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Bureau of International Labor Affairs
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Gender and Entrepreneurship Together: GET Ahead for Women in Enterprise

The GET Ahead training package was designed by the International Labor Organization (ILO) as a training course to develop women’s confidence and encourage their entrepreneurial drive. The package is aimed at women in poverty who are currently engaged in or would like to be engaged in small-scale business activities. The goal of the program is to promote economic and social empowerment for women in developing countries. Although the course is targeted at women, the training does not exclude men, who are welcome to participate.

The course consists of four modules. Brief descriptions and links to the associated training materials are listed below.

The GET Ahead training manual has been adapted for use in Egypt and Indonesia. Versions are available in Arabic, Bahasa, and English.

The full English version of the GET Ahead training manual, is available in the following 7 sections:

  • Foreword [PDF]
  • The Foreword provides an overview of the GET Ahead for Women in Enterprise training package, acknowledgements, and a basic introduction to the training that explains the aims of the course, the intended users, learning objectives, and rationale.  This section also explains the organization of the training content and structure and provides tips for trainers on adult learning, effective instructional methods for non-literate learners, and hints for organizing a 5-day GET Ahead Training of Trainers (ToT) workshop inclusive of a sample agenda and nomination form for participants.

  • Module 1: Basic on Gender Entrepreneurship [PDF]
  • Module 1 consists of an ice-breaker activity in which the participants role play as the opposite gender—a game meant to both lighten the mood and allow the training team to better assess gender awareness of the participants. Participants will also learn about the life cycle of women entrepreneurs and the ways it differs from that of men in business.

  • Module 2: The Business Women and Her Environment [PDF]
  • Participants will learn the key traits of a businessperson and will be asked to confront situations and environments that simulate real business life. In addition, participants will learn about the impact their personal and social relationships can have on their businesses.

  • Module 3: Business Project [PDF]
  • Participants will brainstorm potential business ideas in this module. They will also learn the 5 Ps (Person, Product, Price, Place, and Promotion), and will participate in exercises that will provide them will skills in marketing, finance, and basic economics.

  • Module 4: People, Organization and Management [PDF]
  • The activities in Module 4 encourage awareness and confidence in the participants to act as managers and leaders in their businesses. The trainers will also encourage participants to engage in networking activities and cooperate with one another in their business activities. Finally, the participants will recap what they have learned and will begin to plan their futures in business.

  • Sources for Further Reading [PDF]
  • Part 3 at the end of the manual is a compilation of sources for further reading, including the GET Ahead Background Paper, a Quick Reference Guide on Business and Financial Terms, and a full list of citations to publications, other ILO training materials and tools and web links.  For each training resource or tool cited, there is a brief description of the intended user and the language(s) the resource is available in.