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Employee Benefits Security Administration

2000 Newsroom

In regard to criminal news releases, an indictment is the method by which a person is charged with criminal activity and raises no inference of guilt. As in all criminal cases, each defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

The information in these media releases will be made available in alternate format upon request (large print, Braille, audio tape or disc) from the Central Office for Assistive Services and Technology. Please specify which news release when placing your request. Call 202.693.7828 or TTY 202.693.7775.


  • Labor Department Settles Lawsuit With Franklin, Tenn. Company [12/29/2000]

  • Labor Department Sues Erickson Cosmetic Executives For Self Dealing of Pension Plan Assets and Unpaid Medical Claims [12/29/2000]

  • Agencies Release Year 2000 Form 5500 And Form 5500-EZ [12/29/2000]

  • Final National Medical Support Notice To Cover More American Children [12/27/2000]

  • Home Health Care Found in Civil Contempt of Labor Department Lawsuit, Official Removed and Independent Trustee Named [12/26/2000]

  • Senate Confirms Leslie B. Kramerich To Assistant Secretary Post [12/20/2000]

  • Labor Department Unveils New Health Benefit Tools For Consumers and Small Businesses [12/19/2000]

  • Labor Department Creates New Outreach And Communications Office [12/19/2000]

  • Kentucky Plan Trustee Ordered to Pay More Than $1 Million in Restitution to Esop And Retirement Plan [12/15/2000]

  • Wade & Sons Pension Plan Trustee Sued For Making Improper Loans [12/14/2000]

  • Public Disclosure Office for Labor Department's Pension and Welfare Benefits Administration Moves [12/14/2000]

  • Labor Department Makes Recovery For Iowa Simple Retirement Arrangement [12/13/2000]

  • Labor Department Publishes Year 2000 Form M-1 For Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements [12/12/2000]

  • Lack Of Fidelity Bond Precipitates Labor Department Lawsuit With Snyder Farm Supply And Pension Plan Trustee [12/04/2000]

  • Court Prohibits Md. Companies, Trustees From Depleting Pension Assets [12/04/ 2000]


  • Labor Department Seeks Comments On Retirement Saver Summit For 2001 [11/30/2000]

  • Bethesda, Md Pension Administrator Sued For Failure To Make Pension Plan Contributions [11/29/2000]

  • Labor Department Sues New Castle Engineering For Violating Federal Pension Law [11/24/2000]

  • Labor Department Issues Rules Strengthening Workers' Health Benefit Rights [11/20/2000]

  • Labor Department Obtains Approximately $5.5 Million In Settlement With Time Warner Over Pension And Health Plans [11/17/2000]

  • Pension Officials Sued For Mismanaging Illinois Pension and Welfare Plans [11/14/2000]


  • Labor Department Proposes Rules For Collectively Bargained Welfare Plans [10/26/2000]

  • Advisory Council on Employee Welfare And Pension Plans To Hold Final Meeting of Year Nov. 14 [10/24/2000]

  • Federal Court Names Independent Fiduciary To Manage Detroit Carpenters' Pension Fund's Participant Mortgage Loan Portfolio [10/23/2000]

  • Johnston, Rhode Island, Employer Ordered To Restore Health Plan Premiums Withheld From Employee Paychecks [10/20/2000]

  • Labor Department Finalizes Rule To Improve Security Of Small Pension Plan Assets [10/19/2000]

  • U. S. Labor Department Files Suit Against Warwick, Rhode Island, Company and Officers Alleging Misuse of Employee Profit Sharing Plan Funds [10/18/2000]

  • Labor Department Sues Florida Law Firm And Pension Trustee Over Plan Loans [10/17/2000]

  • Labor Department Sues Former Executives Of Employee Leasing Firm For Misusing Plan Assets [10/17/2000]

  • Agencies Respond to Requests For Extension of Form 5500 Deadline [10/06/2000]

  • Court Orders L.A. High-Tech Trustee to Repay Pension Plan Losses [10/05/2000]

