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Bureau of International Labor Affairs
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ILAB Leadership

Carol Pier, Deputy Undersecretary

Carol Pier
Deputy Undersecretary for International Affairs

Mark Mittelhauser, Associate Deputy Undersecretary

Mark A. Mittelhauser
Associate Deputy Undersecretary for International Affairs

Eric Biel, Acting Associate Deputy Undersecretary

Eric Biel
Associate Deputy Undersecretary for International Affairs

Key Personnel

Amit Pandya, Chief of Staff
Ralph Cox, Administrative Officer
Candice Streeter, Program Analyst
Diane Ward, Executive Assistant

Phone: (202) 693-4770
Fax: (202) 693-4780

Office of Child Labor, Forced Labor, and Human Trafficking

Marcia Eugenio, Director
Kevin Willcutts, Deputy Director
Celeste Lemrow, Division Chief, Monitoring and Evaluation
Charita Castro, Division Chief, Research and Policy
Sharon Heller, Division Chief, Asia/Europe/MENA
Eileen Muirragui, Division Chief, Americas
Tanya Rasa, Division Chief, Africa

Phone: (202) 693-4843
(202) 693-4830

Office of Trade and Labor Affairs

Gregory Schoepfle, Director
Sue Hahn, Deputy Director

Division Chiefs:

Ken Swinnerton, Economic and Labor Research
Anne Zollner, Trade Policy and Negotiations
Paula Albertson, Monitoring and Enforcement of Trade Agreements
Rebecca Buchanan, Technical Assistance & Cooperation

Phone: (202) 693-4802
Fax: (202) 693-4851

Office of International Relations

Robert B. Shepard, Director
Zhao Li, Deputy Director

Joan Barrett, Chief, Multilateral and Global Issues

Phone: (202) 693-4855
Fax: (202) 693-4860

Office of Public Affairs Contact

Egan Reich

Phone: (202) 693-4960