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October 3, 1980



Department of Labor

Office of Federal Contract Compliance



Construction Contractors, Affirmative

Action Requirements; Construction

Industry, Goals for Minority Participation


                             Federal Register / Vol.45 No. 194 / Friday, October 3, 1980 / Rules and Regulations                                     65976




Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs


41 CFR Part 60‑4


Construction Contractors, Affirmative Action Requirements


AGENCY: Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, Labor.


ACTION: Final rule.


SUMMARY. The regulations published today clarify the existing requirement in 41 CFR 60‑4.1 that a nonexempt construction contractor's total construction workforce is covered under 41 CFR Part 60‑4 even though some of the contractor's employees perform work on non‑Federal or nonfederally assisted construction contracts or subcontracts and even though such nonfederally related work may occur in geographical areas where the contractor does not currently have work on Federal or federally assisted construction projects.


EFFECTIVE DATE: These regulations shall take effect November 3, 1980.


FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: James Cisco, Acting Director, Division of Program Policy, Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, Room C‑3324, U.S. Department of Labor, 200 Constitution Avenue, NW, Washington. D.C. 20210, Telephone (202) 523‑9426.


SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: On September 7,1979, the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP), U.S. Department of Labor, published for comment in the Federal Register (44 FR 52283) a proposal to clarify 41 CFR Part 60‑4, regulations for the construction industry, pursuant to Executive Order 11246, as amended. (30 FR 12319, 32 FR 14303, 43 FR 14888.) Also published for comment was a proposed Notice and Appendix to establish goals for minority employment for each SMSA and EA (44 FR 52348). That Notice and Appendix are published in final form today elsewhere in the Federal Register.  Comments were received until November 6, 1979, on each proposal.


One hundred fifty‑four written comments were submitted by individuals and groups during the comment period. The comments were directed either to the proposed  clarification, the proposed minority employment goals or to both proposals. Each submission has been thoroughly reviewed, and each criticism and each suggestion has been given careful consideration. Additional comments received and postmarked after November 6, 1979, were analyzed and considered, but are not included in the above count. None of the 154 comments dealt with the proposed clarification of 41 CFR 60‑4.6, and only 34 dealt with the proposed clarification of paragraph 7q of 41 CFR 60‑4.3. The overwhelming majority of the comments dealt solely with the proposed nationwide minority goals contained in the separate September 7, 1979, Federal Register Notice.


Summary of Comments


1.      Several contractors and contractor associations objected to coverage of nonfederally involved construction projects. Contractors and their associations contended that the clarifying proposal is in reality a major change in the regulations. They contended further that such coverage would be inflationary, would place them in a poor competitive position with respect to companies without Federal contracts, would make companies reluctant to bid on Federal contracts in the future, and would be an intrusion in private sector affairs.

2.      Contractor associations contended that there will be additional and burdensome reporting requirements associated with monitoring activity on private sector projects.

3.      Both contractors and individuals recognized the industry's legal obligations to take affirmative action., but objected to the $10,000 jurisdictional amount for goals coverage; some suggested instead that the jurisdictional amount be raised to $50,000 or $100,000.

4.      Contractor associations contended that the net result of implementing section 7q and nationwide goals will be a decrease in the number of minority employees, and in some instances "reverse discrimination" as contractors attempt to meet specific goals.

5.      One comment proposed that the regulation apply to private sector projects only after a Federal award has been made, i.e. prospectively, and then only to private projects in areas where a contractor has Federal or federally assisted construction.

6.      Several public interest groups, advocacy groups, and Government agencies praised the proposal. However they expressed concern about OFCCP's ability to monitor compliance adequately on private sector projects, and called for the establishment of improved employee reporting mechanisms.




Some comments suggested that the application of Executive Order affirmative action requirements to nonfederally related construction projects is a new requirement. More specifically, they asserted that paragraph 7q constitutes a substantive change in the regulations rather than a clarification of existing requirements as stated in the September 7, 1979, Federal Register proposal (43 FR 52283).  To the contrary, by its expressed terms, the proposal did not establish a new requirement. Rather the proposal simply clarified which goals (that is, the goals of a specific geographical area) are applicable to a contractor's workforce when the contractor is performing construction work in two or more locations and each location is subject to different goals (e.g., two separate SMSAs).


The relevant regulation is 41 CFR 60-4.1, which was promulgated as a final rule on April 7, 1978 (43 FR 14888), and which has been effective since May 8, 1978.  That regulation provides, in pertinent part, as follows:


This part applies to all contractors and subcontractors which hold any Federal or federally assisted construction contract in excess of $10,000. The regulations in this part are applicable to all of a construction contractor's or subcontractor's construction employees who are engaged in onsite construction including those construction employees who work on a nonfederally funded or nonfederally assisted construction site * * * (Emphasis added.)


Nothing in the language proposed as paragraph 7q would alter, by extension or otherwise, that basic obligation. Further, the Department of Labor's nationwide goals for female participation in the construction industry have, since their effective date (May 8, 1978), been applicable to a 'non‑exempt contractor's total onsite construction workforce throughout the United States -regardless of whether the total workforce is employed on a federally related or non‑federally related project (and regardless of whether there were specific goals in existence for minorities (43 FR 14899)). The regulation is consistent with the general approach under Executive Order 11246 regulations that a contractor's acceptance of a single covered contract makes all of that contractor's workforce and facilities covered unless otherwise specifically exempt. See, for example, 41 CFR Part 60‑2 (Revised Order 4) under which each nonconstruction contractor subject to Revised Order 4 must comply with the written affirmative action program  requirements at each of its establishments.


This same approach has been applicable to the construction industry since 1971. The Philadelphia Plan, for example, initially was limited to federally involved construction projects. Contractors at the time of a compliance review would shift their minority workers from private sites to federally involved projects. This practice was referred to as "bicycling." The Philadelphia Plan was amended in 1971 to cover the contractor and therefore covered both federally related and private projects. (See Nash, Affirmative Action Under Executive Order 11246, 46 N.Y.U.L Rev. 225, 240 (1971).)


The proposal then did not propose to establish new requirements; rather it was designed to eliminate confusion surrounding the phrase "covered area" as that phrase is used in 41 CFR Part 60‑4 in referring to the various geographical units where goals have been established. Questions were raised, for example, as to whether a contractor which is awarded a federally involved construction contract in SMSA X should apply the goals established for SMSA X to its non‑Federal work in SMSA Y or the goals established for SMSA Y to that non‑Federal work in SMSA Y.  Paragraph 7q merely was intended to explain that construction contractors and subcontractors were to apply the goals of the SMSA or EA where the contract was actually being performed. The proposed amendment to 41 CFR 60‑4.6 was intended to achieve the same purpose. The proposal, as has been stated herein, would achieve the clarification in part by adding a new paragraph q to clause 7 of the Standard Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Construction Contract specifications. Upon reflection, however, paragraph 4 of the specifications appears to be a more appropriate point to add the amendment. Accordingly, paragraph 4 of the specifications has been amended rather than to add a paragraph q to paragraph 7.


The September 7, 1979, Federal Register notice did not propose an amendment to 41 CFR 60‑4.2. However, paragraph 2 of the "Notice of Requirement for Affirmative Action to Ensure Equal Employment Opportunity (Executive Order 11246)" (which follows 41 CFR 60‑4.2(d)) also may need clarification on the same point. Accordingly, paragraph 2 of the Notice has been amended to make it clear that a covered construction contractor is subject to the goals applicable to the geographical location where the construction work is being performed and that all its projects, whether or not they are federally involved, are covered by the goal requirement.


The other comments which were received on the proposal and which have been summarized above simply are not on point.  Each comment, as indicated above, however, has been considered. In addition those comments also have been treated in the Notice and Appendix regarding minority goals which are published elsewhere in the Federal Register today.

It has been determined that this document does not contain a major proposal requiring the preparation of a regulatory analysis under Executive Order 12044 (43 FR 12661) or under the Department's guidelines implementing Executive Order 12044.


This document was prepared under the direction and control of Weldon Rougeau, Director, Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs.


Accordingly, 41 CFR Part 60-4 is amended as set forth below:


Dated: September 30, 1980.


Ray Marshall,

Secretary of Labor.

John N. Gentry,

Under Secretary.

Donald Elisburg,

Assistant Secretary Employment Standards Administration.

Weldon 1. Rougeau,

Director. Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs.

(Secs. 201, 202, 205, 211, 301, 302, and 303 of E.O. 11246, as amended. 30 FR 12319; 32 FR

14303; 43 FR 46501)


1. 41 CFR 60-4.2(d) is amended by revising paragraph 2 of the "Notice of Requirement for Affirmative Action to Ensure Equal Employment Opportunity (Executive Order 11246)," to read as follows:


§60‑4.2 Solicitations.

*          *          *          *

(d) The following notice shall be included in and shall be a part of, all solicitations for offers and bids on all Federal and federally assisted construction contracts or subcontracts in excess of $10,000 to be performed in geographical areas designated by the Director pursuant to § 60-4.6 of this part (see 41 CFR 60-4.2(a)):


Notice of Requirement for Affirmative Action To Ensure Equal Employment Opportunity

(Executive Order 11246)


1. The Offeror's or Bidder's attention is called to the "Equal Opportunity Clause" and the "Standard Federal Equal Employment Specifications" set forth herein.


2. The goals and timetables for minority and female participation, expressed in percentage terms for the Contractor's aggregate workforce in each trade on all construction work in the covered areas are as follows:



                                                            Goals for minority      Goals for female

Timetables                                          participation for          participation in each

                                                            each trade                   trade


                                                            Insert goals for           Insert goals for

each year.                   each year.



These goals are applicable to all the Contractor's construction work (whether or not it is Federal or federally assisted) performed in the covered area.  If the contractor performs construction work in a geographical area located outside of the covered area, it shall apply the goals established for such geographical area where the work is actually performed. With regard to this second area, the contractor also is subject to the goals for both its federally involved and nonfederally involved construction.


The Contractor's compliance with the Executive Order and the regulations in 41 CFR Part 60-4 shall be based on its implementation of the Equal Opportunity Clause, specific affirmative action obligations required by the specifications set forth in 41 CFR 60-4.3(a), and its efforts to meet the goals.  The hours of minority and female employment and training must be substantially uniform throughout the length of the contract, and in each trade and the contractor shall make a good faith effort to employ minorities and women evenly on each of its projects.  The transfer of minority or female employees or trainees from Contractor to Contractor or from project to project for the sole purpose of meeting the Contractor's goals shall be a violation of the contract, the Executive Order, and the regulations in 41 CFR Part 60-4.  Compliance with the goals will be measured against the total work hours performed.


3. The Contractor shall provide written notification to the Director of the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs within 10 working days of award of any construction subcontract in excess of $10,000 at any tier for construction work under the contract resulting from this solicitation.  The notification shall list the name, address and telephone number of the subcontractor; employer identification number of the subcontractor; estimated dollar amount of the subcontract; estimated starting and completion dates of the subcontract; and the geographical area in which the subcontract is to be performed.


4. As used in this Notice, and in the contract resulting from this solicitation, the "covered area" is (insert description of the geographical areas where the contract is to be performed giving the state, county and city, if any).


2. 41 CFR 60-4.3(a) is amended by revising paragraph 4 of the Standard Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Construction Contract Specifications (Executive Order 11246) to read as follows:


§ 60-4.3 Equal opportunity clauses.


(a) * * *


Standard Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Construction Contract Specifications (Executive Order 11246)

*          *          *


4. The contractor shall implement the specific affirmative action standards provided in paragraphs 7 a through p of these specifications. The goals set forth in the solicitation from which this contract resulted are expressed as percentages of the total hours of employment and training of minority and female utilization the Contractor should reasonably be able to achieve in each construction trade in which it has employees in the covered area.  Covered Construction contractors performing construction work in geographical areas where they do not have a Federal or federally assisted construction contract shall apply the minority and female goals established for the geographical area where the work is being performed. Goals are published periodically in the Federal Register in notice form and such notices may be obtained from any Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs office or from Federal procurement contracting officers.  The Contractor is expected to make substantially uniform progress in meeting its goals in each craft during the period specified.


3. 41 CFR 60-4.6 is amended to read as follows:


§ 60-4.6 Goals and timetables.


The Director, from time to time, shall issue goals and timetables for minority and female utilization which shall be based on appropriate workforce demographic or other relevant data and which shall cover construction projects or construction contracts performed in specific geographical areas.  The goals, which shall be applicable to each construction trade in a covered contractor's or subcontractor's entire workforce which is working in the area covered by the goals and timetables, shall be published as notices in the Federal Register, and shall be inserted by the contracting officers and applicants, as applicable, in the Notice required by 41 CFR 60-4.2. Covered construction contractors performing construction work in geographical areas where they do not have a Federal or federally assisted construction contract shall apply the minority and female goals established for the geographical area where the work is being performed.




Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs


Goals for Minority Participation In the Construction Industry


On September 7,1979, the Department of Labor published in the Federal Register (44 FR 52348) a notice requesting comments on proposed employment goals for minority workers in the construction industry. The proposed notice contemplated a single goal for minority employment, and an appendix was attached which proposed goals for minority utilization in each standard metropolitan statistical area and in each economic area.  On October 5,1979, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) published a related document in the Federal Register (44 FR 57491) requesting comments on the question of whether a specific and separate percentage goal should be established for each minority group.


This final Notice and the Appendix B-­80 attached hereto, supersede Appendix B of the Notice issued on April 7, 1978, (43 FR 14899) and corrected on May 5, 1978, (43 FR 19473) and Appendix B‑1 of the Notice issued on March 20, 1979, (44 FR 17116) which established goals under Executive Order 11246 for minorities working on construction projects located in certain areas. This Notice is issued pursuant to 41 CFR 60‑4.6 and establishes goals under Executive Order 11246, as amended (30 FR 12319, 32 FR 14303 and 43 FR 46501), for minorities in the construction industry.




Executive Order 11246, as amended, prohibits nonexempt Federal and federally assisted construction contractors and subcontractors from discriminating against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.  In addition, such contractors and subcontractors are required to take affirmative action to ensure that applicants are employed, and that employees are treated during employment, without regard to their race, color, religion, sex or national origin.  Section 201 of the Order provides that the Secretary of Labor shall adopt rules, regulations and orders as he deems necessary and appropriate to achieve the purposes of the Order.


Service and supply contractors (i.e., nonconstruction contractors) with at least 50 employees and a contract of at least $50,000 are required to develop and implement written affirmative action programs (see 41 CFR Part 60‑2). These affirmative action programs, among other things, are required to contain separate goals and timetables for minorities and women. The goals reflect the difference between such contractors' rate of utilization of minority and female employees and the availability of those groups in the relevant labor area. Service and supply contractors for a number of years now have been under an obligation to implement the Executive Order's affirmative action requirement in this manner.


A different approach was developed with regard to construction contractors. Unlike service and supply contractors, construction contractors normally have not been required to develop, on an individual basis, written affirmative action programs. Rather, for the construction industry, written affirmative action programs have been developed by the local construction industry itself, subject to approval by the Department of Labor, or the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs would develop the affirmative action programs for various geographical areas.  These programs did contain affirmative action goals.  Nonexempt construction contractors working in those geographical areas would then be required to comply with the affirmative action programs. This requirement or obligation was imposed by incorporating the written area- wide affirmative action program into the contractor's contract.


All construction contractors traditionally were required to comply with the Executive Order's Equal Opportunity clause, published at 41 CFR 60‑1.4(a) and (b), which mandates nondiscrimination and affirmative action. (See Executive Order 11246, § 202 and § 301.) Not all construction contractors were subject to goals and timetables, however, because these area‑wide programs were not developed for each geographical area where construction was taking place.


This difference in treatment between construction industry contractors and service and supply contractors resulted because of the limitations of the three basic types of affirmative action programs which the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) designed for the construction industry. The three basic types of affirmative action programs developed for the construction industry were (1) Imposed Plans, (2) Hometown Plans and (3) Special Bid Conditions. One of the basic limitations of these types of plans or affirmative action programs was that they were limited to a specific geographical area or, in the case of Special Bid Conditions, limited to specific construction projects.  Accordingly, neither type of affirmative action program provided for a nationwide system of defined affirmative action goals. We turn now to a brief description and analysis of each of these types of plans.


Imposed Plans for the most part were implemented in major metropolitan areas where there was substantial Federal or federally assisted construction, and applied only to those projects which were valued in excess of $500,000. These areas included at one time or another Philadelphia, Washington DC, San Francisco, St. Louis, Atlanta, Camden, and Chicago.  Imposed plans generally were published in 41 CFR Chapter 60 but the Philadelphia Imposed Plan was never codified in the Code of Federal Regulations.


