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Bureau of International Labor Affairs
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Institutions of the NAALC

International Commission for Labor Cooperation


  • Composed of the three Cabinet-level labor officials
  • The governing body of the Commission
  • A broad mandate to work on labor issues

National Administrative Offices

  • Implement the Agreement
  • Serve as points of contact between Commission entities and national governments
  • Exchange information


  • Provides technical support to the Council
  • Reports periodically on a wide range of labor issues
  • Engages in cooperative activities

National Advisory Committee

  • Provide advice to the U.S. NAO on issues arising under the NAALC, and other matters in the course of administering the Agreement

Division of Trade Agreement Administration and Technical Cooperation (TAATC)

TAATC is the U.S. National Administrative Office for the NAALC. TAATC's work focuses on three fundamental areas:

  • Receiving and reviewing of public submissions;
  • Coordinating tripartite cooperative activities; and
  • Providing information to the public

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