  • Federal District Court Orders Audit Of Three Akron Employee Benefit Association Health Funds [10/02/2000]

  • Labor Department Files Suit Against Wayne Watson, Springville, Utah, Plan Trustee, For Pension Violations [10/02/2000]


  • Labor Department Secures Stipulated Order Appointing Receiver and Freezing Assets of Oregon Investment Manager [09/21/2000]

  • ERISA Advisory Council Working Groups to Discuss Recommendations For Reports to Labor Secretary [09/21/2000]

  • Kansas City Physicians Agree To Restore More Than $280,000 To Pension Plan [09/19/2000]

  • U.S. Department of Labor's Leslie Kramerich Talks About Investment Advice Before Pension Actuaries [09/15/2000]

  • Labor Department Seeks Comments On Disclosure Of Employee Benefit Plan Information [09/14/2000 ]

  • Former Trustees, Service Providers To Pay $750,000 To New York Hotel Trades Council's Dental Fund [09/14/2000]

  • U.S. Department Of Labor Reminds Employee Benefit Plan Sponsors Of October 16 Deadline For Filing 5500 Annual Reports [09/14/2000]

  • Labor Department Obtains Consent Judgments Against Trustees And Managers Of New York Health Plan [09/01/2000]


  • Nashville Federal Court Orders $2.76 Million Restored To Pension Plan Of Century Health Services [08/31/2000]

  • Employee Inquiry Prompts Labor Department Lawsuit Against St. Charles Couple And Company's Simplified Employee Pension Plan [08/28/2000]

  • Labor Department Sues Millwright 1102 Funds' Trustees And Former Third-Party Administrator For ERISA Violations [08/23/2000]

  • ERISA Advisory Council Meeting To Follow Its Working Groups' Final Testimony Gathering On Their Topics [08/23/2000]

  • Federal Court Appoints Trustee To Oversee Abandoned Profit-Sharing Plan [08/21/2000]

  • Ohio Businessman Sued For Misusing Corporate Health Plan [08/21/2000]

  • Dairy Fresh ESOP Administrator And Trustee Are Permanently Removed In Court Action [08/18/2000]

  • Labor Department Recovers Over $400,000 For Delaware Pension Plan Participants [08/18/2000]

  • New Jersey Plan Administrator/ Trustees Sued By Labor Department For Self Dealing Violations; Ineffective Oversight [08/15/2000]

  • Labor And HHS Departments Send Report On Enforcing Child Medical Support Orders To Congress [08/14/2000]

  • Labor Department Settles Its Lawsuit Concerning Losses From Derivative Investments In Connecticut-Based Electricians' Plan [08/04/2000]


  • Labor Department Settles Its Lawsuit With Minnesota Company, Official For Failing To Remit Employee Contributions To 401(K) Plan [07/31/2000]

  • Labor Department Settlement Recovering Over $400,000 For Remarks, Inc Pension Plan [07/26/2000]

  • Labor Department Solicits Nominations For Employee Benefits Advisory Council [07/26/2000]

  • August Working Group Meetings Scheduled For ERISA Advisory Council [07/26/2000]

  • Minnesota Company Assessed Civil Penalties For Failing To File 401(K) Plan Reports [07/24/2000]

  • Labor Department Files A Petition For Civil Contempt And Secures A Court Order Against Myron G. Place [07/18/2000]

  • Secretary of Labor Hosts 5th Anniversary of Retirement Savings Education Campaign [07/18/00]

  • Labor Department Settles Lawsuit With Texas Company Executives For Violating Employee Benefit Rights [07/10/2000]

  • Ohio Businessman Ordered To Restore Nearly $193,000 To 401(K) Plan [07/06/2000]


  • Maryland Firm Is Sued By Labor Department To Recover 401(k) Plan assets [06/29/2000]

  • Labor Department Sues Maryland Trustee To Disallow Plan Debt From Bankruptcy Proceeding [06/29/2000]