Hometown Plans were tripartite agreements among the contractors and the unions in an area and the local minority community. The three groups would develop a plan for compliance with the Executive Order and present it to the OFCCP for approval. If the OFCCP approved the plan, it constituted the contractors' obligations under the Executive Order and so long as they complied with the plan they also were in compliance with the Order. Presently, there are 27 approved Hometown Plans in operation.


Special Bid Conditions were developed to impose affirmative action obligations on construction contractors which were working on certain high impact projects which were being constructed in an area which was not covered, as a general rule, by a Hometown or Imposed Plan.


These three types of affirmative action plans were not implemented through a regulatory scheme applicable to the construction industry on a nation­wide basis. Rather they were included in the solicitations which precede the award of contracts. One of the shortcomings of these approaches was that substantial federally involved construction was being conducted outside of the small number of geographical areas which had either an Imposed or Hometown Plan, and such construction therefore took place without benefit of specific affirmative action requirements. Also, contracting officers were confused by the different types of affirmative action plans and sometimes did not know which ones covered specific geographical areas or projects.  In addition, some contracting agencies, perhaps because of the confusion, did not adhere to the different notices and formats developed by OFCCP.  As a consequence, construction contracts frequently were awarded which did not contain the notice indicating that they were subject to the Executive Order even though the contracts were subject to the Executive Order and were to be performed in an area which had either an Imposed or Hometown Plan. The Imposed Plans presented a special problem because a number of contractors sometimes failed to sign the certification which appeared in the appendix in Imposed Plans. Failure to sign the certification frequently was unrelated to the contractors' commitment to the affirmative action requirements. However, the certification was held to be a material part of the bid and those bids which did not contain a signed certification were rejected as nonresponsive. A number of these rejected bids were low bids, and the result was to increase the cost of construction to the Government.


Another deficiency in the old programs was that no specific affirmative action standards were applicable to women in the construction industry.


Under the old procedures, compliance agencies developed Special Bid Conditions for high impact projects for which they had compliance responsibility. OFCCP approved the Special Bid Conditions, but the Bid Conditions were applicable only to the project for which they were approved. Accordingly, if a compliance agency failed to develop Special Bid Conditions for a project for which it had compliance responsibility, the project was not covered by an affirmative action plan(i.e., if the project was not otherwise in an area covered by a Hometown or an Imposed Plan). This would be true even though another project in the same labor market area may have been covered by Special Bid Conditions developed by another compliance agency. The Special Bid Conditions did apply, however, to a covered contractor's entire workforce working in the labor market area where the covered project was located although some employees may not have worked on the project.


To correct the deficiencies and limitations of the different types of affirmative action programs for construction contractors. the Department of Labor on April 7,1978, published a regulation (presently codified at 41 CFR Part 60-4) governing the employment practices of contractors which had construction contracts in excess of $10,000. In addition, the Imposed Plans were terminated.  Hometown Plans were retained but specified obligations were imposed with which signatories to the plans were required to comply within a certain period of time in order to continue OFCCP's approval of the specific Hometown Plan. (See 43 FR 14890.) The Model EEO Bid Conditions, the procurement device by which the affirmative action obligation under the old system was placed on construction contractors, also were discontinued.


In lieu of these procedures, the April 7, 1978, regulations developed new procedures for Federal agencies and procurement contracting officers to follow in awarding Federal and federally assisted construction contracts. In a separate action on that same day, goals were established for women in the construction industry on a nationwide basis. Although the Imposed Plans were terminated, the regulations continued in effect the goals which had been developed for minority workers under the Imposed Plans until new goals were adopted for such groups by OFCCP. The Imposed Plan goals applied only to minorities; however, a number of the plans defined minority to include minority women.


A key element of that regulation is 41 CFR 60-4.6. With regard to this section of the regulations, the preamble to the April 7, 1978 regulations stated in relevant part as follows (43 FR 14892):


This section requires the Director of OFCCP to issue goals and timetables for minority and female utilization which shall be based on appropriate workforce demographic or other relevant data.  The goals shall cover specific construction projects or construction contracts performed in specific geographical areas. * * * It is anticipated that within the very near future OFCCP will propose standards and goals for minority utilization pursuant to 41 CFR 60‑4.6 of the regulations published today. Until those goals are published in final form, the goals and timetables applicable under existing OFCCP requirements will continue to be effective.

*          *          *          *

Section 201 of Executive Order 11246, as amended, mandates the Secretary of Labor to adopt such rules and regulations and issue such orders as he deems necessary and appropriate to achieve the purposes * * * of the Executive Order. Section 202 of the Executive Order requires every nonexempt Federal contractor or subcontractor, including Federal and federally assisted construction contractors and subcontractors (see J 301 of the Order), to take affirmative action.


"The Department of Labor's experience with affirmative action has demonstrated that goals and timetables are the most concrete and effective system for implementing the affirmative action obligation contained in the Executive Order. Since goals and timetables were implemented as an affirmative action requirement, all Federal contractors and subcontractors. except construction contractors have been required to establish goals and timetables for women.  Construction contractors, on the other hand, have been required to establish goals for minority workers, and then, only if the construction contract was being performed in a geographical area covered by a Hometown Plan or an Imposed Plan or if the contract was awarded subject to Special Bid Conditions. * * * Unlike nonconstruction contractors, who were and are required to develop detailed affirmative action programs (which include goals and timetables for

women and minorities), the only implemented affirmative action obligation imposed on construction contractors had been the goals and timetables established in the Hometown Plans, Imposed Plans, or Special Bid Conditions.  Nevertheless, all Government contractors and subcontractors, including construction contractors and subcontractors, agree in every contract to *** "take affirmative action to ensure that applicants are employed, and that employees are treated during employment without regard to their race, color, religion. sex or national origin." (Section 202. cl. 1. Executive Order 11246, as amended.)

*          *          *          *         

A number of methods and procedures for establishing goals and timetables for the construction industry have been considered and the OFCCP has concluded that this Notice form is the most reasonable and efficient way to inform construction contractors of their obligations and to protect workers under the Executive Order.  First, the Hometown Plan concept contemplates that contractors, unions, and the local community voluntarily will agree to an affirmative action plan, submit it to the OFCCP for approval and, if approved, compliance with the plan will constitute compliance with the Executive Order. This process is time consuming and does not always guarantee agreement.  Indeed, under this process only 62 Hometown Plans have been developed and approved and only 33 presently exist. These plans cover only a small fraction of the cities in the country and only a small portion of Federal and federally assisted construction. Similarly the imposed Plans require long and drawn out proceedings before they are implemented. These proceedings include public hearings in each area where the plan is imposed and subsequent publication in the Federal Register and codification in the Code of Federal Regulations. Moreover, the hearing process did not always produce reliable data upon which reasonable goals could be based thereby making it necessary for the OFCCP to develop the goals using Census Bureau prepared data. Through this process, seven plans have been imposed.


In order to cover some of the major Federal and federally assisted construction contracts being performed outside of Hometown and Imposed Plan areas, Special Bid Conditions were designed. Under this concept the compliance agencies establish goals and timetables for construction contracts for which they have compliance responsibility and submit the Special Bid Conditions to the OFCCP for approval prior to the time the bids or offers were solicited. Special Bid  Conditions unlike Hometown and Imposed Plans, however, are limited to the projects for which they were designed.  Accordingly, two projects being in close proximity would require separate Bid Conditions if the projects involved were assigned to different agencies for compliance purposes, or no Bid Conditions at all if the compliance agency did not act prior to the solicitation.


The three affirmative action methods previously used do not allow for an efficient system which provides a fair degree of protection for construction employees.  The notice system, on the other hand, allows for the use of the best data available, which was not always forthcoming in hearings, and an efficient and prompt implementation of the goals which result from that data.

*          *          *          *         


It was against this background that the Department of Labor published a notice in the Federal Register (44 FR 52348) an September 7, 1979, proposing to establish numerical goals for minority utilization in the construction industry pursuant to Section 202 of Executive Order 11246 and 41 CFR 60-4.6.  In proposing the goals, the Department of Labor had several concerns.  First, there was concern that standards, methodologies and procedures should be established which are not confusing to contracting agencies and procurement contracting officers at both the Federal and State and local government levels (in the case of federally assisted construction).  In this connection, it was important that once such standards and methodologies are developed that they conveniently lend themselves to utilization by procurement contracting officers.


Second, it also was important that all covered construction be subject to the numerical goal requirements.  In this connection, the Department of Labor was concerned that a system as uniform as possible be established so that all covered contractors are treated equally and that one does not enjoy advantages over others in competing for federally involved construction contracts.


Finally, the Department was concerned that numerical goals be based on a rational, reliable, valid and uniform information base.  Accordingly, the Department of Labor proposed to use Census Bureau prepared data and selected the Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area (SMSA) as the standard geographical unit for establishing goals. Where there was no SMSA, the Economic Area (EA) was selected as the standard geographical unit. The numerical goal itself was the minority percentage in the experienced civilian labor force of the SMSA or the EA, whichever is applicable in a given area.  Thus, a contractor performing a nonexempt construction contract in an SMSA with a 20 percent minority labor force would have a minority goal of 20 percent for each craft and trade employed by the contractor in the SMSA, and would be required to take every good faith step to ensure that 20 percent of its work hours were performed by minority workers.

One hundred fifty-four written comments were received by the Department of Labor during the comment period.  The comments were directed both to the proposed notice regarding minority goals and to the proposed clarification of 41 CFR Part 60-4, published for comment on the same date (44 FR 52283). Each of the comments has been thoroughly reviewed and considered including comments which were received after the closing date. In addition, we have analyzed and given careful consideration to comments received by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) pursuant to its October 5, 1979 (44 FR 57491), request for public comment on whether the proposed minority goals should be aggregated or disaggregated by individual minority subgroup. The comments received after the closing date and by EEOC are in addition to the 154 comments mentioned above.


Summary of Comments


1. A number of the contractor associations objected to the Economic Area (EA) and Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area (SMSA) as the basic geographical units on which goals are to be established.  The associations expressed the view that their contractor members' respective EAs bore neither geographical nor economic relationships to SMSAs.  Further, a significant number of associations contended that the commuting patterns in their members' localities were inverse to the models determined by the Bureau of the Census, i.e., the associations asserted that workers travel from EAs to SMSAs for employment opportunities, not from SMSAs (cities) to EAs (rural areas); and that minorities resist traveling to work sites in the large geographical units covered by the EAs from urban centers where they reside.  As such, they argued that minority availability will not be sufficient to meet the proposed goals.

2. A number of comments objected to the use of 1970 Census data to determine goal levels. Contractors and contractor associations stressed the need for data that are localized and based on requisite skills of workers. State, Federal and local government officials ("Government") and minority advocate groups contended that 1970 Census data are outmoded. Although these latter groups supported the suggestion that current, local data be utilized, or that 1980 data, when available, be used to set minority goals, they cited different reasons for their conclusions. Some comments also asserted that the 1970 Census data undercounted minorities, and that the resultant goals should, therefore, be higher than those proposed by OFCCP.

3. Government officials and advocacy groups also expressed concern for what they perceived to be a lessening of employment opportunities for minorities in the construction industry.  These comments identified specific major cities where the proposed goals would be lower than existing Hometown Plan goals or locally legislated goals or the OFCCP's interim minority goals published at 43 FR 14888.  Some comments suggested, and in some instances advocated, adoption of a three-goal concept (central city goal, SMSA goal, and EA goal).  Other comments suggested that some form of "targeting" of critical areas would be preferable in order to maintain or increase minority gains in urban areas.

4. Other comments, primarily from contractors, objected to the use of the 64 single goals for all crafts" concept. They contended that a single goal is unrealistic and ignores variations in skill levels and the actual availability of skilled workers.


As indicated above, on October 5, 1979, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) also published a proposal requesting comments on whether OFCCP's minority goals should be disaggregated. That is, whether there should be separate goals for each minority group. Also, as indicated above, the Department of Labor has analyzed those comments as well.


The comments received by EEOC supporting aggregation may be summarized as follows:

1. Because the construction industry's workforce is not stable due to the fact that "most of the workers are employed for a short duration, and only in specialized skills," separate goals would increase the administrative burdens involved in monitoring and reporting minority hiring and would raise construction costs. Some comments suggested that the paperwork involved would have its greatest impact on small contractors to whom it may be prohibitively expensive.

2. Where total or individual minority group populations are very small, it would be difficult to meet percentage goals. Furthermore, where the total onsite construction workforce is small, goals of less than one percent would be impossible to comply with; nevertheless, contractors would be cited for underutilization.  In such instances, goals of less than one percent should be set for all minorities or for particular minorities.

3. Individual minority group goals would require contractors to overlook qualified members of one minority group to hire members from another minority group in order to meet specific goals. One comment described a hypothetical newspaper advertisement seeking members for specific jobs: "Note, blacks need not apply, we have met our goals." Another comment noted "Substantial expense, wasted effort, and loss in productivity results from having to pass over presently available minorities possessing requisite skills simply to satisfy the goal for another minority group."

4. Contractors would have to incur the additional expense of recruiting and training members of specific minority groups in order to meet individual minority group goals.

5. Separate minority group goals would lead to divisiveness among the various minority groups. i.e., to the extent that a particular group believed its goal to be too low, any increases would be perceived as coming at the expense of another group in order that the overall minority goal remain equal to the minority percentage of the experienced civilian labor force. In this regard, some comments stated that only some minority groups would gain leaving others at a significant disadvantage.


The comments received by EEOC opposing aggregation may be summarized as follows;


1. Reporting minority hiring on an aggregate basis can give the appearance of full minority utilization when in fact some minority groups are being totally excluded or seriously underutilized. As a result, a particular minority group might have a disproportionately greater share of job opportunities relative to other minority groups, and the problems of smaller minority groups might be masked by a full utilization figure.  In contrast, disaggregation would yield a more accurate data base for the identification of underutilization.

2. Contractors could freely engage in discriminatory practices targeted against particular minority groups and thereby favor or exclude members of a particular minority group and still meet the single minority goal. Disaggregation of goals would effectively reduce contractor opportunities to exercise discriminatory preferences.


In the discussion section below, we will take up the issues raised in these comments.




1. Some contractor associations objected to the use of SMSAs and EAs as the basic geographical units for establishing goals. As indicated above, the Executive Order mandates that the Department of Labor promulgate regulations to implement the affirmative action requirement of the Order. Numerical employment goals have proven to be an effective method of achieving equal employment opportunity. Previous affirmative action requirements adopted by OFCCP for the purpose of placing employment goals on construction contractors left most construction work uncovered because the plans did not lend themselves to widespread use (see discussion of this point above). Moreover, the public hearings and other procedures utilized for the purpose of giving the public an opportunity to provide input did not always produce reliable data on which goals could be based.  Consequently, additional research was required to produce the data on which such goals could be based.

The Department, in attempting to improve equal employment opportunity in the construction industry through employment goals, has used a number of different geographical units as the base on which the goals were established. These units have included cities, combinations of cities and counties, SMSAs and an entire state. In addition, and as stated in the Federal Register notice when the goals were proposed (44 FR 52348‑52349):

The Department also examined the possibility of using other geographical divisions as goal setting areas. Principally, the Department examined the Federal Wage Survey Areas as a possible geographical base for setting goals. These are contiguous areas which cover the entire country and are based upon the commuting patterns of Federal employees.  However, construction trades are not part of the survey and the areas reflect the commuting patterns of Federal employees who usually work at fixed locations.

However, when all objectives are considered (e.g., consistent, uniform and equal treatment of contractors which constantly compete against each other for contracts, uniform and broad protection of employees and applicants for employment, a uniform and reliable data base, and standards and methodologies which can be administered on a coherent basis), the SMSAs and EAs are the geographical units which possess the most positive characteristics and the smallest number of negative characteristics. SMSAs, for example, have been conceptually developed and defined by the Office of Management and Budget. These statistical areas (or geographical units) represent a reasoned judgment as to how metropolitan areas may be defined statistically in a uniform manner using data items that are: (1) widely recognized as indicative of metropolitan character (population, urban character, non-agricultural employment, population density, commuting ties); and (2) available from a body of Federal statistics which has been uniformly and simultaneously collected in all parts of the country, and processed and tabulated according to consistent standards.  Thus, if a project is located within an SMSA, it can be concluded that a reasonable commuting area exists within that SMSA, and that goals based on SMSA statistics are accurate.  Furthermore, the majority of the United States' population lives in the counties contained in the SMSAs. (For a more complete discussion of the underlying concepts and derivations of SMSAs, see "Standard Metropolitan Statistical Areas." Office of Management and Budget, 1975.)

