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Office of Workers' Compensation Programs

Division of Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation (DLHWC)


  1. Purpose and Scope. This Part of the Procedure Manual describes the various ways and means used in the Longshore Program to evaluate and improve performance and effectiveness in the delivery of benefits to injured workers. To meet the need for a formalized evaluation system, the Longshore Program utilizes a series of regular management information reports, and in addition, the NO conducts periodic accountability reviews of each of the LHWCA DOs. The Chapters in this Part describe this system.
  2. Data Sources. Three monthly reports provide statistical data that constitute the basic information sources for managing the Longshore Program and measuring the performance of the DOs.
    1. The LHWCA DO Statistical Report, LS-3 (Exhibit 2, PM 10-200), provides statistics on the number of case processing activities, such as new cases created, cases closed and conferences, during the reporting month. This report is described in PM 9-200.
    2. The Supplemental Statistical Report, LS-3s (Exhibit 3, PM 10-200), provides current case workload (pending case inventory) and unattached mail inventory data at the end of each month. This report is described in PM 9-300.
    3. The Workload and Performance Standards Report, (Exhibit 21, PM 10-300), provides statistical information on the timeliness of key workload processing functions in the Longshore Program's DOs. This report is described in PM 9-400.
  3. Operational Planning. In conjunction with the Office of the Director, OWCP, each year the Longshore Program's National Office prepares operational planning instructions for the Program. It includes general management objectives and individual workload output and performance standard goals for each DO. Progress in achieving these goals is tracked in a Quarterly reporting system known as Quarterly Review and Analysis. The system is described in PM 9-500.
  4. Accountability Reviews. The Longshore National Office conducts periodic on-site reviews of each DO. These reviews are carried out by a team of National and district office staff who make findings and recommendations about the quality, quantity and timeliness of the actions of the DO during the twelve month period preceding the accountability review. The Accountability Review system is described in PM 9-600.