  • Labor Department Sues Dallas Employer And Plan Official For Violating Employee Rights Under Federal Pension Law [06/28/2000]

  • Labor Department Answers Additional Questions About Form M-1 For Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements [06/22/2000]

  • Calif. Health Plan Officials Ordered To Pay $1.4 Million [06/21/2000]

  • Labor Department Settles its Lawsuit With Michigan Profit Sharing Plan Officials [06/21/2000]

  • Labor Department Obtains Final Settlement With Fla. Resort Pension Fund Officials [06/21/2000]

  • July Meeting Scheduled For ERISA Advisory Council Working Groups [06/15/2000]

  • Washington, D.C. Mental Health Center To Make Contributions To Pension Plan [06/14/2000]

  • Chicago Corporation Ordered To Pay More Than $17,000 Into Trust Account For Plan Participants [06/09/2000]

  • Labor Department Seeks To Recoup Simple IRA Plan Losses From Officer Of Des Moines Recycling Company [06/07/2000]

  • Wachovia National Bank and Former Medical Executive To Restore $42 Million to Pension Plan [06/06/2000]

  • Labor Department Issues Final Rule on Two New Funds for Federal Thrift Savings Plan [06/05/2000]


  • Labor Department Sues Ill. Company Over Abandonment Of Profit sharing Plan [05/30/2000]

  • Labor Department Recoups $166,666 For Teamsters 348 Health Plan In Akron, Ohio [05/22/2000]

  • ERISA Advisory Council's Working Groups to Meet June 1 And 2 [05/16/2000]

  • Labor Department Releases The EFAST-1 Application for Electronic Filing of Form 5500 Series [05/15/2000]

  • Stamford, Connecticut-Based Employer And Pension Plan Fiduciaries Sued By U.S. Labor Department To Restore Plan Assets [05/09/2000]


  • Illinois Corporation Ordered to Pay Labor Department $53,062 for Breach of Contract [04/25/2000]

  • Houston Plan Administrators Barred From Serving ERISA Plans [04/20/2000]

  • Labor Department Publishes New Questions And Answers On Form M-1 For Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements [04/20/2000]

  • Labor Department Sues Fridley, Minn., Company Official For Failing To Remit Employee Contributions To 401(k) Plan [04/19/2000]

  • Labor Department Adopts Amendments to Annual Reporting Requirements [04/18/2000]

  • Alabama Executive To Restore Money to 401(K) Plan Participants [04/14/2000]

  • May Orginizational Meetings Scheduled For New ERISA Advisory Council Working Groups [04/13/2000]

  • Labor Department Recovers Retirement Benefits For Participants of Milwaukee 401(k) Plan [04/06/2000]

  • Labor Department Files Lawsuit Against Manassas, VA., Trustees for Failure to Remit 401(k) Employee Contributions [04/06/2000]

  • Pension Agency Announces New Enforcement Strategy [04/06/2000]

  • Labor Department Announces Final Exemption On Interest Free Loans And Credit For Plan Y2K Problems [04/04/2000]


  • U.S. Labor Dept. Reaches Settlement With Avacon Corporation, Trustees For Pension Violations [03/29/00]

  • Former Officers of Bankrupt Chantilly, Va. Engineering Firm Sued over Misuse of Pension Assets [03/29/2000]

  • Texas Businessman Sued Over Diversion Of Pension Assets [03/28/2000]

  • Labor Department Co-hosts Sixth Annual Employee Benefit Outreach Program [03/28/2000]

  • Labor Department Co-hosts Employee Benefit Workshops with Six State Societies [03/28/2000]

  • Labor Department Settles Lawsuit With Nashville Employer Over Failure To Put Employee Contributions Into 401(K) Plan [03/27/2000]

  • Pensacola Doctors Ordered To Repay Profit Sharing Plan Of Practice [03/27/2000]

  • Information on Health Benefits Available in Spanish [03/27/2000]

  • Plan Officials Of KY.-Based Radac Pension Sued For Undervalued Plan Stock [03/24/2000]