The "Economic Areas" concept was developed and defined by the Bureau of Economic Analysis in the U.S. Department of Commerce.  Economic Areas are viewed as centers of commerce and generally cover areas which include the places of work and residence for most workers.  There are 183 such areas, defined along county lines, covering the entire country. Counties were assigned to these economic areas in accordance with commuting patterns based primarily on data gathered by the Bureau of the Census. (For a full explanation of the derivation of EAs, see "The BEA Economic Areas: Structural Changes and Growth 1950‑ 73," Survey of Current Business. November 11, 1975.)

Those comments which contend that the proposed minority employment goals for SMSAs and EAs are too high because construction workers tend to travel from EAs and SMSAs to central cities and that minority workers will not travel to rural and suburban areas are not persuasive. Numerous studies have demonstrated that minorities tend to be concentrated in the central cities. Like other workers, minorities will travel to the areas where the jobs are generated and, according to data obtained from the Bureau of the Census, the construction jobs will be, for the most part, in the SMSAs and the suburban communities. That data, which reported the dollar value of building construction permits let by political jurisdictions across the country reveal that over 72 percent of the total dollar amount was for projects located outside of the central or core city.  Based on the assumption that the greater the dollar value of the construction, the greater the number of jobs to be created, it is reasonable to assume that, with few exceptions, the number of jobs for minorities will be greater in these fringe areas, and the proposed goals should reflect this. In addition, it is a well known fact that construction workers follow the work, even if it means traveling long distances. There is no evidence that this traveling factor is different for minorities than it is for nonminorities. Indeed, there have been instances where minorities have moved to locations in order that they avail themselves of construction employment opportunities.


2. Contractors contended that the minority goals should be by individual trade/craft rather than a single goal for all crafts because to do otherwise ignores the unavailability of minority construction workers, both skilled and unskilled, and makes it virtually impossible for contractors to meet the goal. After giving consideration to the use of individual craft/trade goals, the Department concluded that the "single goal for all crafts" concept reflects the relevant pool from which minority workers can be drawn, and offers a greater opportunity for minorities to work in all construction trades at this time.

Further, the Department of Labor has reviewed the data available on which individual trade/craft goals might be based and finds that they are seriously limited. The 1970 Census has some data on minority participation in the individual trades; however, it reflects pre-1970 employment practices of the construction industry which excluded minorities from working in many trades regardless of their skill. Individual craft data at the county level are unreliable because of the small population samples and the even smaller number of minorities employed in the trades. Such data, therefore, cannot provide an accurate basis for setting appropriate individual craft/trade goal levels.

Bearing in mind that the intent of the goals is an initial measure of the contractors' good faith efforts to increase the employment opportunities for minorities and women. and that many trades have minimal entry education and skill requirements, the single goal approach is appropriate and reasonable. Moreover, the single goal concept is predicated upon the proposition that had it not been for the long-standing exclusion of minorities from the skilled construction crafts, minorities would be represented in these crafts at least to the extent of their representation in the total labor force in a given geographical area. (See, United Steelworkers of America v. Weber, 443 U.S. 193.)


   3. The Department is sensitive to those comments which state that 1970 Census data are outmoded. The Census data, of course, are collected decennially. Nevertheless, the advantages of the Census data far outweigh the advantages of data which may have been collected more recently.  The latest nationwide labor force data, for example, are contained in the 1970 Census of Population. At the request of the Department of Labor, the Bureau of Census has made a tabulation of the 1970 Census data which provides counts of minority and other persons in the experienced civilian labor force.  Moreover, the method adopted here for establishing goals lends itself to easy amendment, and it is expected that the goals will be adjusted when the 1980

Census data have been tabulated.


   4. Some groups objected that the SMSA and EA goals in some instances were lower than presently existing goals in Hometown Plans or goals retained from the old Imposed Plans. Protection of employees and applicants for employment will not be lessened by the new goals established in the attached Appendix. First, they are affirmative action goals, and contractors are required to use every good faith effort to meet them. They do not preclude OFCCP from requiring either higher goals or stronger corrective action of individual contractors in specific cases to remedy the effects of past discriminatory practices. Needless to say, Administrative Law judges and courts would not be bound to follow these affirmative action goals when additional relief is necessary to correct discriminatory practices. Second, the Hometown Plan goals are not affected by the goals adopted today. Signatories to current Hometown Plans will continue to follow the Hometown Plan goals (see 41 CFR 60‑4.5). Third, Imposed Plans primarily covered and were confined to major metropolitan areas where minority concentrations tend to be high. The percentage goals for minorities in the plans accordingly tended to be high. However, by expanding the geographical area (i.e., from city to SMSA or to EA), the total number of minorities protected by the goals adopted today increases, although there may be some decrease in the percentage level of the goals. Fourth, all nonexempt construction will be subject to the relevant minority numerical goal whereas such requirements now are limited to a relatively small number of major metropolitan areas.


5. The goals published today for minority utilization are based upon both male and female minority representation in the labor force. In addition, a single goal or aggregated goal for all minority groups is adopted. Many useful comments were submitted in response to EEOC's request for public comments on whether an aggregated minority goal or whether disaggregated minority goals should be adopted by OFCCP for construction contractors. The Department and EEOC also have had productive discussions on this issue.


As a consequence, the Department of Labor and EEOC have agreed that disaggregated minority goals - for each race and national origin group, by sex - will be instituted as soon as detailed tabulated 1980 Census data are available. The 1980 Census data are expected to include precise data on a widespread basis for various minority subgroups.


EEOC and the Department of Labor will propose appropriate minority subgroup participation rates below which aggregation will occur in order to ensure meaningful minority subgroup goals for individual contractor workforces.


Minority Goals for New York City


Minority hiring goals as proposed on September 7, 1979, for the five counties comprising the City of New York will not be adopted at this time. The proposed goals will be held in abeyance pending resolution of whether or not the proposed goals conform to the terms of a court order entered in Percy v. Brennan, 384 F. Supp. 800 (1975). Until such time as that issue has been resolved, the goals in existence for those counties now will remain effective, and those by trade goals have been published in the Appendix.




Based on all those considerations, the Department of Labor hereby adopts the SMSA as the basic geographical unit for establishing goals and the Economic Area as the geographical unit for those areas located outside of the SMSA's. The goal established for minority utilization for each of these geographical units is the minority civilian labor force percentage for each such‑ geographical unit.


The latest available nationwide labor force data are contained in the 1970 Census of Population. To prepare the proposed goals, the Bureau of Census has prepared for OFCCP a tabulation of the 1970 Census data that provides counts of minority and other persons in the experienced civilian labor force.


A single minority goal is established for each SMSA and EA without a timetable. Timetables for the achievement of minority goals are not provided because it is assumed that after 10 years of Executive Order and other equal employment opportunity efforts to increase the minority participation in the labor force. These levels should be at least at the 1970 minority force figures. The minority utilization goals adopted today were calculated using the 1970 Census tabulation mentioned above, and are set at the 1970 minority representation in the experienced civilian labor force.


Separate goals are established for each of the SMSA's and for each of the EA's. When a covered construction contract or subcontract is for a project located in an SMSA, the goals for that SMSA apply. When a covered construction contract or subcontract is for a project located in an area outside of an SMSA, the EA goals for that area apply.


The minority (male and female) goals apply to Federal and federally assisted construction contractors and subcontractors which have covered contracts. The goals are expressed as a percentage of the total hours worked by such a covered contractor's or subcontractor's entire onsite construction workforce which is working on any construction site within a relevant area. The goal applies to each construction craft and trade in the contractor's entire workforce in the relevant area including those employees working on private nonfederally involved projects.


The applicable goals for the contractor or subcontractors are the goals for the geographical area where the contract is being performed, and all the work of a Federal or federally assisted construction contractor or subcontractor is covered regardless of whether the work is being performed on a covered contract. Therefore, a contractor with a covered contract in SMSA X would apply the goals for SMSA X for that contract.  The same contractor, however, would apply the SMSA Y goals to all its construction work in SMSA Y even though that contractor's contracts in SMSA Y were neither Federal nor federally assisted.


Finally, this notice and Appendix B‑80 do not affect contractors which are participating under Hometown Plans approved by OFCCP with respect to contracts being performed in the geographical area covered by the Hometown Plan.


Each contracting agency, each applicant, and each contractor is required to include the appropriate goal set forth below in all invitations for bids or other solicitations for Federal or federally assisted construction contracts of subcontracts in excess of $10,000.


Accordingly, Appendix B of the Notice issued on April 7, 1978, (43 FR 14899) and corrected on May 5, 1978, (43 FR 19473) and Appendix B-1 of the notice issued on March 20, 1979, (44 FR 27126) which established goals for minority utilization in the construction industry are hereby superseded.


 A new Appendix B‑80 is hereby issued as set forth below which shall become effective on November 3,1980.


Dated: September 30,1980.

Ray Marshall,

Secretary of Labor.

John N. Gentry,

Under Secretary.

Donald E. Elisburg,

Assistant Secretary, Employment Standards Administration.

Weldon Rougeau,

Director, Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs.


Appendix B‑80


Until further notice, the following goals for minority utilization in each construction craft and trade shall be included in all Federal or federally assisted construction contracts and subcontracts in excess of $10,000 to be performed in the respective geographical areas. The goals are applicable to each nonexempt contractor's total onsite construction workforce, regardless of whether or not part of that workforce is performing work on a Federal, Federally assisted or nonfederally related project contract or subcontract. 


Construction contractors which are participating in an approved Hometown Plan (see 41 CFR 60-4.5) are required to comply with the goals of the Hometown Plan with regard to construction work they perform in the area covered by the Hometown Plan. With regard to all their other covered construction work, such contractors are required to comply with the applicable SMSA or EA goal contained in this appendix B-80.


(The minority participation goals by economic area are listed on the following pages)



STATE                                                                                                                     GOAL (percent)




001 Bangor, ME:

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                         0.8

ME Aroostook; ME Hancock; ME Penobscot; ME Piscataquis; ME Waldo; ME Washington.

002 Portland‑Lewiston, ME:

SMSA Counties:

4243 Lewiston‑Auburn, ME                                                                                              0.5

ME Androscoggin.

 6403 Portland, ME                                                                                                          0.6

ME Cumberland; ME Sagadahoc.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                         0.5

ME Franklin; ME. Kennebec; ME Knox. ME; Lincoln; ME Oxford; ME Somerset; ME York.




003 Burlington, VT:

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                         0.8

NH Coos; NH Grafton; NH Sullivan; VT Ad­dison; VT Caledonia; VT Chittenden; VT Essex; VT Franklin; VT Grand Isle; VT Lamoille; VT Orange; VT Orleans;  VT Ruthland; VT Washington; VT Windsor.




004 Boston, MA:

SMSA Counties:

1123 BostonLowellBrocktonLawrenceHaverhill. MA‑NH                                           4.0

MA Essex; MA Middlesex; MA Norfolk; MA Plymouth; MA Suffolk; NH Rockingham.

4763 Manchester‑Nashua, NH                                                                                          0.7

NH Hillsborough.

5403 Fail River‑New Bedford, MA                                                                                      1.6

MA Bristol

9243 Worcester - FitchburgLeominster, MA                                                                  1.6

MA Worcester.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                         3.6

MA Barnstable; MA Dukes‑, MA Nantucket, NH Belknap; NH Carroll; NH Merrimack; NH Strafford.


Rhode Island:


005 ProvidenceWarwick - Pawtucket, RI:

SMSA Counties:

         6483 ProvidenceWarwickPawtucket Rl                                                                      3.0

Rl Bristol; Rl Kent; RI Providence; Rl Washington

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                         3.1

RI Newport.


Connecticut (Massachusets):


006 HartfordNew HavenSpringfield, CT‑MA:

SMSA Counties:

3283 HartfordNew BritainBristol, CT                                                                          6.9

CT Hartford; CT Middlesex; CT Tolland

5483 New HavenWaterburyMeriden, CT                                                                     9.0

CT New Haven.

5523 New LondonNorwich, CT                                                                                      4.5

CT New London.

6323 Pittsfield, MA                                                                                                        1.6

MA Berkshire.

8003 SpringfieldChicopeeHolyoke. MA-CT                                                                  4.8

          MA Hampden; MA Hampshire.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                         5.9

CT Litchfield; CT Windham; MA Franklin; NH Cheshire; VT Windham.



New York:


007 AlbanySchenectadyTroy, NY:

SMSA Counties:

0160 AlbanySchenectadyTroy, NY                                                                           3.2

NY Albany; NY Montgommy, NY Rensselaer, NY Saratoga; NY Schenectady.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                         2.6­

NY Clinton; NY Columbia; NY Essex; NY Fulton; NY Greene; NY Hamilton, NY Scho­harie, NY Warren; NY Washington; VT Ben­nington.

008 SyracuseUtica, NY:

SMSA Counties:

8160 Syracuse                                                                                                              3.8

NY Madison; NY Onondaga; NY Oswego.

8680 Utica ‑Rome, NY                                                                                                   2.1

NY Herkimer; NY Oneida.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                         2.5

NY Cayuga; NY Cortland; NY Franklin; NY Jefferson; NY Lewis; NY St. Lawrence.

009 Rochester, NY:

SMSA Counties:

6840 Rochester, NY                                                                                                       5.3

NY Livingston; NY Monroe; NY Ontario; NY Orleans; NY Wayne.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                         5.9

NY Genesee; NY Seneca; NY Yates.

010 Buffalo, NY:

SMSA Counties:

1280 Buffalo, NY                                                                                                            7.7

NY Erie; NY Niagara.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                         6.3

NY Allegany; NY Cattaraugus; NY Chautauqua; NY Wyoming. PA McKean; PA Potter.

011 BinghamtonElmira, NY:

SMSA Counties

0960 Binghamton, NY ‑ PA                                                                                             1.1

NY Broome; NY Tioga; PA Susquehanna.

2335 Elmira, NY                                                                                                            2.2

NY Chemung

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                         1.2

NY  Chenango; NY  Delaware;  NY  Otsego;  NY  Schuyler;  NY  Steuben; ; NY  Tompkins; PA Bradford; PA Tioga.

012 New York, NY:

SMSA Counties:

1163 BridgeportStamfordNorwalk - Danbury, CT                                                        10.2

CT Fairfield.

3640 Jersey City, NJ                                                                                                    12.8

NJ Hudson.

4410 Long BranchAsbury Park, NJ                                                                               9.5

NJ Monmouth

5380 NassauSuffolk, NY                                                                                             5.8

NY Nassau; NY Suffolk.

5460 New Brunswick - Perth Amboy - Sayreville, NJ.

NJ Middlesex                                                                                                               5.8

5600 New York NY, NJ                                                                                                    .

NJ Bergen; NY Putnam; NY Rockland; NY Westchester                                                22.6


The following goal ranges are applicable to the indicated trades in the counties of Bronx, Kings, New York, Queens, and Richmond.


Electricians                                                       9.0 to 10.2

Carpenters                                                        27.6 to 32.0

Steam fitters                                                      12.2 to 13.5

Metal lathers                                                     24.6 to 25.6

Painters                                                            28.6 to 26.0

Operating Engineers                                           25.6 to 26.0

Plumbers                                                          12.0 to 14.5

Iron workers (struct)                                           25.9 to 32.0

Elevator constructors                                          5.5 to 6.5

Bricklayers                                                        13.4 to 15.5

Asbestos workers                                              22.8 to 28.0

Roofers                                                             6.3 to 7.5

Iron workers (ornamental)                                    22.4 to 23.0

Cement masons                                                23.0 to 27.0

Glaziers                                                            16.0 to 20.0

Plasterers                                                         15.8 to 18.0

Teamsters                                                         22.0 to 22.5

Boilermakers                                                     13.0 to 15.5

All others                                                          16.4 to 17.5



5640 Newark, NJ                                                                                                          17.3

NJ Essex; NJ Morris; NJ Somerset; NJ Union.

6040 PatersonCliftonPassaic., NJ                                                                            12.9

NJ Passaic.

6460 Poughkeepsie, NY                                                                                                 6.4

NY Dutchese

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                       17.0

NJ Hunterdon; NJ Ocean; NJ Sussex; NY Orange; NY Sullivan; NY Ulster; PA Pike.


New York:


007 AlbanySchenectadyTroy, NY:

SMSA Counties:

0160 AlbanySchenectadyTroy, NY                                                                             3.2

NY Albany; NY Montgommy, NY Rensselaer, NY Saratoga; NY Schenectady.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                           2.6­

NY Clinton; NY Columbia; NY Essex; NY Fulton; NY Greene; NY Hamilton, NY Scho­harie

NY Warren; NY Washington; VT Ben­nington.

008 SyracuseUtica, NY:

SMSA Counties:

8160 Syracuse                                                                                                                3.8

NY Madison; NY Onondaga; NY Oswego.

