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You have just read some general principles about how to determine hours worked under the FLSA. The Main Menu below lists some topics specifically dealing with hours worked and other topics related to hours worked. Please select a topic and click on Continue to go to that topic. You may return to the Main Menu and select other topics at any time.

Main Menu

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Apprenticeship Programs On-Call Time
Breaks On Duty and Off Duty Time
Civic or Charitable Work Orientation Programs
Daylight Savings Time Physical Examinations
Dispute Resolution Preliminary and Postliminary Time
Drug Testing Recording Hours Worked
Fingerprinting Residing on Employer’s Premises
Holidays, Vacation and Sick Time Show-Up Time
Homeworkers Sleep Time
Lectures Suggestion Programs
Meal Periods Training
Medical Attention Travel Time
Meetings Waiting Time
National Guard/Reserve Duty