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Veterans' Employment & Training Service
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View a Summary Report of Transition Asistance:

The Role of Certification, Second Annual Conference . Find out what attendees learned from the dynamic presentations made by the diverse array of over 40 speakers at the second annual conference on transition assistance held in May 2001. Speakers from the private and public sectors, including members of Congress, certification industry experts, as well as military and civilian officials, who help servicemembers transition to the civilian workforce, spoke on a range of issues, such as:

· Recent legislation passed by Congress that expands Montgomery GI Bill coverage to include payment of licensing and certification exams for servicemembers and veterans;

· How credentialing agencies can have their exams approved for payment under the new GI Bill legislation;

· Degree, apprenticeship and other voluntary education programs offered by the Armed Services to promote professional growth and ease transition for servicemembers;

· Barriers to credentialing for servicemembers and veterans that result from variation in state licensure requirements; and

· Partnering opportunities between the Department of Defense and civilian credentialing agencies to facilitate certification of active duty military personnel.