8680 Utica ‑Rome, NY                                                                                                     2.1

NY Herkimer; NY Oneida.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                           2.5

NY Cayuga; NY Cortland; NY Franklin; NY Jefferson; NY Lewis; NY St. Lawrence.

009 Rochester, NY:

SMSA Counties:

6840 Rochester, NY                                                                                                        5.3

NY Livingston; NY Monroe; NY Ontario; NY Orleans; NY Wayne.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                           5.9

NY Genesee; NY Seneca; NY Yates.

010 Buffalo, NY:

SMSA Counties:

1280 Buffalo, NY                                                                                                             7.7

NY Erie; NY Niagara.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                           6.3

NY Allegany; NY Cattaraugus; NY Chautauqua; NY Wyoming. PA McKean; PA Potter.

011 BinghamtonElmira, NY:

SMSA Counties

0960 Binghamton, NY ‑ PA                                                                                              1.1

NY Broome; NY Tioga; PA Susquehanna.

2335 Elmira, NY                                                                                                              2.2

NY Chemung

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                           1.2

NY Chenango; NY Delaware; NY Otsego; NY Schuyler; NY Steuben; NY Tompkins;

PA Bradford; PA Tioga.

012 New York, NY:

SMSA Counties:

1163 BridgeportStamfordNorwalk - Danbury, CT                                                           10.2

CT Fairfield.

3640 Jersey City, NJ                                                                                                        12.8

   NJ Hudson.

4410 Long BranchAsbury Park, NJ                                                                                 9.5

   NJ Monmouth

5380 NassauSuffolk, NY                                                                                               5.8

   NY Nassau; NY Suffolk.

5460 New Brunswick - Perth Amboy - Sayreville, NJ.

NJ Middlesex                                                                                                                        5.8

5600 New York NY, NJ    .

NJ Bergen; NY Putnam; NY Rockland; NY Westchester                                                   22.6


The following goal ranges are applicable to the indicated trades in the counties of Bronx, Kings, New York, Queens, and Richmond.


Electricians                                                       9.0 to 10.2

Carpenters                                                        27.6 to 32.0

Steam fitters                                                      12.2 to 13.5

Metal lathers                                                     24.6 to 25.6

Painters                                                            28.6 to 26.0

Operating Engineers                                           25.6 to 26.0

Plumbers                                                          12.0 to 14.5

Iron workers (struct)                                           25.9 to 32.0

Elevator constructors                                          5.5 to 6.5

Bricklayers                                                        13.4 to 15.5

Asbestos workers                                              22.8 to 28.0

Roofers                                                             6.3 to 7.5

Iron workers (ornamental)                                    22.4 to 23.0

Cement masons                                                23.0 to 27.0

Glaziers                                                            16.0 to 20.0

Plasterers                                                         15.8 to 18.0

Teamsters                                                         22.0 to 22.5

Boilermakers                                                     13.0 to 15.5

All others                                                          16.4 to 17.5


5640 Newark, NJ                                                                                                             17.3

NJ Essex; NJ Morris; NJ Somerset; NJ Union.

6040 PatersonCliftonPassaic., NJ                                                                               12.9

NJ Passaic.

6460 Poughkeepsie, NY                                                                                                   6.4

NY Dutchese

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                          17.0

NJ Hunterdon; NJ Ocean; NJ Sussex; NY Orange; NY Sullivan; NY Ulster; PA Pike.





013 Scranton - Wilkes-Barre, PA:

SMSA Counties

5745 Northeast Pennsylvania                                                                                           0.6

PA Lackawanna; PA Luzerne; PA Monroe.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                          0.5

PA Columbia; PA Wayne; PA Wyoming.

 014 Williamsport, PA:

SMSA Counties

9140 Williamsport, PA                                                                                                     1.0

PA Lycoming.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                       0.7

PA Cameron; PA Centre; PA Clearfield; PA Clinton; PA Elk; PA Jefferson; PA Montour; PA Northumberland; PA Snyder; PA Sullivan; PA Union.

 015 Erie, PA:

SMSA Counties:                                                                                                                 

2360 Erie, PA                                                                                                                 2.8

PA Erie.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                       1.8

PA Clarion; PA Crawford; PA Forest; PA Venango; PA Warren.

016 Pittsburgh, PA:

SMSA Counties

0280 Altoona, PA                                                                                                            1.0

PA Blair.

3680 Johnson, PA                                                                                                           1.3

PA Cambria; PA Somerset.

6280 Pittsburgh, PA                                                                                                        6.3

PA Allegheny; PA Beaver; PA Washington; PA Westmoreland.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                          4.8

MD Allegany; MD Garrett; PA Armstrong; PA Bedford; PA Butler; PA Fayette; PA Greene; PA Indiana; WV Mineral.

 017 HarrisburgYorkLancaster, PA:

SMSA Counties

3240 Harrisburg PA                                                                                                         6.2

PA Cumberland; PA Dauphin; PA Perry.

4000 Lancaster, PA                                                                                                         2.0

PA Lancaster.

9280 York, PA                                                                                                                2.2

PA Adams; PA York.

Non‑SMSA‑Counties                                                                                                          3.1

PA Franklin; PA Fulton; PA Huntingdon; PA Juniata; PA Lebanon; PA Mifflin.

 018 Philadelphia, PA:

SMSA Counties

0240 AllentownBethlehemEaston, PA-NJ                                                                    1.6

NJ Warren; PA Carbon; PA Lehigh; PA Northhampton.

0560 Atlantic City, NJ                                                                                                    18.2

NJ Atlantic

6160 Philadelphia, PA‑NJ                                                                                               17.3

NJ Burlington; NJ Camden; NJ Glouchester; PA Bucks; PA Chester; PA Delaware; PA Montgomery; PA Philadelphia.

8680 Reading, PA                                                                                                           2.5

PA Berks.

8480 Trenton, NJ                                                                                                           16.4

NJ Mercer.

8760 VinelandMillvilleBridgeton, NJ                                                                           16.0

NJ Cumberland.

9160 Wilmington, DE-NJ-MD                                                                                          12.3

DE Now Castle; MD Cecil; NJ Salem.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                      14.5

DE Kent; DE Sussex; NJ Cape May; PA Schuylkill.




019 Baltimore, MD

SMSA Counties:

0720 Baltimore MD                                                                                                     23.0

MD Anne Arundel; MD Baltimore; MD Carroll; MD Harford; MD Howard; MD Baltimore City.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                         23.6

MD Caroline; MD Dorchester; MD Kent; MD Queen Annes; MD Somerset; MD Talbot; MD Wicomico; MD Worcester; VA Accomack; VA Northamptom


Washington DC:


020 Washington DC:

SMSA Counties

8840 Washington, DC‑MD‑VA                                                                                     28.0

DC District of Columbia; MD Charles; Montgomery; MD Prince Georges; VA Arlington; VA Fairfax; VA Loudoun; VA Prince William; VA Alexandria; VA Fairfax City; VA Falls Church.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                         25.2

MD Calvert;  MD Frederick;  MD St. Marys; MD Washington;  VA Clarke; VA Culpepper; VA Fauquier;  VA Frederick;  VA King George; VA Page; VA Rappahannock; VA Shenandoah; VA Spottsylvania; VA Stafford; VA  Warren; VA Westmoreland; VA Fredericksburg; VA Winchester; WV Berkeley;  WV Grant; WV Hampshire; WV Hardy; WV Jefferson; WV Morgan.




021 Roanoke‑Lynchburg VA:

SMSA Counties:

4640 Lynchburg, VA                                                                                                   19.3

VA  Amherst; VA  Appomattox; VA Campbell; VA Lynchburg.

6800 Roanoke, VA                                                                                                     10.2

VA Botetourt; VA Craig; VA Roanoke VA; VA Roanoke City; VA Salem.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                         12.0

VA Alleghany, VA Augusta; VA Bath;  VA Bedford; VA Bland; VA Carroll; VA Floyd;  VA Franklin; VA Giles; VA Grayson;  VA Henry; VA Highland; VA Montgomery;  VA Nelson; VA  Patrick; VA Pittsylvania;  VA  Pulaski; VA Rockbridge;  VA Rockingham;  VA Wythe;  VA  Bedford City; VA Buena Vista; VA Clifton Forge;  VA Covington;  VA Danville;  VA Galex; VA Harrisonburg; VA Lexington; VA Martinsville; VA  Radford; VA  Staunton; VA  Waynesboro;  WV Pendleton.

022 Richmond, VA:

SMSA Counties:

6140 PetersburgColonial HeightsHopewell, VA                                                       30.6

VA  Dinwiddie; VA Prince George; VA Colonial Heights; VA Hopewell; VA Petersburg.

6760 Richmond, VA                                                                                                    24.9

VA Charles City;  VA Chesterfield;  VA Goochland;  VA Hanover;  VA Henrico; VA New Kent; VA Powhatan; VA Richmond.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                         27.9

VA Albemarle; VA Amelia; VA Brunswick; VA Buckingham; VA Caroline;  VA Charlotte; VA Cumberland;  VA  Essex;  VA Fluvanna; VA Greene; VA  Greensville; VA Halifax; VA King And Queen;  VA King William; VA Lancaster; VA  Louisa; VA Lunenberg;  VA Madison; VA  Mecklenburg; VA NorthumberIand; VA Nottoway; VA Orange; VA Prince Edward; VA Richmond; VA Sussex; VA Charlottesville; VA Emporia; VA South Boston.

023  NorfolkVirginia BeachNewport News, VA:

SMSA Counties:

5680  Newport News‑Hampton, VA                                                                              27.1

VA Gloucester, VA James City; VA York; VA Hampton;  VA Newport News; VA  Williamsburg.

5720  NorfolkVirginia BeachPortsmouth VA – NC                                                   26.6

NC Currituck; VA Chesapeake; VA Norfolk; VA  Portsmouth; VA Suffolk; VA Virginia Beach.


Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                         29.7

NC Bertie; NC Camden; NC Chowan; NC Gates; NC Hertford; NC Pasquotank; NC Perquimans; VA Isle of Wight; VA Matthews; VA  Middlesex; VA Southampton; VA Surry; VA  Franklin.



North Carolina:


024 Rocky MountWilsonGreenville NC:

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                          31.7

NC Beaufort; NC Carteret; NC Craven; NC Dare; NC Edgecombe; NC Greene; NC Halifax; NC Hyde; NC Jones; NC Lenoir; NC Martin; NC Nash; NC Northampton; NC Pamlico; NC Pitt; NC Tyrrell; NC Washing­ton; NC Wayne; NC Wilson

025 Wilmington, NC:

SMSA Counties:

9200 Wilmington, NC                                                                                                       20.7

NC Brunswick; NC New Hanover.

Non‑SMSA counties                                                                                                           23.5

NC Columbus; NC Duplin; NC Onslow; NC Pender.

026 Fayetteville, NC:

SMSA Counties:

2560 Fayetteville, NC                                                                                                       26.2

NC Cumberland.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                           33.5

NC Bladen; NC Hoke; NC Richmond; NC Robeson; NC Sampson; NC Scotland.

027 Raleigh - Durham, NC.

SMSA Counties:

6640 RaleighDurham                                                                                                    22.8

NC Durham; NC Orange; NC Wake.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                           24.7

NC Chatham; NC Franklin; NC Granville; NC Harnett; NC Johnston; NC Lee; NC Person;

NC Vance; NC Warren.

028 Greensboro ‑ Winston SalemHigh Point, NC:

SMSA Counties:

1300 Burlington, NC                                                                                                         16.2

       NC Alamance.

3120 Greensboro - Winston SalemHigh Point NC                                                            16.4

NC Davidson; NC Forsyth; NC Guilford; NC Randolf; NC Stokes; NC Yadkin.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                           15.5

NC Alleghany; NC Ashe; NC Caswell; NC Davie; NC Montgomery; NC Moore; NC Rockingham; NC Surry; NC Watauga; NC Wilkes.

029 Charlotte, NC:

SMSA Counties:

1520 CharlotteGastonia, NC                                                                                         18.5

NC Gaston; NC Mecklenburg; NC Union.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                          15.7

NC Alexander; NC Anson; NC Burke; NC Cabarrus; NC Caldwell; NC Catawba; NC Cleveland; NC Iredell; NC Lincoln; NC Rowan; NC Rutherford; NC Stanley; SC Chester; SC Lancaster SC York.

030 Asheville, NC

Non‑SMSA Counties:

0480 Asheville, NC                                                                                                          8.5

NC Buncombe; NC Madison.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                           6.3

NC Avery; NC Cherokee; NC Clay; NC Graham; HC Heywood; NC Henderson;

NC Jackson; NC McDowell; NC Macon; NC Mitchell; NC Swain; NC Transylvania;

NC Yancey.



South Carolina:


031 GreenvilleSpartanburg, SC:

SMSA Counties:

3160 GreenvilleSpartanburg, SC                                                                         16.0

SC Greenville; SC Pickens; SC Spartanburg.

Non-SMSA Counties                                                                                                           17.8

            SC Polk; SC Abbeville; SC Anderson; SC Cherokee; SC Greenwood; SC Laurens;

            SC Oconee; SC Union.

032 Columbia, SC

SMSA Counties:

1760 Columbia, SC                                                                                                          23.4

SC Lexington; SC Richland.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                           32.0

SC Calhoun SC Clarendon; SC Fairfield; SC Kershaw; SC Lee; SC Newberry;

SC Orangeburg; SC Saluda; SC Sumter

033 Florence, SC

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                           33.0

SC Chesterfield; SC Darlington; SC Dillon; SC Florence; SC Georgetown; SC Horry;

SC Marion; SC Marlboro; SC Williamsburg.

034 CharlestonNorth Charleston, SC

SMSA Counties

1440 CharlestonNorth Charleston, SC                                                                            30.0

SC Berkeley; SC Charleston; SC Dorchester.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                           30.7

SC Collection





035 Augusta, GA:

SMSA Counties:

0600 Augusta, GA – SC                                                                                                   27.2

GA Columbia; GA Richmond; SC Aiken

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                           32.8

GA Burke; GA Emanuel; GA Glascock;  GA Jefferson; GA Jenkins; GA Lincoln; GA

          McDuffie; GA Taliaferro; GA Warren; GA Wilkes; SC Allendale, SC Bamberg;

SC BarnweIl; SC Edgefield; SC McCormick

036 Atlanta, GA

SMSA Counties

0520 Atlanta                                                                                                                   21.2

GA Butts; GA Cherokee; GA Clayton; GA Cobb; GA Dekalb; GA Douglas; GA Fayette;

GA Forsyth; GA Fulton; GA Gwinnett; GA Henry, GA Newton; GA Pauld­ing; GA Rockdale;

GA Walton

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                           19.5

GA Banks; GA Barrow; GA Bartow; GA Carroll; GA Clarke; GA Coweta; GA Dawson;

GA Elbert; GA Fannin; GA Floyd; GA Franklin; GA Gilmer; GA Gordon; GA Greene;

GA Habersham; GA Hall; GA Haralson; GA Hart; GA Heard; GA Jackson; GA Jasper;

GA Lamar, GA Lumpkin; GA Madison, GA Morgan; GA Oconee, GA Oglethorpe;

GA Pickens; GA Pike; GA PoIk; GA Rabun, GA Spalding; GA Stephens; GA Towns;

GA Union; GA Upson; GA White.

037 Columbus, GA:­

SMSA Counties

1800 Columbus                                                                                                               29.6

AL Russell; GA Chattahoochee; GA Columbus.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                           31.6

AL Chambers; AL Lee; GA Harris; GA Marion; GA Meriwether; GA Quitman;

GA Schley; GA Stewart; GA Sumter; GA Talbot; GA Troup; GA Webster.

038 Macon, GA:

SMSA Counties

4660 Macon, GA                                                                                                             27.5

GA Bibb; GA Houston; GA Jones; GA Twiggs.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                           31.7

GA Baldwin; GA Bleckley; GA Crawford; GA Crisp; GA Dodge; GA Dooly; GA Hancock; GA Johnson; GA Laurens; GA Macon; GA Monroe; GA Peach; GA Pulaski; GA Putnam. GA Taylor; GA Telfair; GA Treutlen; GA Washington; GA Wheeler; GA Wilcox; GA Wilkinson.

039 Savannah, GA:

SMSA Counties:

7520 Savannah, GA                                                                                                         30.6

GA Bryan; GA Chatham; GA Effingham

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                           29.8

          GA Appling; GA Atkinson; GA Bacon; GA Bullock; GA Candler; GA Coffee;

GA Evans; GA Jeff Davis; GA Liberty; GA Long; GA McIntosh; GA Montgomery;

GA Screven; GA Tattinall; GA Toombs; GA Wayne; SC Beaufort; SC Hampton; SC Jasper.

