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Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs
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Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP)




Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs


Number: 300 Date: April 18, 2012 ADM Notice/Rescission


  1. SUBJECT: Notice of Rescission

  2. PURPOSE: Rescission of 18 Redundant or Outdated Directives.

  3. BACKGROUND: Since 1979, OFCCP has maintained a Directives System as one means of distributing guidance to its staff members and the public. The Directives System has been periodically reviewed and updated to eliminate obsolete or redundant materials. In December 2011, the Division of Policy, Planning and Program Development began reviewing all of the directives to determine whether they should remain active or be rescinded. As a result of this review, eighteen directives were identified as redundant because the subject matter contained in them is addressed in other guidance and resource materials, or the directives are no longer valid because the information is outdated. Therefore, the eighteen directives listed below are rescinded as of the effective date of this Notice.


  5. Holders of ADM and LEG Binders: File this Notice of Rescission behind the "SEL" tab in your Administrative Practices Binder.

    District and Area Offices EOSs and EOAs: File this Notice of Rescission behind the tab for ADM Directives in your FCCM Binder.

  6. EFFECTIVE DATE: This Notice is effective immediately.

  7. OBSOLETE DATA: The OFCCP directives listed below are rescinded with issuance of this Notice.

    1. Order No. LEG 76-1/DEB, Debarment of Powertherm, Philadelphia, PA, issued August 11, 1976.

    2. Order No. LEG 76-2/OTH, Responsibility of Honeywell, Inc. to Continue Receiving Government Contracts during the Pendency of Formal Sanction Proceedings Pursuant to Executive Order 11246, issued October 5, 1976.

    3. Order No. LEG 78-2/DEB, Notice of Debarment: Painting Corporation of Detroit, Inc. Warren, Michigan, issued June 30, 1978.

    4. Order No. LEG 78-1/DEB, Notice of Debarment: American Sanitary Sales and Service Company, Inc., issued June 30, 1978.

    5. Order No. LEG 79-4/CD, Basic Steel Industry Consent Decrees (U.S. v. Allegheny-Ludlum, et. al.), issued February 28, 1979.

    6. Policy Issuance 79-59 LEG, Trucking Industry Partial Consent Decree (U.S. v. Trucking Employers, Inc.), issued June 1, 1979.

    7. Order No. LEG 79-9/CD, United States of America and Equal Opportunity Employment Commission v. Trucking Management, Inc., issued November 23, 1979.

    8. Transmittal Number 50, OFCCP v. Missouri Pacific Railroad, Section 503; Gerald E. Jones - Recommended Decision and Order, issued June 29, 1983.

    9. Transmittal Number 52, Howard L. Moon v. Raymond J. Donovan, USDC, Northern District of Georgia, Civil Action No. C 81-1861 (June 9, 1983), issued July 20, 1983.

    10. Transmittal Number 63, Presinzano v. Hoffman-LaRoche, Inc, OFCCP, and Ellen Shong, U.S. Court of Appeals Decision, February 2, 1984, No. 83-5176, 3rd Circuit, issued May 31, 1984.

    11. Transmittal Number 65, Roddy vs. Shong, et al, District Court Decision, (C83-762, November 30, 1983, N.D., Ohio), issued July 31, 1984.

    12. Transmittal Number 67, United States v. New Orleans Public Service, Inc. (NOPSI), 723 F.2d 422 (5th Circuit, January 23, 1984), issued August 15, 1984.

    13. Transmittal Number 74, OFCCP v. Sunshine Biscuits, Inc., issued March 7, 1985.

    14. Transmittal Number 85, D'Amato v. Wisconsin Gas Co., et al, No. 83-3235 (7th Cir.), issued May 19, 1986.

    15. Order No. LEG 89-1/CD, Consent Decree in OFCCP v. Board of Supervisors of Louisiana State University, Case. No. 88-OFC-27, issued February 6, 1989.

    16. Transmittal Number 130, Final Decision and Remand Order of the Acting Assistance Secretary for Employment Standards in OFCCP v. Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority, Case No. 84-OFC-8, issued August 21, 1989.

    17. LEG Notice Consent Decree #128, Consent Decree in OFCCP v. FELEC Services, Inc., Case No. 89-OFC-26, issued July 18, 1989.

    18. Order No. LEG 89-3/CD, Consent Decree Approved by the Secretary of Labor resolving OFCCP v. Interco, Case No. 86-OFC-2, issued September 11, 1989.

  8. DISTRIBUTION: A, B (both hard copy and electronically); C (hard copy only).



April 18, 2012



Director, Office of Federal Contract Compliance