• Shared Prosperity for a Stronger America

    Leading up to Labor Day, Secretary Perez is traveling across the country to talk with Americans how we can help more people succeed in the workplace and at home.

  • Proposed Updates
    to the Overtime Rules

    The share of full time salaried workers under the overtime salary threshold has declined from 62% in 1975 to just 8% today. Here's how we're trying to fix that.

  • Hitting the Road for Paid Leave

    Secretary Perez is traveling across the country to hear from you about how paid leave would impact your family.

  • Investing in Apprenticeship

    Investing in Apprenticeship

    Apprenticeship is a tried-and-true training model that is a win-win for both employers and workers.

  • FY 2016 Budget.

    Protecting Your Savings

    When you've worked hard to build up a retirement nest egg, you've earned the right to sound advice. You deserve to know that your adviser is working for you.

  • Low wage employees riding public transportation to work

    The Facts on the Minimum Wage

    Find out how raising the federal minimum wage would benefit America's workers, businesses and the economy.

  • Find Your Path

    Grow Your Skills

    Federally-funded programs in your community are ready to train Americans with the skills employers need to fill jobs right now. Explore the possibilities, and find your path.


Maguire or McGuire?

Maguire or McGuire?

The debate surrounding Labor Day lies in who people consider to be the true father of the holiday...

Inclusive Internships

Inclusive Internships

Employers view internships as a value-added proposition; here's how these programs can include all aspects of diversity...

Clean Power Plan

Clean Power Plan

Find out why Secretary Perez supports the President's Clean Power Plan which limits carbon emissions from power plants...

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