040 Albany, GA

SMSA Counties

0120 Albany, GA                                                                                                             32.1

GA Dougherty; GA Lee.

Non-SMSA Counties                                                                                                           31.1

GA Baker; GA Ben HiII; GA Berrien; GA Brooks; GA Calhoun; GA Clay; GA Clinch; GA Colquitt; GA Cook; GA Decatur; GA Early; GA Echols; GA Grady; GA Irwin; GA Lanier; GA Lowndes; GA Miller; GA Mitchell; GA Randolph; GA Seminole, GA Terrell; GA Thomas; GA Tift; GA Turner; GA Worth.





041 Jacksonville, FL:

SMSA Counties

2900 Gainesville, FL                                                                                                        20.6

FL Alachua

3600 Jacksonville, FL                                                                                                       21.8

FL Baker; FL Clay; FL Duval; FL Nassau; FL St. Johns.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                           22.2

FL Bradford; FL Columbia; FL Dade; FL Gilchrist; FL Hamilton; FL LaFayetle;

FL Levy; FL Marion; FL Putnam; FL Suwannee; FL Union; GA Brantley; GA Camden;

GA Charlton; GA Glynn; GA Pierce; GA Ware.

042 Orlando - Melbourne - Daytona Beach, FL.

SMSA Counties:

2020 Daytona Beach, FL                                                                                                  15.7

FL Volusia.

4900 Melbourne – Tutusville – Cocoa, FL                                                                           10.7

FL Brevard.

5960 Orlando, FL                                                                                                 15.5

FL Orange; FL Osceola; FL Seminole.

Non-SMSA Counties                                                                                                           14.9

FL Flagler; FL Lake; FL Sumter.

043 Miami - Fort Lauderdale, FL:

SMSA Counties:

2680 Fort LauderdaleHollywood, FL                                                                               15.5

FL. Broward.

5000 Miami, FL                                                                                                               39.5

FL Dade.

8960 West Palm BeachBoca Raton, FL                                                                         22.4

FL Palm Beach.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                           30.4

FL Glades; FL Hendry; FL Indian River; FL Martin; FL Monroe;

FL Okeechobee; FL St. Lucie.

044 TampaSt Petersburg, FL

SMSA Counties:

1140 Bradenton, FL                                                                                                         15.9

FL Manatee.

2700 Fort Myers, FL                                                                                                        15.3

FL Lee.

3980 LakelandWinter Haven, FL                                                                         18.0

FL Polk

7510 Sarasota, FL                                                                                                           10.5

FL Sarasota.

8280 Tampa ‑ St. Petersburg, FL                                                                                      17.9

FL Hillsborough, FL Pasco; FL Pinellas

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                           17.1

FL Charlotte; FL Citrus; FL Collier, FL Desoto; FL Hardee; FL Hernando; FL Highlands.

045 Tallahassee. FL:

SMSA Counties:

8240 Tallahassee, FL                                                                                                       24.3

FL Leon; FL Wakulla.

Non‑SMSA Counties:                                                                                                          29.5

FL Calhoun; FL Franklin; FL Gadsden; FL Jackson; FL Jefferson; FL Liberty;

FL Madison; FL Taylor.

046 Pensacola ‑ Panama City, FL

SMSA Counties:

8615 Panama City, FL                                                                                                     14.1

FL Bay.

6080 Pensacola, FL                                                                                                         18.3

FL Escambia; FL Santa Rosa.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                           15.4

FL Gulf; FL Holmes; FL Okaloosa; FL Walton; FL Washington.





047 Mobile, AL

 SMSA Counties:

5160 Mobile, AL                                                                                                              25.9

AL Baldwin; AL Mobile.

6026 Pascagoula ‑ Moss, Point MS                                                                                  16.9

MS Jackson.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                         26.4

AL Choctaw; AL Clarke; AL Conecuh; AL  Escambia; AL Monroe; AL Washington; AL Wilcox; MS George; MS Greene.

048 Montgomery, AL:

SMSA Counties

5240 Montgomery, AL                                                                                                      29.9

AL Autauga; AL Elmore; AL Montgomery.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                         29.9

AL Barbour; AL Bullock; AL Butler; AL Coffee; AL Coosa; AL Covington;

AL Crenshaw; AL Dale; AL Dallas; AL Geneva; AL Henry; AL Houston;

AL Lowndes; AL Macon; AL Perry; AL Pike; AL Tallapoosa.

049 Birmingham, AL:

SMSA Counties:

0450 Anniston, AL                                                                                                           14.3

AL Calhoun.

1000 Birmingham, AL                                                                                                      24.9

AL Jefferson; AL St. Clair; AL Shelby; AL Walker; AL Etowah

8600 Tuscaloosa, AL                                                                                                      20.6

AL Tuscaloosa.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                         20.7

AL Bibb; AL Blount; AL Cherokee; AL Chilton; AL Clay; AL Cleburne; AL Cullman;

AL Fayette; AL Greene; AL Hale; AL Lamar; AL Marion; AL Pickens; AL Randolph;

AL Sumter; AL Talladega; AL Winston.

050 HuntsvilleFlorence, AL:

SMSA Counties:

2650 Florence, AL                                                                                                          11.9

AL Colbert; AL Lauderdale.

3440 Huntsville, AL                                                                                                        12.0

AL Limestone; AL Madison; AL Marshall.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        11.2

AL Franklin; AL Lawrence AL Morgan; TN Lincoln.





051 Chattanooga, TN:

SMSA Counties:

1560 Chattanooga, TN – GA                                                                                          12.5

GA Catoosa; GA Dade; GA Walker; TN Hamilton;TN Marion; TN Sequatchie.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        8.6

AL De Kalb; AL Jackson; GA Chattooga; GA Murray; GA Whitfield;

TN Bledsoe; TN Bradley; TN Grundy; TN McMinn; TN Meigs; TN Monroe;

TN Polk; TN Rhea.

052 Johnson CityKingsportBristol, TN‑VA:

SMSA Counties:

3660 Johnson CityKingsportBristol. TN – VA                                                 2.6

TN Carter; TN Hawkins; TN Sullivan; TN Unicoi; TN Washington; VA Scott;

VA Washington; VA Bristol.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        3.2

TN Greene; TN Hancock; TN Johnson; VA Buchanan; VA Dickenson; VA Lee;

VA Russell; VA Smyth; VA Tazewell; VA Wise; VA Norton; WV McDowell, WV Mercer.

053 Knoxville, TN

SMSA Counties:

3840 Knoxville, TN                                                                                                        6.6

TN Anderson; TN Blount; TN Knox; TN Union.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        4.5

KY Bell; KY Harlan; KY Knox; KY Laurel; KY McCreary; KY Wayne; KY Whitley; TN Campbell; TN Claiborne; TN Cocke; TN Cumberland; TN Fentress; TN Grainger, TN Hamblen; TN Jefferson; TN Loudon; TN Morgan; TN Roane; TN Scott;

TN Sevier.

054 Nashville, TN:

SMSA Counties:

1660 ClarksvilleHopkinsville, TN ‑ KY                                                                           18.2

KY Christian; TN Montgomery.

5360 NashvilleDavidson, TN                                                                                        15.8

TN Cheatham, TN Davidson; TN Dickson; TN Robertson; TN Rutherford; TN Sumner;

TN Williamson; TN Wilson.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        12.0

KY Allen; KY Barren; KY Butler; KY Clinton; KY Cumberland; KY Edmonson;

KY Logan; KY Metcalfe; KY Monroe; KY Simpson; KY Todd; KY Trigg; KY Warren;

TN Bedford; TN Cannon; TN Clay; TN Coffee; TN DeKalb; TN Franklin; TN Giles;

TN Hickman; TN Houston; TN Humphreys; TN Jackson; TN Lawrence; TN Lewis;

TN Macon; TN Marshall; TN Maury; TN Moore; TN Overton; TN Perry; TN Pickett;

TN Putnam; TN Smith; TN Stewart; TN Trousdale; TN Van Buren; TN Warren;

TN Wayne; TN White.

055 Memphis, TN:

SMSA Counties:

       4920 Memphis, TN‑AR‑MS                                                                                             32.3

AR Critteriden; MS Do Soto; TN Shelby; TN Tipton.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                       26.5

AR Clay; AR Craighead; AR Cross; AR Greene; AR Lawrence; AR Lee;

AR Mississippi; AR Phillips; AR. Poinsett; AR Randolph; AR St. Francis; MS Alcorn;

MS Benton; MS Bolivar; MS Calhoun; MS Car­roll; MS Chickasaw, MS Clay;

MS Coahoma; MS Grenada; MS ltawamba; MS Lafayette; MS Lee; MS Leflore;

MS Marshall; MS Monroe; MS Montgomery; MS Panola; MS Pontotoc; MS Prentiss;

MS Quitman; MS Sunflower; MS Tallahatchie; MS Tate; MS Tippah; MS Tishomingo;

MS Union; MS Washington; MS Webster. MS Yalobusha; MO Dunklin;

MO New Madrid; MO Pemiscot; TN Benton; TN Carroll; TN Chester; TN Crockett;

TN Decatur; TN Dyer; TN Fayette; TN Gibson; TN Hardeman; TN Hardin;

TN Haywood; TN Henderson; TN Henry; TN Lake; TN Lauderdale; TN McNairy;

TN Madison; TN Obion; TN Weakley.





056 Paducah, KY:

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        5.2

IL Hardin; IL Massac; IL Pope; KY Ballard; KY Caldwell; KY Calloway. KY Carlisle; KY Crittenden; KY Fulton; KY Graves; KY Hickman; KY Livingston; KY Lyon. KY McCracken; KY Marshall.

057 Louisville, KY:

SMSA Counties:

4520 Louisville, KY‑IN                                                                                                     11.2

IN Clark; IN Floyd; KY Bullitt; KY Jefferson; KY Oldham.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        9.6

IN Crawford; IN Harrison; IN Jefferson; IN Orange; IN Scott; IN Washington;

KY Breckinridge; KY Grayson; KY Hardin; KY Hart; KY Henry; KY Larue; KY Marion;

KY Meade; KY Nelson; KY Shelby; KY Spencer; KY Trimble; KY Washington.

058 Lexington, KY­

SMSA Counties

4280 Lexington‑Fayette, KY                                                                                            10.8

KY Bourbon; KY Clark; KY Fayette; KY Jessamine; KY Scott; KY Woodford.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        7.0

KY Adair KY Anderson; KY Bath; KY Boyle; KY Breathitt; KY Casey; KY Clay;

KY Estill; KY Franklin; KY Garrard; KY Green; KY Harrison; KY Jackson; KY Knott;

KY Lee; KY Leslie; KY Letcher; KY Lincoln; KY Madison; KY Magoffin; KY Menifee;

KY Mercer; KY Montgomery; KY Morgan. KY Nicholas; KY Owsley; KY Perry;

KY Powell; KY Pulaski; KY Rockcastle; KY Russell; KY Taylor; KY Wolfe.



West Virginia:


059 Huntington, WV:

SMSA Counties:

3400 Huntington – Ashland, WV‑KY‑OH                                                                          2.9

KY Boyd; KY Greenup; OH Lawrence; WV Cabell; WV Wayne.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        2.5

KY Carter; KY Elliott; KY Floyd; KY Johnson; KY Lawrence; KY Martin; KY Pike;

KY Rowan; OH Gallia; WV Lincoln; WV Logan; WV Mason; WV Mingo.

060 Charleston, WV

SMSA Counties:

1480 Charleston, WV                                                                                                     4.9

WV Kanawha; WV Putnam.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        4.2

WV Boone; WV Braxton; WV Calhoun; WV Clay; Fayette; WV Gilmer; WV Greenbrier; WV Jackson; WV Monroe; WV Nicholas; WV Pocahontas; WV Raleigh; WV Roane; WV Summers; WV Webster; WV Wyoming.

061 Morgantown‑Fairmont; WV:

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        2.1

WV Barbour; WV Doddridge; WV Harrison; WV Lewis; WV Marion; WV Monongalia; WV Preston; WV Randolph; WV Taylor; WV Tucker, WV Upshur.

062 Parkersburg, WV:

SMSA Counties:

6020 Parkersburg‑Marietta. WV‑OH                                                                                 1.1

OH Washington; WV Wirt; WV Wood.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                     1.2

WV Pleasants; WV Ritchie.

063 WheelingSteubenville ‑ Wierton, WV‑OH:

SMSA Counties:

8080 Steubenville‑Wierton, OH‑WV                                                                                 4.3

OH Jefferson; WV Brooke; WV Hancock.

9000 Wheeling, WV‑OH                                                                                                 2.4

OH Belmont; WV Marshall; WV Ohio.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        3.0

OH Harrison; OH Monroe; WV Tyler; WV Wetzel.





064 Youngstown‑Warren, OH:

SMSA Counties:

9320 Youngstown‑Warren, OH                                                                                        9.4

OH Mahoning; OH Trumbull.

NonSMSA Counties                                                                                                         6.7

OH Columbiana; PA Lawrence; PA Mercer.

065 Cleveland, OH:

SMSA Counties:

0080 Akron, OH                                                                                                             7.8

OH Portage; OH Summit.

1320 Canton, OH                                                                                                           6.1

OH Carroll; OH Stark.

            1680 Cleveland, OH                                                                                                        16.1

OH Cuyahoga; OH Geauga; OH Lake; OH Medina.

            4440 Lorain‑Elyria, OH                                                                                                   9.3

OH Lorain.

4800 Mansfield, OH                                                                                                        6.3

OH Richland.

Non‑SMSA Counties:

OH Ashland; OH Ashtabula; OH Coshocton; OH Crawford; OH Erie;

OH Holmes; OH Huron; OH Tuscarawas; OH Wayne.

066 Columbus, OH:

SMSA Counties:

1840 Columbus, OH                                                                                                       10.6

OH Delaware; OH Fairfield; Franklin; OH Madison; OH Pickaway.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        7.3

OH Athens; OH Fayette; OH Guernsey; OH Hocking; OH Jackson; OH Knox;

OH Licking; OH Marion; OH Meigs; OH Morgan; OH Morrow; OH Muskingum;

OH Noble; OH Perry OH Pike; OH Ross; OH Scioto; OH Union; OH Vinton.

067 Cincinnati, OH:

SMSA Counties:

1640 Cincinnati, OH‑KY-IN                                                                                              11.0

IN Dearborn; KY Boone; KY Campbell; KY Kenton; OH Clermont;

OH Hamilton; OH Warren.

           3200 Hamilton-Middletown, OH                                                                                       5.0

OH Butler.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        9.2

IN Franklin; IN Ohio; IN Ripley; IN Switzer­land; KY Bracken; KY Carroll;

KY Fleming; KY Gallatin; KY Grant; KY Lewis; KY Mason; KY Owen; KY Pendleton;

KY Rob­ertson; OH Adams; OH Brown; OH Clinton; OH Highland.

068 Dayton, OH:

SMSA Counties:

2000 Dayton, OH                                                                                                           11.5

OH Greene; ON Miami; OH Montgomery; OH Preble.

7960 Springfield, OH                                                                                                      7.8

OH Champaign; OH Clark.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        9.9

OH Darke; OH Logan; ON Shelby.

069 Lima, OH:

SMSA Counties:

4320 Lima, OH                                                                                                              4.4

OH Allen; OH Auglaize; OH Putnam; OH Van Wert.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        3.5

OH Hardin; OH Mercer.

070 Toledo, OH:

SMSA Counties:

8400 Toledo, OH‑Ml                                                                                                       8.8

MI Monroe; OH Fulton; OH Lucas; OH Ottawa; OH Wood.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        7.3

MI Lenawee; OH Hancock; OH Henry; OH Sandusky; OH Seneca; OH Wyandot.





071 Detroit, MI:,

SMSA Counties:

0440 Ann Arbor, MI                                                                                                        8.5

MI Washtenaw.

2160 Detroit, MI                                                                                                             17.7

MI Lapeer; MI Livingston; Ml Macomb; MI Oakland; MI St. Clair; Mi Wayne.

  2640 Flint, MI                                                                                                                12.6

MI Genesee; MI Shiawassee.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        16.7

MI Sanilac.

072 Saginaw, MI:

SMSA Counties:

0800 Bay City, MI                                                                                                          2.2

MI Bay.

       6960 Saginaw, MI                                                                                                          14.3

MI Saginaw.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        5.2

MI Alcona; MI Alpena; MI Arenac; MI Cheboygan; MI Chippewa; MI Clare;

MI Crawford; MI Gladwin; MI Gratiot; MI Huron; MI losco; MI Isabella; MI Luce;

MI Mackinac; MI Midland; MI Montmorency; MI Ogemaw; MI Oscoda; MI Otsego;

MI Presque Isle; MI Roscommon; MI Tuscola.

