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Bureau of International Labor Affairs
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Asia & the Pacific

2012 Findings on the Worst Forms of Child Labor

Map of Latin America & Carribean

2012 Regional Outlook

Meaningful efforts:

  • Improved legal frameworks, particularly related to child domestic service and access to education.
  • Increased social programs to address child domestic service and access to education, and increased targeted monitoring of child labor.

Challenges and existing gaps:

  • Lack of adequate legal protections, specifically for children in hazardous labor.
  • Lack of effective intra-government coordination and enforcement.
  • Lack of funding for labor inspections.

2012 Assessment Breakdown

Region Summary

In the Asia and Pacific region, 77.8 million children are engaged in child labor. Governments in Asia and the Pacific continued to make notable progress in combating the worst forms of child labor, particularly in the areas of legislation on and programs related to child domestic service, which is of particular concern in the region. Despite these efforts, significant obstacles remained in the areas of legal protections, specifically on deeming work as hazardous child labor, and in intra-government coordination and enforcement of child labor laws. Additionally, the lack of effective enforcement of these laws continues to hamper government efforts across the region.  Read More

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