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Purpose and Objectives
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Understanding Addiction
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Policy Overview

Every employee should receive a copy of your drug-free workplace policy. Many organizations require each employee to sign a form acknowledging that he/she has received a copy of the policy.

*Instructions for the Trainer:

You should distribute a copy of the organization's drug-free workplace policy to all training participants.

Your drug-free workplace policy, which serves as the foundation for your program, should accomplish two things:

  • Send a clear message that use of alcohol and drugs in the workplace is prohibited, and
  • Encourage employees to voluntarily seek help with alcohol and drug problems.
*Instructions for the Trainer:
Familiarize yourself with each component of the organization’s policy and be prepared to lead a discussion about the questions listed below:

What is the purpose/intent of your program?
Who will be covered by your policy?
When will your policy apply?
What behavior will be prohibited?
Will employees be required to notify you of drug-related convictions?
Will your policy include searches?
Will your program include drug testing?
What will the consequences be if your policy is violated?
Will there be Return-to-Work Agreements?
What type of assistance will be available?
How will employee confidentiality be protected?
Who will be responsible for enforcing your policy?
How will your policy be communicated to employees?