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Veterans' Employment & Training Service
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VETS Leadership Team Organization Chart

Assistant Secretary of Labor
Keith Kelly
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Operations
Ralph Charlip
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy
Terry Gerton
Chief of Staff
Mike Bocchini
Director, Office of Field Operations
Bill Metheny
Director, Office of National Programs
Ruth Samardick
Director, Office of Administration and Budget
Maria Temiquel
Director, Office of Strategic Outreach
Tim Green
Regional Administrator for Atlanta Area
Maurice Buchanan
Regional Administrator for Boston Area
Dana Bourne
Deputy Director for Employment Programs
Emmanuel Ekwo
Regional Administrator for Chicago Area
Heather Higgins
Regional Administrator for Dallas Area
Robert Creel
Deputy Director for Compliance Programs
Kenan Torrans
Regional Administrator for Philadelphia Area
Tim Crowley
Regional Administrator for San Francisco Area
Alfred Kwok

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