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Open Access Law Journals

Below are descriptions of several websites that provide links to open access law and related journals online. The term open access refers to “resources that are openly available to users with no requirements for authentication or payment” (definition from the 1999 manuscript of Digital Libraries, by William Arms, (c) 2000 M.I.T. Press).

  • Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ): A service covering free, full text, quality controlled scientific and scholarly journals. You can browse by journal title or subject. To browse by subject, select “Law and Political Science”. At present there are 46 law journals listed. Once you click on the link for law, you are directed to a page that lists all of the 46 law journals alphabetically by title. Details included about each title include publisher, language, and start year. Titles include Electronic Journal of Comparative Law and Federal Courts Law Review.
  • Duke Law Journals: All Duke Law Journals allow authors to post articles published in the journals without restriction on freely-accessible third party web sites, as well as on Internet sites under their own control. Titles include Duke Law Journal, Duke Journal of Constitutional Law & Public Policy, and Law & Contemporary Problems. Click on the title to be directed to the index of full-text articles for each journal. For more information, see the article “Duke Law Journals Lead with Open Access to Scholarship.”
  • IDEAS Economic & Finance Research: The University of Connecticut’s Department of Economics provides this bibliographic database dedicated to Economics. Over 350,000 items of research can be browsed or searched, and over 250,000 can be downloaded in full text. You can do a basic search or a more detailed search. The basic search allows you to search by keyword or phrase and limit the search to working papers, journals, chapters, books, authors or ALL categories. If you search the keyword ERISA limited to working papers, nine hits are retrieved, including articles such as “Analysis of Pension Funding under ERISA”, “Economic Implications of ERISA” and “The Labor Market Impact of Federal Regulation: OSHA, ERISA, EEO, and Minimum Wage.”
  • Open Access Law Program (OALP): This is part of the Science Commons Publishing Project, which is working to support open access to scholarly research in a wide range of disciplines including agriculture, entomology, biology, anthropology and now law. The OALP provides a list of links to law journals that have adopted the Open Access Law Journal Principles or have policies consistent with them. Titles include Duke Journal of Gender Law & Policy, Michigan Law Review, New York Law School Law Review, and Vanderbilt Law Review.
  • Scholarly Journals Distributed Via the World Wide Web: The University of Houston Libraries provides a list of journals available on the Web. Journals are arranged alphabetically by title, but it is not possible to search for journals by topic (such as law). Click on a letter to be directed to a list of links to journal titles beginning with that letter. Some of the law journal titles listed include European Journal of International Law, Federal Communications Law Journal, Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies, and Web Journal of Current Legal Issues.
  • A past tip, Law Journals Online, provides additional information about access to law as well as other types of journals.