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Office of Workers' Compensation Programs

Office of Workers' Compensation Programs (OWCP)

EEOICP Program Statistics


In May 2009 we introduced new Part B statistics for cases sent to NIOSH and cases approved based on Special Exposure Cohort (SEC) status.

Note below that claim numbers represent each employee or survivor who filed for benefits. Case numbers represent employees (living or deceased) whose employment and illness are the basis for the claim.

Note also that we differentiate applications as either covered or non-covered. Non-covered applications are those for which the medical condition claimed is not one of the covered occupational illnesses (applies only to Part B applications); or the employee's covered employment has not been established (Parts B and E); or a survivor did not meet eligibility requirements (Part E).

Data as of

Statistical data updated weekly on Mondays

Combined Part B and E Summary
Applications Filed 23,640 14,532*
Covered Applications Filed 19,636 12,754
Total Compensation Paid


9,273 7,013

Total Dollars

Total Medical Bills Paid

Total Dollars

Total Compensation + Medical Bills Paid $1,152,545,136

*A total of 8,065 unique individual workers are represented by the 14,532 cases reported.

Part B

Applications Filed 11,670 7,020
Non Covered Applications        (show details) 948 723
Non Covered Employment 119 73
Condition Not Covered 829 650
Covered Applications Filed 10,722 6,297
  Recommended Decisions*1    
Approved 6,574 4,306
Denied 2,940 1,748


9,514 6,054
  Final Decisions*1    
Approved 6,384 4,239
(show details)      Denied 2,871 1,728
  Survivor Not Eligible 659 151
  Cancer Not Work Related *2 1,525 1,116
  Medical Info Insufficient to Support Claim 687 461


9,255 5,967
  Compensation Paid    


5,890 3,910

Total Dollars


*1 With regard to covered applications only

*2 Probability of Causation is less than 50 percent


Part E

Applications Filed 11,970 7,512
Non Covered Applications        (show details) 3,056 1,055
Non Covered Employment 153 101
Survivor Not Covered *5 2,903 954
Covered Applications Filed 8,914 6,457
  Recommended Decisions*3    
Approved 5,186 4,208
Denied 2,355 1,896


7,541 6,104
  Final Decisions*3    
Approved 5,070 4,135
(show details)      Denied 2,229 1,823
  Cancer Not Work Related*4 655 474
  Medical Info Insufficient to Support Claim 1,574 1,349


7,299 5,958
  Compensation Paid    


3,383 3,103

Total Dollars


*3 With regard to covered applications only
*4 Probability of Causation is less than 50 percent
*5 Per EEOICPA amendments of 2004, adult children are not covered under Part E.


Part B Cases - NIOSH Statistics

Part B - Status and Location of NIOSH Referrals
  Cases Referred to NIOSH for Dose Reconstruction (DR) 2,988
    Cases Returned by NIOSH
            With Dose Reconstruction (DR) 2,372
            Without Dose Reconstruction (DR) *6 448


    Cases that are Currently at NIOSH *7
            Initial Referral to NIOSH 102
            Reworks or Returns to NIOSH 66


*6 Most cases without a DR are cases withdrawn from NIOSH for DOL review and approval based on a new SEC designation. Other reasons for withdrawal include administrative closure, death of claimant.
*7 A recent update to our claims processing application has shifted the manner in which NIOSH reworks and returns are calculated. The Cases that are currently at NIOSH counts have decreased, and the Cases Returned by NIOSH have increased from previous reports.
Part B - Cases with Dose Reconstruction (DR) and Final Decision
  Final Decision to Accept and Probability of Causation (POC) 50% or Greater
    Cases Paid 733
    Individuals (Claimants) Paid 1,011
    Amount Paid $109,885,000
  Final Decision to Deny and POC Less Than 50% 1,171





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