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Office of the Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management
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OCIO Organization Chart

OCIO Organizational Chart

Division of IT Administration (DITA): Manages financial operations for the OCIO including the management of the annual budget for IT investments, the management of OCIO financial operations, oversight for the proper accounting and reporting of funds related to OCIO. Responsible for ensuring the OCIO workplace is organized and run effectively and safely.

Division of IT Policy & Procedures (DITPP): Provides oversight to ensure that OCIO IT best practices, processes, policies and procedures are defined and implemented. This includes the Systems Development Lifecycle Management (SDLCM) framework for sequencing activities from project planning/initiation through to operations and disposition.

Division of IT Acquisition (DAQ): Provides IT strategic sourcing and acquisition expertise that results in streamlined purchasing and implementation of complex solutions, establishes relationships with industry vendors, and provides insight into the acquisition of cutting-edge technologies. Centrally manages software and hardware contracts and vendors, and IT service contracts in operations and maintenance to achieve efficiencies across the organization.

Division of Governance (DIG): Provides Departmental IT leadership, policy, strategic business, investment, and information compliance management guidance and assistance to DOL agencies - enabling them to plan, budget, and implement their IT resources in a manner that balances costs, benefits, risks, and returns, while achieving the organizations' business mission and program goals.

Division of Customer Advocacy (DCA): Establishes strategic and operational business relationships with the OCIO customer agencies, acts as an advocate of customer agency needs, and builds long-term relationships designed to result in a deep understanding of the customers' current and future direction.

Division of Advanced Technology (DAT): Develops and maintains long-term enterprise IT strategic plans; creates and maintains a DOL-wide enterprise architecture; evaluates OCIO's strategic focus and resources to best align with the Department's strategic needs; helps to define IT vision, mission, goals, and objectives; and determines gaps in IT strategies and identifies opportunities.

Division of Systems Engineering (DSE) Focuses on improving delivered system performance, including supportability, sustainability, and affordability. This Division maintains the technical architecture of OCIO and is charged with developing technical solutions for OCIO projects and programs, consulting on technical feasibility and best solution design, and troubleshooting the most complex operational problems that cannot be resolved by all tiers of support.

Division of Application & Platform Services (DAPS): Provides and develops acquisition specifications and evaluations, implements and integrates enterprise and agency applications and applications platform systems and services hosted and delivered internally and externally, including those delivered as software as a service (SaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS).

Division of Infrastructure Services (DIS): Provides and develops acquisition specifications and evaluations, implements and integrates enterprise and agency infrastructure systems and services hosted and delivered internally and externally. This Division provides Infrastructure Services including: operations management, configuration management, network and security services, data center management, and access management.

Division of Information Assurance (DIA): Manages the Department-wide cyber security program, reviews information assurance policies, develops system security plans, and ensures compliance with national directives and Departmental policies.