073 Grand Rapids, MI:

SMSA Counties:

3000 Grand Rapids, MI                                                                                                   5.2

MI Kent; MI Ottawa.

5320 MuskegonNorton ShoresMuskegon Heights, Ml                                      9.7

MI Muskegon; MI Oceana.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        4.9

MI Allegan; MI Antrim; MI Benzie; MI Charlevoix; MI Emmet; MI Grand Traverse; MI Kalkaska; MI Lake; MI Leelanau; MI Manistee; MI Mason; MI Mecosta; MI Missaukee; MI Montcalm; MI Newaygo; MI Osceola; MI Wexford.

074 LansingKalamazoo, MI:

SMSA Counties:

0780 Battle Creek, MI                                                                                                     7.2

MI Barry; MI Calhoun.

3520 Jackson, MI                                                                                                           5.1

MI Jackson.

3720 Kalamazoo-Portage, MI                                                                                          5.9

MI Kalamazoo; MI Van Buren.

4040 Lansing-East Lansing, MI                                                                                       5.5

MI Clinton; MI Eaton; MI Ingham; MI Ionia.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        5.5

MI Branch; MI Hillsdale.





075 South Bend, IN:

SMSA Counties:

7800 South Bend, IN                                                                                                      7.1

IN Marshall; IN St. Joseph,

2330 Elkhart IN                                                                                                              4.0

IN Elkhart.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        6.2

IN Fulton; IN Kosciusko; IN Lagrange; MI Berrien; MI Cass; MI St. Joseph.

076 Fort Wayne, IN:

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        4.4

IN Allen; IN Dekalb; IN Wells; IN Huntington; IN Noble; IN Steuben; IN Whitley;

OH Defiance; OH Paulding; OH Williams.

077 Kokomo‑Marion, IN:

SMSA Counties:

3850 Kokomo, IN                                                                                                           4.4

IN Howard; IN Tipton.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        3.7

IN Cass; IN Grant; IN Miami; IN Wabash.

078 Anderson‑Muncie, IN:

SMSA Counties:

0400 Anderson, IN                                                                                                         4.9

IN Madison.

5280 Muncie, IN                                                                                                 5.3

IN Delaware.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        3.9

IN Blackford; IN Fayette; IN Henry; IN Jay; IN Randolph; IN Union; IN Wayne.

079 Indianapolis, IN:

SMSA Counties:

1020 Bloomington, IN                                                                                                     3.1

IN Monroe.

   3480 Indianapolis, IN                                                                                                      12.5

IN Boone; IN Hamilton; IN Hendricks; IN Johnson; IN Marion; IN Morgan;

IN Shelby.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        9.7

IN Bartholomew; IN Brown; IN Daviess; IN Decatur; IN Greene; IN Jackson;

IN Jennings; IN Lawrence; IN Martin; IN Owen; IN Putnam; IN Rush.

080 Evansville, IN:

SMSA Counties

2440 Evansville, IN-KY                                                                                                    4.8

IN Gibson; IN Posey; IN Vanderburgh; IN Warrick; KY Henderson.

      5990 Owensboro, KY                                                                                                     4.7

KY Daviess.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        3.5

IL Edwards; IL Gallatin; IL Hamilton; IL Lawrence; IL Saline; IL Wabash;

IL White; IN Dubois; IN Knox; IN Perry; IN Pike; IN Spencer; KY Hancock;

KY Hopkins; KY McLean; KY Muhlenberg; KY Ohio; KY Union; KY Webster.

081 Terre Haute, IN:

SMSA Counties:

8320 Terre Haute, IN                                                                                                      3.1

IN Clay; IN Sullivan; IN Vermillion; IN Vigo.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        2.5

IL Clark; IL Crawford; IN Parke.

082 Lafayette, IN:

SMSA Counties:

3920 LafayetteWest Lafayette, IN                                                                                 2.7

IN Tippecanoe.

Non-SMSA Counties                                                                                                        1.5

IN Benton; IN Carroll; IN Clinton; IN Fountain; IN Montgomery;

IN Warren; IN White.





083 Chicago, IL:

SMSA Counties:

1600 Chicago, IL                                                                                                            19.6

IL Cook; IL Du Page; IL Kane; IL Lake; IL McHenry; IL Will.

2960 GaryHammondEast Chicago, IN                                                                        20.9

IN Lake; IN Porter.

3740 Kankakee. IL                                                                                                         9.1

IL Kankakee.

3800 Kensoha, WI                                                                                                         3.0

WI Kenosha.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        18.4

IL Bureau; IL De Kalb; IL Grundy; IL Iroquois; IL Kendall; IL La Salle;

IL Livingston; IL Putnam; IL Jasper; IN Laporte; IN Newton; IN Pulaski; IN Starke.

084 Champaign‑Urbana, IL:

SMSA Counties:

1400 ChampaignUrbanaRantoul, IL                                                                           7.8

IL Champaign.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                    4.8

IL Coles; IL Cumberland; IL Douglas; IL Edgar; IL Ford; IL Platt; IL Vermilion.

085 Springfield‑Decatur, IL:

SMSA Counties:

2040 Decatur, IL                                                                                                            7.6

IL Macon.

        7880 Springfield, IL                                                                                                         4.5

IL Menard; IL Sangamon.

        Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                      4.0

IL Cass; IL Christian; IL De Witt; IL Logan; IL Morgan; IL Moultrie;

IL Scott; IL Shelby.

086 Quincy, IL:

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        3.1

IL Adams; IL Brown; IL Pike; MO Lewis; MO Marlon; MO Pike; MO Rails.

087 Peoria, IL:

SMSA Counties

1040 BloomingtonNormal, IL                                                                                        2.5

IL McLean.

8120 Peoria, IL                                                                                                              4.4

IL Peoria; IL Tazewell; IL Woodford.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        3.3

IL Fulton; IL Knox; IL McDonough; IL Mar­shall; IL Mason; IL Schuyler;

IL Stark; IL Warren.

088 Rockford, IL:

SMSA Counties:

6880 Rockford, IL                                                                                                           6.3

IL Boone; IL Winnegago.

3620 JanesvilleBeloit WI                                                                                              3.1

WI Rock

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        4.6

IL Lee; IL Ogle; IL Stephenson.





089 Milwaukee, WI:

SMSA Counties:

5080 Milwaukee, WI                                                                                           8.0

WI Milwaukee; WI Ozaukee; WI Washington; WI Waukesha.

6600 Racine, WI                                                                                                            8.4

WI Racine.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        7.0

WI Dodge; WI Jefferson; WI Sheboygan; WI Walworth.

090 Madison, WI:

SMSA Counties:

4720 Madison, WI                                                                                                          2.2­

WI Dane.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        1.7

WI Adams; WI Columbia; Wl Green; WI Iowa; WI Marquette; Wl Richland; WI Sauk.

091 La Crosse, WI:

SMSA Counties:

3870 LaCrosse. WI                                                                                                        0.9

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        0.6

MN Houston; MN Winona; WI Buffalo; WI Jackson; WI Juneau; WI Monroe;

WI Trempealeau; WI Vernon.

092 Eau Claire, WI:

SMSA Counties:

2290 Eau Claire, WI                                                                                                       0.5

WI Chippewa; WI Eau Claire.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        0.6

Wl Barron; WI Dunn; WI Pepin; WI Rusk; WI Sawyer; WI Washburn.

093 Wausau, WI:

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        0.6

WI Clark; WI Langlade; WI Lincoln; WI Marathon; WI Oneida; WI Portage;

WI Price; WI Taylor; WI Vilas; WI Wood.

094 AppletonGreen BayOshkosh, WI:

SMSA Counties:

0460 Appleton-Oshkosh, WI                                                                                           0.9

WI Calumet; WI Outaramie; WI Winnebago.

3080 Green Bay, WI                                                                                                       1.3

WI Brown.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        1.0

MI Alger; MI Baraga; MI Delta; MI Dickinson; MI Houghton; MI Iron;

MI Keweenaw; MI Marquette; MI Menominee; MI Schoolcraft; WI Door;

WI Florence; WI Fond Du Lac; WI Forest WI Green Lake; WI Kewaunea;

WI Manitowoc; WI Marinette; WI Menominee; WI Oconto; WI Shawano;

WI Waupaca; Waushara.

095 Duluth, MN:

SMSA Counties:

2240 DuluthSuperior, MN-WI                                                                                        1.0

MN St Louis; Wl Douglas.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        1.2

MI Gogebic; MI Ontonagon; MN Carlton; MN Cook; MN Itasca; MN Koochiching;

MN Lake; WI Ashland; W! Bayfield; WI Iron.





096 Minneapolis‑St. Paul, MN:

SMSA Counties:

5120 Minneapolis‑St. Paul, MN‑WI                                                                                  2.9

MN Anoka; MN Carver; MN Chisago; MN Dakota; MN Hennepin; MN Ramsey;

MN Scott; MN Washington; MN Wright; MN St. Croix.

6980 St. Cloud, MN                                                                                                        0.5

MN Benton; MN Sherburne; MN Stearns.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        2.2

MN Aitkin; MN Big Stone; MN Blue Earth; MN Brown; MN Cass; MN Chippewa;

MN Crow Wing; MN Douglas; MN Faribault; MN Goodhue; MN Grant; MN Isanti;

MN Kanabec; MN Kandiyohi; MN Lac Qui Parle; MN Le Sueur; MN McLeod;

MN Martin; MN Meeker; MN Mille Lacs; MN Mornson; MN Nicollet; MN Pine;

MN Pope; MN Renville; MN Rice; MN Sibley; MN Stevens; MN Swift; MN Todd;

MN Traverse; MN Wadena; MN Waseca; MN Watonwan; MN Yellow Medicine;

WI Burnett; WI Pierce; WI Polk.

097 Rochester, MN:

SMSA Counties:

6820 Rochester, MN                                                                                                      1.4

MN Olmsted.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        0.9

MN Dodge; MN Fillmore; MN Freeborn; MN Mower; MN Steele; MN Wabasha.



098 Dubuque, IA:

SMSA Counties:

2200 Dubuque, IA                                                                                                          0.6

IA Dubuque

Non-SMSA Counties                                                                                                        0.5

IL Jo Daviess; IA Allamakee; IA Clayton; IA Delaware, IA Jackson;

IA Winneshiek; WI Crawford; WI Grant; Wl Lafayette.

099 Davenport-Rock Island-Moline, IA‑IL:

SMSA Counties:

1960 Davenport-Rock Island-Moline, IA‑IL                                                             4.6

IL Henry; IL Rock Island; IA Scott.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        3.4

IL Carroll; IL Handcock; IL Henderson; IL Mercer; IL Whiteside; IA Clinton;

IA Des Moines; IA Henry; IA Lee; IA Louisa; IA Muscatine; MO Clark.

100 Cedar Rapids, IA:

SMSA Counties:

1360 Cedar Rapids, IA                                                                                                    1.7

IA Linn.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        1.5

IA Benton; IA Cedar; IA Iowa; IA Johnson; IA Jones; IA Washington.

101 Waterloo, IA:

SMSA Counties:

8920 Waterloo-Cedar Falls, IA                                                                                         4.7

IA Black Hawk.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        2.0

IA Bremer; IA Buchanan; IA Butler; IA Cerro Gordo; IA Chickasaw; IA Fayette;

IA Floyd; IA Franklin; IA Grundv; IA Hancock; IA Hardin; IA Howard; IA Mitchell;

IA Winnegago; IA Worth.

102 Fort Dodge, IA:

Non-SMSA Counties                                                                                                        0.4

IA Bueno Vista; IA Calhoun; IA Carroll; IA Clay; IA Dickinson; IA Emmet;

IA Greene; IA Hamilton; IA Humboldt; IA Kossuth; IA Palo Alto; IA Pocahontas;

IA Sac; IA Webster; IA Wright.

103 Sioux City, IA:

SMSA Counties:

7720 Sioux City, IA‑NE                                                                                                   1.9

IA Woodbury; NE Dakota.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        1.2

IA Cherokee, IA Crawford; IA Ida; IA Monona; IA O'Brien; IA Plymouth; IA. Sioux;

NE Antelope; NE Cedar; NE Cuminq; NE Dixon; NE Knox; NE Madison; NE Pierce;

NE Stanton; NE Thurston; NE Wayne; SD Bon Homme; SD Clay; SD Union;

SD Yankton.

104 Des Moines, IA:

SMSA Counties:

2120 Des Moines, IA                                                                                                      4.5

IA Polk; IA Warren.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        2.4

IA Adair; IA Appanoose; IA Boone; IA Clarke; IA Dallas; IA Davis; IA Decatur;

IA Guthrie; IA Jasper; IA Jefferson; IA Keokuk; IA Lucas; IA Madison; IA Mahaska;

IA Marion; IA Marshall; IA Monroe; IA Poweshiek; IA Ringgold; IA Story; IA Tama;

IA Union; IA Van Buren; IA Wapello; IA Wayne.





105 Kansas City, MO:

SMSA Counties:

3760 Kansas City, MO‑KS                                                                                              12.7

KS Johnson; KS Wayandotte; MO Cass; MO Clay; MO Jackson; MO Platte; MO Ray.

4150 Lawrence, KS                                                                                                     7.2

7000 St Joseph. MO                                                                                                      3.2

MO Andrew; MO Buchanan.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        10.0

KS Anderson; KS Atchison; KS Brown; KS Doniphan; KS Franklin; KS Leavenworth;

KS Linn; KS Miami; MO Atchison; MO Bates; MO Benton; MO Caldwell; MO Caroll;

MO Clinton; MO Daviess; MO Dekalb; MO Gentry; MO Grundy; MO Harrison;

MO Henry; MO Holt; MO Johnson; MO Lafayette; MO Livingston; MO Mercer;

MO Nodaway; MO Pettis; MO Saline; MO Worth.

106 Columbia, MO:

SMSA Counties:

1740 Columbia, MO; MO Boone                                                                          6.3

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        4.0

MO Adair; MO Audrain; MO Callaway; MO Camden; MO Chariton; MO Cole;

MO Cooper; MO Howard; MO Knox; MO Linn;. MO Macon; MO Miller; MO Moniteau; MO Monroe; MO Morgan; MO Osage; MO Putnam; MO Randolph; MO Schuyler; MO Scotland; MO Shelby; MO Sullivan.

107 St. Louis, MO:

SMSA Counties:

7040 St. Louis, MO-IL                                                                                                    14.7

IL Clinton; IL Madison; IL Monroe; IL St. Clair; MO Franklin; MO Jefferson; MO St. Charles; MO St. Louis; MO St. Louis City.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        11.4

IL Alexander IL Bond; IL Calhoun; IL Clay; IL Effingharn; IL Fayette; IL Franklin;

IL Greene; IL Jackson; IL Jasper; IL Jefferson; IL Jersey; IL Johnson; IL Macoupin;

IL Marion; IL Montgomery; IL Perry; IL Pulaski; IL Randolph; IL Richland; IL Union;

IL Washington; IL Wayne; IL Williamson; MO Bollinger; MO Butler;

MO Cape Girardeau; MO Carter; MO Crawford; MO Dent; MO Gasconade; MO Iron;

MO Lincoln; MO Madison; MO Maries; Mississippi; MO Montgomery; MO Perry;

MO Phelps; MO Reynolds; MO Ripley; MO St. Francis; MO Ste. Genevieve; MO Scott;

MO Stoddard; MO Warren; MO Washington; MO Wayne.

108 Springfield, MO:

SMSA Counties:

7920 Springfield, MO                                                                                                      2.0

MO Christian; MO Greene.

Non-SMSA Counties                                                                                                        2.3

KS Allen; KS Bourbon; KS Cherokee; KS Crawford; KS Labette; KS Montgomery; KS Neosho; KS Wilson; KS Woodson; MO Barry; MO Barton; MO Cedar; MO Dade; MO Dallas;.MO Douglas; MO Hickory; MO Howell; MO Jasper; MO Laclede; MO Lawrence; MO McDonald; MO Newton; MO Oregon; MO Ozark; MO Polk; MO Pulaski;

MO St. Clair; MO Shannon; MO Stone; MO Taney; MO Texas; MO Vernon;

MO Webster; MO Wright; OK Craig; OK Ottawa.





109 Fayetteville, AR:

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                      3.3

AR Baxter; AR Benton; AR Boone; AR Car­roll; AR Madison; AR Marion;  AR Newton;  AR  Searcy;  AR Washington; OK Adair; OK Delaware.

