New grants to expand summer jobs

Equal pay

On the seventh anniversary of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, we announced a new proposal with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to combat discrimination in the workplace by collecting pay data.

Inclusive innovation

Tech companies help power economic growth and they're changing the way we work. Secretary Perez shares insights from the business and community leaders he met in Silicon Valley who are working hard to expand opportunity to all workers in the tech sector. 

Fair pay for the ice cream man

Orialli Jimenez worked hard as a “paletero” in Austin, pushing an ice cream cart for many miles on hot summer days. When his employer cheated him and other workers out of thousands of dollars, and then tried to cover up the violations, we took action.

Read his story.


Women in combat

Expanded opportunities for women and flexible workplaces strengthen our armed forces.

Protecting miners

New safeguards help protect coal miners from breathing harmful dust.

Unions matter

New data shows how unions help workers punch their tickets to the middle class.