  • Labor Department To Recoup 401(K) Plan Losses From Former Louis Allis Company President [03/23/2000]

  • Agencies Grant Transition-Year Extension Of Deadline For Filing 1999 Form 5500 Series Returns/Reports By Employee Benefit Plans [03/22/2000]

  • New Hampshire Pension Plan Official Ordered to Forfeit Own Pension Assets to Restore Funds to Other Plan Participants' Accounts [03/22/2000]

  • Labor Department Sues Central Valley Teamsters Health Plan Officials - Seeks Payment Of $3.6 Million In Unpaid Health Claims [03/20/2000]

  • Leadership Named Of The ERISA Advisory Council [03/20/2000]

  • Franklin Park, Ill., Plan Administrator Ordered to Restore $7,000 to Employee Benefit Plan [03/15/2000]

  • Fairfield, Connecticut, Company And Officers Charged In Federal Labor Department Lawsuit With Misuse Of Employee Pension Plan Funds [03/14/2000]

  • Pension Agency Announces Voluntary Correction Program For Employee Benefit Plans [03/14/2000]

  • Labor Department Publishes Application Form For Electronic Filers, Electronic Transmitters And Software Developers [03/09/2000]

  • Labor Dept. Reaches Settlement With Michael Howe For Pension Violations [03/07/2000]

  • Labor Department Seeks to Recoup Profit Sharing Plan Losses From First Capital Mortgage Corporation Officer [03/07/2000]

  • New Members Named To The ERISA Advisory Council [03/06/2000]

  • Minneapolis-based Firms to Make Restitution To Retirement Savings Plan [03/03/2000]


  • Monroe, N.C. Officials Sued For Misuse Of Pension And Health Benefit Assets [02/29/2000 ]

  • Albany, New York, Business Woman Sentenced to Serve 63 Months in Federal Prison for Bank Fraud and Embezzlement [02/29/2000]

  • Avon, Connecticut, Employer Repays Loan Interest to Employee Pension Plan Following U.S. Labor Department Investigation; Agrees to Court Order Prohibiting Future Violations of Federal Pension Law [02/24/2000]

  • Department of Labor And Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Launch New Savings Fitness Tool For Consumers [02/14/2000]

  • Labor Department Releases New Form M-1 For Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements [02/11/2000]

  • Former Ohio Executive Sentenced For Embezzling 401(k) Assets [02/04/2000]

  • Labor Department Announces Final New Computer Scannable Form 5500 [02/03/2000]


  • Webster, Texas Businessman Indicted For Misappropriating Health Care Premiums [01/31/2000]

  • Labor Department Obtains Final Judgment Over Misuse of Houston-based Pension Plan Assets [01/31/2000]

  • Canadian Businessman Sentenced to Jail for Embezzling From Massena, New York Nursing Home Retirement Fund [01/27/2000]

  • Georgian Art Lighting Design Chair to Repay 401(k) Plan and to Settle with Health Plan Service Providers and Participant [01/20/2000]

  • Labor Department Posts ERISA Advisory Committee Reports On its Website [1/14/2000]

  • Labor Department Sues Texas Company Executives For Violating Employee Benefit Rights [1/14/2000]

  • Labor Department Sues Franklin Park, Ill., Plan Administrator for Using Fund Money to Pay Personal Salaries [1/13/2000]

  • Labor Dept. Files Suit Against Woodland Hills Man for Federal Pension Violations[1/11/2000]

  • Atlanta Trustee to Repay More then $175,000 to Employee Stock Plan [1/11/2000]

  • Labor Department Sues Detroit and Vicinity Carpenters' Pension Fund for Prohibited Mortgage Loans [01/05/2000]

  • Labor Department Final Rule to Protect Plan Investments in Insurance Products [01/05/2000]

  • Former and Current Officials of Reston, VA Pension Plan Sued by Labor Department for Failing to Forward Contributions [01/04/2000]

  • Labor Department Files Suit Against Beverly Hills Doctor for Pension Violations [01/04/2000]