110 Fort Smith, AR:

SMSA Counties:

2720 Fort Smith, AR-OK                                                                                               5.6

AR Crawford;  AR Sebastian; OK  Le Flore; OK Sequoyah.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                      6.6

AR Franklin; AR Logan; AR Polk;  AR Scott; OK Choctaw;  OK  Haskell; OK Latimer; OK  McCurtain; OK Pittsburg;  OK  Pushmataha.

111 Little Rock-North Little Rock, AR:

SMSA Counties:

4400 Little Rock-North Little Rock, AR                                                                         15.7

AR Pulaski;  AR Saline.

6240 Pine Bluff, AR                                                                                                    31.2

AR Jefferson

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                   16.4

AR Arkansas;  AR Ashley;  AR Bradley;  AR Calhoun;  AR Chicott;  AR Clark; AR Calhoun;  AR Cleveland; AR Conway;  AR Dallas;  AR Desha; AR Drew; AR  Faulkner; AR Fulton: AR Garland;  AR Grant; AR Hot Springs;  AR Independence;  AR Izard; AR  Jackson; AR Johnson; AR Lincoln;  AR Lonoke; AR Monroe;  AR Montgomery; AR Ouachita; AR Perry, AR Pope;  AR Prairie; AR Sharp;  AR Stone;  AR Union;  AR Van Buren;  AR While;  AR Woodruft; AR Yell.





112 Jackson, MS:

         SMSA Counties;

3560 Jackson, MS                                                                                                   30.3

MS Hinds;  MS Rankin.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                   32.0

MS Attala;  MS Choctaw; MS Choctaw; MS Clarke; MS Copiah;  MS Covington;  MS Franklin; MS Holmes: MS Humphreys; MS Issaquena; MS Jasper;  MS Jefferson; MS Jefferson Davis; MS Jones;  MS Kemper; MS Lauderdale;  MS Lawrence; MS Leake;  MS Lincoln;  MS Lowndes; MS Madison;  MS Neshoba; MS Newton;  MS Noxubee; MS Oktibbeha; MS Scott;  MS Sharkey; MS Simpson;  MS Smith;  MS Warren;  MS  Wayne; MS Winston;  MS Yazoo.





113 New Orleans, LA:

SMSA Counties

0920 Biloxi‑Gulfport, MS                                                                                               19.2

MS Hancock; MS Harrison; MS Stone.

5560 New Orleans, LA                                                                                                  31.0

LA Jefferson; LA Orleans; LA St. Bernard; LA St. Tammany.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        27.7

LA Assumption; LA Lafourche; LA Plaquemines; LA St. Charles; LA St. James;

LA St. John The Baptist; LA Tangipahoa; LA Terrebonne; LA Washington; MS Forrest;

MS Lamar; MS Marion; MS Pearl River; MS Perry; MS Pike; MS Walthall.

114 Baton Rouge, LA:

SMSA Counties:

0760 Baton Rouge, LA                                                                                                  26.1

LA Ascension; LA East Baton Rouge; LA Livingston; LA West Baton Rouge.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        30.4

LA Concordia; LA E. Feliciana; LA Iberville; LA Pointe Coupee; LA St. Helena;

LA West Feliciana; MS Adams; MS Amite; MS Wilkinson.

115 Lafayette, LA:

SMSA Counties:

3880 Lafayette, LA                                                                                                       20.6

LA Lafayette.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        24.1.

LA Acadia; LA Evangeline; LA Iberia; LA St. Landry; LA St. Martin;

LA St. Mary; LA Vermillion.

116 Lake Charles, LA:

SMSA Counties:

3960 Lake Charles, LA                                                                                                  19.3

LA Calcasieu.

Non-SMSA Counties                                                                                                        17.8

LA Allen; LA Beauregard; LA Cameron; LA Jefferson Davis LA Vernon.

117 Shreveport, LA:

SMSA Counties:

0220 Alexandria, LA                                                                                                     25.7

LA Grant; LA Rapides.

7680 Shreveport, LA                                                                                                     29.3

LA Bossier; LA Caddo; LA Webster.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        29.3

LA Avoyelles; LA Bienville; LA Claiborne; LA De Soto; LA Natchitoches;

LA Red River; LA Sabine; LA Winn.

118 Monroe, LA:

SMSA Counties:

5200 Monroe, LA                                                                                                          22.8

LA Ouachita.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        27.9

LA Caldwell; LA Catahoula; LA East Carroll; LA Franklin; LA Jackson; LA La Salle; LA Lincoln; LA Madison; LA Morehouse; LA Richland; LA Tensas; LA Union; LA West Carroll.





119 Texarkana, TX:

SMSA Counties:

8360 Texarkana, TX‑Texarkana, AR                                                                              19.7

AR Little River; AR Miller; TX Bowie.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                    20.2

AR Columbia; AR Hempstead; AR Howard; AR Lafayette; AR Nevada; AR Pike; AR Sevier; TX Camp; TX Cass; TX Lamar; TX Morris; TX Red River; TX Titus.

120 Tyler‑Longview, TX:

SMSA Counties:

4420 Longview, TX                                                                                                      22.8

TX Gregg; TX Harrison.

8640 Tyler, TX                                                                                                            23.5

TX Smith.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                   22.5

TX Anderson; TX Angelina; TX Cherokee; TX Henderson; TX Houston; TX Marion; TX Nacogdoches; TX Panola; TX Rusk; TX San Augustine; TX Shelby; TX Upshur; TX Wood.

121 Beaumont‑Port Arthur, TX:

SMSA Counties:

0840 Beaumont‑Port Arthur Orange, TX                                                                       22.6

TX Hardin; TX Jefferson; TX Orange.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                   22.6

TX Jasper; TX Newton; TX Sabine; TX Tyler.

122 Houston, TX:

SMSA Counties

1260 Bryan‑College Station, TX                                                                                 23.7

TX Brazos.

2920 Galveston-Texas City, TX                                                                                    28.9

            TX Galveston.

  3360 Houston, TX                                                                                                        27.3

   TX Brazona; TX Fort Bend; TX Harris; TX Liberty, TX Montgomery, TX Waller.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                   27.4

TX Austin; TX Burleson;  TX Calhoun; TX Chambers; TX Colorado; TX De Witt; TX Fayette; TX Goliad; TX Grimes; TX Jack­son; TX Lavaca; TX Leon; TX Madison;  TX Matagorda; TX Polk; TX Robertson; TX San Jacinto; TX Trinity;  TX Victoria; TX Walker; TX Washington; TX Wharton.

123 Austin, TX:

SMSA Counties:

0640 Austin, TX                                                                                                          24.1

TX Hays; TX Travis; TX Williamson.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                   24.2

TX Bastrop; TX Blanco; TX Burnet; TX Caldwell; TX Lee; TX Llano.

124 Waco‑Killeen‑Temple, TX:

SMSA Counties:

3810 Killeen‑Temple, TX.                                                                                             16.4

TX Belt TX Coryall.

8800 Waco, TX                                                                                                           20.7

TX McLermarx

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                    18.6

TX Bosque; TX Falls; TX Freestone; TX Ham­ilton; TX Hill; TX Lampasas; TX Limestone; TX Milam; TX Mills.

125 Dallas‑Fort Worth, TX:

SMSA Counties

1920 Dallas‑Fort Worth, TX                                                                                          18.2

TX Collier; TX Dallas; TX Denton; TX Ellis; TX Hood; TX Johnson;  TX Kaufman; TX  Parker; TX Rockwall; TX Tarrant; TX Wise.

7640 Sherman‑Denison, TX                                                                                           9.4

TX Grayson.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                    17.2

OK Bryan; TX Cooke; TX Delta; TX Erath; TX       Fannin; TX Franklin; TX Hopkins; TX Hunt; TX Jack; TX Montague; TX Navarro; TX Palo Pinto; TX Rains;  TX Sommerveil; TX  Van Zandt.

126 Wichita Falls, TX:

SMSA Counties:

9080 Wichita Falls, TX:                                                                                               12.4

 TX Clay; TX Wichita.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                    11.0

TX Archer; TX Baylor; TX Cottle; TX Foard; TX Hardeman; TX Wilbarger; TX Young.

127 Abilene, TX:

SMSA Counties:

0040 Abilene, TX                                                                                                        11.6

TX Callahan; TX Jones; TX Taylor.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                    10.9

TX Brown; TX Coleman; TX; Comanche; TX Eastland; TX Fisher; TX Haskell; TX Kent; TX Knox; TX Mitchell; TX Nolan; TX Scurry; TX Shackelford; TX Stephens; TX Stonewall; TX Throckmorton.

128 San Angelo, TX:

SMSA Counties:

7200 San Angelo, TX                                                                                                  19.2

TX Tom Green.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                   20.0

TX Coke; TX Concha; TX Crockett; TX Irion; TX Kimble; TX McCulloch; TX Mason; TX Menard; TX Reagan; TX Runnels; TX San Saba; TX Schleicher; TX Sterling;  TX Sutton, TX Terrell.

129 San Antonio, TX­:

SMSA Counties:

  4080 Laredo                                                                                                             87.3

TX Webb.

7240 San Antonio, TX                                                                                              47.8

TX Bexar; TX Comal; TX Guadalupe.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                   49.4

TX Atascosa; TX Bandera; TX Dimmit; TX Edwards; TX Frio; TX Gillespie; TX Gonzales; TX Jim Hogg; TX Karnes; TX Ken­dall; TX Kerr; TX Kinney; TX La Salle; TX McMullen; TX Maverick; TX Medina; TX Real; TX Uvalde;  TX Val Verde; TX Wilson; TX Zapata; TX Zavala.

130 Corpus Christi, TX:

        SMSA Counties:

1880 Corpus Christi, TX                                                                                            41.7

TX Nueces; TX San Patricio.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                   44.2

TX Aransas; TX Bee; TX Brooks; TX Duval; TX Jim Wells; TX Kenady; TX Kyberg;  TX  Live Oak; TX Refugio.

131 Brownsville‑McAllen‑Harlingen, TX:

SMSA Counties:

1240 Brownsville‑Harlingen‑San Benito, TX                                                                  71.0

TX Cameron.

4880 McAllen‑Pharr‑Edinburg, TX                                                                                 72.8

TX Hidalgo.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                   72.9

TX Starr; TX Willacy.

132 Odessa‑Midland, TX:

SMSA Counties:

5040 Midland, TX                                                                                                     19.1

TX Midland.

5800 Odessa,  TX                                                                                                       15.1

TX Ector.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                   18.9

TX Andrews; TX Crane; TX Glasscock; TX Howard; TX Loving; TX Martin; TX Pecos; TX Reeves; TX Upton; TX Ward; TX Winkler.

133 El Paso, TX:

SMSA Counties:

2320 El Paso, TX                                                                                                        57.8

TX El Paso.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                   49.0

NM Chaves; NM Dona Ana; NM Eddy; NM Grant; NM Hidalgo; NM Luna; NM Otero; NM Sierra, TX Brewster; TX Culberson; TX Hudspeth; TX Jeff Davis; TX Presidio.

134 Lubbock, TX:

SMSA Counties:

4600 Lubbock                                                                                                            19.6

TX Lubbock.

Non‑SMSA                                                                                                                19.5

NM Lea; NM Roosevelt ; TX Bailey; TX Borden; TX Cochran;  TX Crosby; TX Dawson; TX Dickens; TX Floyd; TX Gaines; TX Garza; TX Hale; TX Hockley; TX King; TX Lamb; TX Lynn;  TX Motley; TX Terry; TX Yoakum.

135 Amarillo, TX:

SMSA Counties:

0320 Amarillo, TX                                                                                                         9.3

   TX Potter; TX Randall.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                   11.0

NM Curry; NM Harding; NM Quay; NM Union; OK Beaver; OK Cimarron; OK Texas;  TX Arnstrong; TX Briscoe; TX Carson; TX Castro; TX Childress; TX Collingsworth; TX Dallam; TX Deaf Srnith; TX Donley; TX Gray; TX Hall; TX Hansford; TX Hartley; TX Hemphill; TX Hutchinson; TX Lipscomb; TX Moore; TX Ochitree; TX Oldham; TX Parmer; TX Roberts; TX Sherman; TX Swisher; TX Wheeler.





136 Lawton, OK:

SMSA Counties:

4200 Lawton, OK                                                                                                           14.8

OK Comanche.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                         10.8

OK Cotton; OK Green; OK. Harmon; OK Jackson; OK Jefferson; OK Kiowa; OK Stephens; OK Tillman.

137 Oklahoma City, OK:

SMSA Counties

5880  Oklahoma City, OK                                                                                              10.2

  OK Canadian; OK Cleveland; OK McClain; OK Oklahoma; OK Pottawatomie.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                          9.0

OK Alfalfa; OK Atoka; OK Beckham; OK Blaine; OK Caddo; OK Carter; OK Coat; OK Custer;  OK Dewey; OK Ellis; OK Garfield; OK Garvin; OK Grady; OK Grant; OK Harper; OK Hughes; OK Johnston; OK Kingfisher; OK Lincoln; OK Logan; OK Love; OK Major; OK Marshall; OK Murray, OK Okfuskee; OK Pontotoc; OK Roger Mills; OK Seminole; OK Washita; OK Woods; Ok Woodward.

138 TuIsa, OK:

SMSA Counties:

8560 Tulsa, OK                                                                                                             10.2

 OK Creek; OK Mayes; OK Osage; OK Rogers; OK Tulsa; OK Wagoner.

      Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                         10.0

OK Cherokee; OK Key; OK McIntosh; OK Muskogee; OK Noble; OK Nowata; OK Okmulgee; OK Pawnee; OK Payne; OK Washington.





139 Wichita, KS:

SMSA Counties:

9040 Wichita, KS                                                                                                         7.9

   KS Butler; KS Sedgwick.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                       5.7

KS Barber; KS Barton; KS Chase; KS Chautauqua; KS Clark; KS Comanche. KS Cowley; KS Edwards; KS Elk; KS Finney; KS Ford; KS Grant; KS Gray; KS Greeley;  KS Greenwood; KS Hamilton; KS Harper; KS Harvey; KS Haskell; KS Hodgeman; KS Kearny; KS Kingman; KS Kiowa; KS Lane; KS McPherson; KS Marion; KS Meade; KS Morton; KS Ness; KS Pawnee; KS Pratt; KS Reno; KS Rice; KS Rush; KS Scott; KS Seward; KS Stafford; KS Stanton; KS Stevens; KS Sumner, KS Wichita.

140 Salina, KS:

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                       1.5

KS Cheyenne; KS Cloud; KS Decatur; KS Dickinson; KS Ellis; KS Ellsworth; KS Gove; KS Graham; KS Jewell; KS Lincoln; KS Logan; KS Mitchell; KS Norton; KS Osborne; KS Ottawa; KS Phillips; KS Rawlins; KS Republic; KS Rooks; KS Russell; KS Saline; KS Sheridan; KS Sherman; KS Smith; KS Thomas; KS Trego; KS Wallace.

141 Topeka, KS:

SMSA Counties:

8440  Topeka, KS                                                                                                        9.0

    KS Jefferson; KS Osage; KS Shawnee.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                       6.5

    KS CIay; Coffey; KS Geary; KS Jackson; KS Lyon; KS Marshall; KS Morris; KS Nemaha; KS Pottawatomie, KS Riley; KS Wabaunsee; KS Washington.




     142 Lincoln,  NE:

SMSA  Counties:

4360 Lincoln, NE                                                                                                        2.8

NE Lancaster.

Non SMSA Counties                                                                                                       1.9

NE Butler; NE Fillmore; NE Gage; NE Jefferson; NE Johnson; NE Nemaha; NE Otoe; NE Pawnee; NE Polk; NE Richardson; NE Saline, NE Seward; NE Thayer; NE York.

143 Omaha, NE:

SMSA Counties:

5920 Omaha, NE-IA                                                                                                    7.6

IA Pottawattamie; NE Douglas; NE Sarpy.

Non‑SMSA                                                                                                                     5.3

IA Adams; IA Audubon; IA Cass;  IA Fremont; IA Harrison; LA Mills; IA Montgomery; IA Page; IA Shelby; IA Taylor; NE Burt; NE Cass; NE Colfax; NE Dodge; NE Platte; NE Saunders; NE Washington.

144 Grand Island, NE:

Non SMSA Counties                                                                                                       1.4

NE Adams; NE Aurther; NE Blaine; NE Boyd; NE Brown; NE Buffalo; NE Chase; NE Cherry; NE Clay; NE Custer; NE Dawson; NE Dundy; NE Franklin; NE Frontier; NE Fumas; NE Garfield; NE Gosper; NE Grant; NE Greeley, NE Hall; NE Hamilton; NE Harlan; NE Hayes; NE Hitchcock; NE Holt; NE Hooker; NE Howard; NE Kearney; NE Keith; NE Keya Paha; NE Lincoln; NE Logan; NE Loup; NE McPherson;  NE Merrick; NE Nance; NE Nuckolls; NE Perkins; NE Phelps; NE Red Willow; NE Rock; NE Sherman; NE Thomas; NE Valley; NE Webster; NE Wheeler.

