / validation of submission.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns regarding VETS-100 or VETS-100A reports please contact VETS-100 customer support at 1-866-237-0275 or via email at