Newsletter Photos - August 12, 2010

Assistant Secretary Phyllis Borzi

Caption below Assistant Secretary Phyllis Borzi participated in a panel discussion during the American Bar Association's annual meeting in San Francisco on Saturday.

Interns "On The Job"

Caption belowStanding from left: Graham Veenstra (EBSA intern), Zadkiel Elder (EBSA intern), EBSA Assistant Secretary Phyllis Borzi, Lindsay Kimbro (BLS intern) and Javier Celis (BLS intern). Seated: Michael Davis and Anja Decressin, EBSA's Deputy Assistant Secretary and a senior member of the agency's Office of Policy and Research, respectively.

Joliet Job Corps Among Best In Nation

Caption below (From left) Antel King of Jefferson City, Mo., Mitchell Lilly of Ysiplanti, Mi, and Shuton Miller. All students pictured are members of the center's Student Government Association.

Dust Monitor

Caption below Personal Dust Monitor among winners of winners of the HHSinnovates program last week.

DOL Helps DC Kids Get Back to School

Caption belowAngela McDaniel, Daniel Hays, Julie Balster, Dolores Beran-Hall, and John McGucken all took part in this year's backpack collection.

Flexibility: Policy, Practice, and Impact

Caption belowDirector of the Women's Bureau Sara Manzano-Diaz and Assistant Secretary for the Office of the Disability Employment Policy Kathy Martinez sign the MOA to create workplace flexibility.