145 Scottsbluff, NE:

  Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                     5.3

NE Banner; NE Box Butt;  NE Cheyenne; NE Dawes; NE Deuel; NE Garden; NE Kimball; NE Morrill; NE Scotts Buff; NE Sheridan; NE Sioux; NE Goshen.


South Dakota:


146 Rapid City, SD:

SMSA Counties:

6660 Rapid City, SD                                                                                                     3.4

SD Pennington; SD Meade.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        7.9

SD Bennett; SD Buffalo; SD Butte; SD Campbell; SD Corson; SD Custer; SD Dewey (Armstrong); SD Fall River; SD Haakon; SD Harding; SD Hughes; SD Hyde; SD Jackson; SD Jones; SD Lawrence; SD Lyman; SD Mellette; SD Perkins; SD Potter; SD Shannon (Washington); SD Stanley; SD Sully; SD Todd; SD Tripp; SD Walworth; SD Washabaugh; SD Ziebach; WY Crook; WY Niobrara; WY Weston.

147 Sioux Falls, SD:

SMSA Counties:

7760 Sioux Falls, SD                                                                                                    1.2

SD Minnehaha.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        0.8

IA Lyon; IA Osceola; MN Cottonwood; MN Jackson;. MN Lincoln; MN Lyon; MN Murray, MN Nobles; MN Pipestone; MN Redwood; MN Rock; SD Aurora; SD Beadle; SD Brookings; SD Brule; SD Charles Mix; SD Davison; SD Douglas; SD Gregory; SD Hand; SD Hanson; SD Hutchinson; SD Jerauld; SD Kingsbury; SD Lake; SD Lincoln; SD McCook, SD Miner, SD Moody, SD Sanborn; SD Turner.

148 Aberdeen, SD:

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        1.3

SD Brown; SD Clark; SD Codington; SD Day; SD Deuel; SD Edmunds; SD Faulk;

SD Grant; SD Hamlin; SD McPherson; SD Marshall; SD Roberts; SD Spink.



North Dakota:


149 Fargo‑Moorhead, ND‑MN:

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        0.7

MN Becker MN Clay; MN Cass; MN Wilkin; ND Barnes; ND Dickey; ND Eddy;

ND Foster; ND Griggs; ND La Moure; ND Logan; ND McIntosh; ND Ransom;

ND Richland; ND Sargent; ND Steele; ND Stutsman; ND Traill.

150 Grand Forks, ND:

SMSA Counties:

2985 Grand Forks, ND‑MN                                                                                            1.2

MN Polk; ND Grand Forks.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        2.0

MN Beltrami; MN Clearwater MN Hubbard. MN Kittson; MN Lake of the Woods;

MN Mahnomen; MN Marshall; MN Norman; MN Pennington; MN Red Lake;

MN Roseau; MN Benson; ND Cavalier; ND Nelson; ND Pembina;

ND Ramsey; ND Towner; ND Walsh.

151 Bismarck, ND:

SMSA Counties:

1010 Bismarck, ND                                                                                                   0.4

ND Burleigh; ND Morton.

Non-SMSA Counties                                                                                                        1.3

ND Adams; ND Billings; ND Bowman; ND Dunn; ND Emmons; ND Golden Valley; ND Grant; ND Hettinger; ND Kidder; ND Mercer; ND Oliver; ND Sheridan; ND Sioux; ND Slope; ND Stark; ND Wells.

152 Minot, ND:

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                     4.4

MT Daniels; MT Richland; MT Roosevelt; MT Sheridan; ND Bottineau; ND Burke;

ND Divide; ND McHenry; ND McKenzie; ND McLean; ND Mountrail; ND Pierce;

ND Renville; ND Rolette; ND Ward; ND Williams.





153 Great Falls, MT:

SMSA Counties.

3040 Great Falls, MT                                                                                                    3.2

MT Cascade.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        4.1

MT Blaine; MT Broadwater; MT Chouteau; MT Fergus; MT Glacier; MT Hill;

MT Jefferson; MT Judith Basin; MT Lewis and Clark; MT Liberty; MT Meagher;

MT Petroleum; MT Phillips; MT Pondera; MT Teton; MT Toole; MT Valley;

MT Wheatland.

154 Missoula, MT:

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        2.7

MT Beaverhead; MT Deer Lodge; MT Flathead; MT Granite; MT Lincoln;

MT Madison; MT Mineral; MT Missoula; MT Powell; MT Ravalli; MT Sanders;

MT Silver Bow; MT Lake.

155 Billings, MT:

SMSA Counties:

0880 Billings, MT                                                                                                          3.3

MT Yellowstone.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        3.3

MT Big Horn; MT Carbon; MT Carter; MT Custer; MT Dawson; MT Fallon; MT Gallatin; MT Garfield; MT Golden Valley; MT McCone; MT Musselshell; MT Park; MT Powder River; MT Prairie; UT Rosebud; MT Stillwater, MT Sweet Grass; MT Treasure; MT Wilbaux; MT Yellowstone Nat’l Park; WY Big Horn; WY Hot Springs; WY Park; WY Sheridan; WY Washakie.




156 Cheyenne‑Casper, WY:

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                      7.5

CO Jackson; WY Albany; WY Campbell; WY Carbon; WY Converse; WY Fremont WY Johnson; WY Laramie; WY Natrona, WY Platte.




157 Denver, CO:

SMSA Counties:

2080  Denver‑Boulder, CO                                                                                           13.8

CO Adams;  CO Arapahoe;  C0 Boulder. CO Denver;  CO Douglas; CO Gilpin; CO Jefferson.

2670 Fort Collins, CO                                                                                                   6.9

CO Larimer.

3060  Greeley, CO                                                                                                      13.1

CO Weld.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                      12.8

CO Cheyenne;  CO Clear Creek;  CO Elbert CO Grand;  CO Kit Carson; CO Logan; CO Morgan;  CO Park;  CO Phillips; :CO Sedgwick;  CO Summit;  CO Washington; CO Yuma.

158 Colorado Springs‑Pueblo, CO:

SMSA Counties:

1720 Colorado Springs, CO                                                                                         10.9

CO EL Paso; CO Teller.

6560 Pueblo, CO                                                                                                        27.5

CO Pueblo.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                   19.0

CO Alamosa;  CO Baca;  CO Bent;  CO Chaffee; CO Conejos;  CO Costilla; CO Crowley; CO Custer; CO Fremont; CO Huerfano; CO Kiowa; CO Lake; CO Las Animas; CO Lincoln; CO Mineral; CO Otero; CO Prowers; CO Rio Grande; CO Saguache.

159 Grand Junction. CO:

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                      10.2

CO Archuleta;  CO Delta;  CO Dolores; CO Eagle; CO Garfield; CO Gunnison;  CO Hinsdale; CO La Plata, CO Mesa; CO Moffat; CO Montezuma; CO Montrose; CO Ouray; CO Pitkin; CO Rio Blanco; CO Routt; CO San Juan; CO San Miguel;  UT Grand; UT San Juan.



New Mexico:


160 Albuquerque, NM:

SMSA Counties.

0200 Albuquerque, NM                                                                                                   38.3

NM Bernalillo; NM Sandoval.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        45.9

NM Citron. NM Colfax; NM De Baca; NM Guadalupe; NM San Juan; NM San Miguel;

NM Santa Fe; NM Socorro; NM Taos; NM Torrance; NM Valencia.




161 Tucson, AZ:

SMSA Counties:

8520 Tucson, AZ                                                                                                        24.1

AZ Pima.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                      27.0

AZ Cochise; AZ Graham; AZ Greenlee; AZ Santa Cruz.                                         

162 Phoenix, AZ:

SMSA Counties:

      6200 Phoenix, AZ                                                                                                       15.8

AZ Maricopa.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                      19.6

AZ Apache; AZ Coconino; AZ Gila; AZ Mohave; AZ Navajo; AZ Pinal;  AZ Yavapai;  AZ Yuma.




163 Las Vegas, NV:

SMSA Counties:

4120 Las Vegas, NV                                                                                                   13.9

              NV Clark.

   Non-SMSA Counties                                                                                                      12.6

NV Esmeralda; NV Lincoln; NV Nye;UT Beaver; UT Garfield; UT Iron; UT Kane; UT Washington.

164 Reno, NV:

SMSA Counties:

6720 Reno, NV                                                                                                            8.2

NV Washoe.

Non-SMSA Counties                                                                                                       9.2

NV Churchill; NV Douglas; NV Elko;NV Eureka; NV Humboldt; NV Lander; NV Lyon; NV Mineral; NV Pershing; NV  Storey; NV White Pine; NV Carson City




165 Salt Lake City, Ogden, UT:

SMSA Counties

6520 Provo‑Orem, UT                                                                                                    2.4

UT Utah.

7160 Salt Lake City‑Ogden, UT                                                                          6.0

UT Davis; UT Salt Lake; UT Toole; UT Weber.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        5.1

ID Bear Lake; ID Franklin; ID Oneida; UT Box Elder; UT Cache; UT Carbon;

UT  Daggett; UT Duchesne; UT Emery; UT Juab; UT Millard; UT Morgan; UT Piute;

UT Rich; UT Sanpete; UT Sevier; UT Summit; UT Uintah ‑UT Wasatch; UT Wayne;

WY Lincoln; WY Sublette; WY Sweetwater; WY Uinta.





166 Pocatello-Idaho Falls, ID:

   Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        4.0

 ID Bannock; ID Bingham; ID Baline;  ID Bonneville; ID Butte; ID Camas; ID Caribou;

 ID Cassia; ID Clark; ID Custer; ID Fremont; ID Gooding; ID Jefferson; ID Jerome;

 ID Lemini; ID Lincoln; ID Madison; ID Minidoka; ID Power; ID Teton; ID Twin Falls;

 WY Teton.

167 Boise City, ID:

   SMSA Counties:

     1080 Boise City. ID                                                                                                        2.3

  ID Ada.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        4.4

  ID Adams; ID Boise; ID Canyon; ID Elmore; ID Gem; ID Owyhee; ID Payette;

  ID Valley; ID Washington; OR Harney; OR Malheur.





168 Spokane, WA:

SMSA Counties:

7840 Spokane, WA                                                                                                      2.8

WA Spokane.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                    3.0

ID Benewah; ID Bonner; ID Boundary; ID Clearwater; ID Idaho; ID Kootena; ID Latah; ID Lewis; ID Nez Perce; ID Shoshone; WA Adams; WA  Asotin; WA Columbia; WA Ferry; WA Garfield; WA Lincoln; WA Pend Orelle; WA Stevens; WA Whitman.

169 Richland, WA:

SMSA Counties:

6740 Richland-Kennewick, WA                                                                                      5.4

WA Benton; WA FranklIn.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                       3.8

OR Baker; OR Gilliam; OR Grant; OR Morrow; OR Umatilla; OR Union; OR Wallowa; OR Wheeler; WA Walla Walla.

170 Yakima, WA:

SMSA Counties:

9260 Yakima, WA                                                                                                        9.7

WA Yakima.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                       7.2

WA Chelan; WA Douglas; WA Grant; WA Kittitas; WA Okanogan.

171 Seattle, WA:

SMSA Counties:

  7600 Seattle-Everett, WA                                                                                            7.2

WA King; WA Snohomish.

  8200 Tacoma, WA                                                                                                     6.2

    WA Pierce.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                       6.1

WA Clallarn; WA Grays Harbor; WA Island; WA Jefferson; WA Kitsap; WA Lewis; WA Mason; WA Pacific; WA San Juan; WA Skaqil; WA Thurston; WA Whatcom.




172 Portland, OR:

SMSA Counties:­

6440 Portland, OR‑WA                                                                                                 4.5

OR Clackamas; OR Muitnomah; OR Washinton; WA Clark.

7080 Salem OR                                                                                                            2.9

OR Marion; OR Polk.

         Non‑SMSA Counties:                                                                                                 3.8

OR Benton; OR Clatsop; OR Columbia; OR Crook; OR Deschutes; OR Hood River;

OR Jefferson; OR Lincoln; OR Linn; OR Sher­man; OR Tillammok; OR Wasco;

OR Yamhill; WA Cowlitz; WA Klickitat; WA Skamania; WA Wahkiakum.

173 Eugene, OR:

SMSA Counties:

2400 Eugene-Springfield, OR                                                                                         2.4

OR Lane.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                      2.4

OR Coos; OR Curry; OR Douglas; OR Jackson; OR Josephine; OR Klamath;

   OR Lake





174 Redding, CA:

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                      6.8

CA Lassen; CA Modoc; CA Plumas; CA; Shasta; CA Siskiyou; CA Tehama.

175 Eureka, CA:

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                     6.6

CA Del Norte; CA Humboldt; CA Trinity.

176 San Francisco‑Oakland‑San Jose, CA:

SMSA Counties:

7120 Salinas‑Seaside‑Monterey, CA                                                                              28.9

CA Monterey.

7360 San Francisco‑Oakland, CA                                                                                  25.6

CA Alameda; CA Contra Costa; CA Marin; San Francisco; CA San Mateo.

7400 San Jose, CA                                                                                                       19.6

CA Santa Clara.

7485 Santa Cruz, CA                                                                                                    14.9

CA Santa Cruz.

7500 Santa Rosa, CA                                                                                                   9.1

CA Sonoma.-

8720 Vallejo‑Fairfield‑Napa, CA                                                                                      17.1

CA Napa; CA Solano.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        23.2

CA Lake; CA Mendocino; CA San Benito.

177 Sacramento, CA:

SMSA Counties:

6920 Sacramento, CA                                                                                                   16.1

CA Placer; CA Sacramento; CA Yolo.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        14.3

CA Butte; CA Colusa; CA El Dorado; CA Glenn; CA Nevada; CA Sierra;

CA Sutter; CA Yuba.

178 Stockton‑Modesto, CA:

SMSA Counties:-

5170 Modesto, CA                                                                                                        12.3

CA Stanislaus

8120 Stockton, CA                                                                                                       24.3

CA San Joaquin.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        19.8

CA Alpine; CA Amador; CA Calaveras; CA Mariposa; CA Merced, CA Tuolumne.

179 Fresno‑Bakersfield, CA:

SMSA Counties:

0680 Bakersfield, CA                                                                                                    19.1

CA Kent

2840 Fresno, CA                                                                                                          26.1

CA Fresno

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        23.6

CA Kings; CA Madera CA Tulare.

180 Los Angeles, CA:

SMSA Counties.

0360 Anaheim‑Santa Ana‑Garden Grove, CA                                                                  11.9

CA Orange.

4480 Los Angeles‑Long Beach, CA                                                                                28.3

CA Los Angeles

6000 Oxnard‑Simi Valley‑Ventura, CA                                                                            21.5

CA Ventura

6780 Riverside‑San Bernardino‑Ontario, CA                                                                    19.0

CA Riverside; CA San Bernadino.

7480 Santa Barbara‑Santa Maria‑Lompoc, CA                                                                19.7

CA Santa Barbara.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        24.6

CA Inyo; CA Mono; CA San Luis - Obispo.

181 San Diego, CA:

SMSA Counties

7320 San Diego, CA                                                                                                     16.9

CA San Diego.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        16.2

CA Imperial





182 Anchorage, AK:

SMSA Counties:

0380 Anchorage, AK                                                                                                     8.7

AK Anchorage Division.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        15.1

AK Aleutian IsIands Division; AK Angoon Division; AK Barrow‑North Slope Division; AK Bethel Division; AK Bristol Bay Borough; AK Bristol Bay Division; AK Cordova McCarthy Division; AK Fairbanks Division; AK Haines Division; AK Juneau Division; AK Kenai-Cook Inlet Division; AK Ketchikan Division; AK Kobuk Division; AK Kodiak Division; AK Kwskokwim Division; AK Matansuska-Susitna Division; AK Nome Division; AK Outer Ketchikan Division; AK Prince of Wales Division; AK Seward Division; AK Sitka Division; AK Skagaway‑Yakutat Division; AK Southeast Fairbanks Division; AK Upper Yukon Division; AK Valdez-Citina-Whittier Division; AK Wade Hampton Division; AK Wrangell-Petersburg Division; AK Yukon-Koyukuk Division.





183 Honolulu, HI:

SMSA Counties:

3320 Honolulu. Hl                                                                                                         69.1

HI Honolulu.

Non‑SMSA Counties                                                                                                        70.4

HI Hawaii; HI Kauai; HI Maui; HI Kalowao.