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Employee Benefits Security Administration
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1999 Newsroom Archive

Archived News Release — Caution: Information may be out of date.

The information in these news releases will be made available in alternate format upon request (large print, Braille, audio tape or disc). Please specify which news release when placing your request. Call 202-693-7828 (TTY 202-693-7755).


  • Leslie B. Kramerich Assumes Pension Post as Acting Assistant Secretary of Labor [12/21/1999]
  • Canoga Park Businessman Sentenced to Prison for Embezzling from Employee Pension Fund [12/20/1999]
  • Department of Labor Wins More Than $63 Thousand Judgment Against Memphis Company and President for Failure to Remit Plan Money [12/16/1999]
  • Labor Department Proposes Exemption for Plans Engaging in Securities Cross-Trades [12/14/1999]
  • Labor Department Settles Lawsuit Against Florida Trustee for Self Dealing in Violation of Federal Pension Law [12/14/1999]
  • Daniel Maguire Appointed to Head New Health Benefit Office [12/07/1999]
  • Labor Department Settlement Restores More than $20 Thousand to Illinois Plan Participants [12/01/1999]
  • Labor Department Proposes Rules to Improve Security of Small Pension Plan Assets [12/01/1999]


  • Labor Department Proposes Interest Free Loans and Credit for Plan Y2K Problems [ 11/29/1999]
  • Alabama Company to Pay $9,000 to its 401(K) Plan Participants [11/23/1999]
  • Delaware Pension Plan Trustees Sued for Making Over $450,000 in Improper Plan Loans [11/23/1999]
  • Ohio Man Pleads Guilty to Pension Embezzlement [11/18/1999]
  • Labor Department Sues Florida Company Official For Failing to Forward Employee Contributions to 401(k) Plan [11/15/1999]
  • Proposed National Medical Support Notice To Cover More American Children [11/15/1999]
  • Labor Department, IRS Extend Filing Time for Annual Reports Due to Hurricanes Floyd and Irene [11/09/1999]
  • Seafarers Union in Puerto Rico Sued for Retaining Welfare Contributions [11/02/1999]
  • Advisory Committee on Negotiated Rulemaking to Hold Public Meetings [11/01/1999]


  • Labor Department Sues Albuquerque Officials For Violations Affecting Employee Stock Ownership Plan [10/29/1999]
  • Albuquerque Company Ordered to Repay Its 401(k) Plan [10/28/1999]
  • Minnesota Trustees Ordered to Correct ERISA Plan Violations Under Consent Order and Judgment [10/27/1999]
  • Labor Department Obtains court Order Restoring Employee Contributions to Wisconsin Pension Plan [10/26/1999]
  • Labor Dept. Reaches Settlement with L.A. Law Firm, Partners for Pension Violations [10/04/1999]
  • Defunct Georgia Lighting Company and Owner Sued for Abusing 401(K) and Health Assets [10/04/1999]


  • Erisa Advisory Council's Working Groups to Meet on 1999 Study Issues [09/22/1999]
  • Advisory Committee on Negotiated Rulemaking to Hold Public Meetings [09/21/1999]
  • New York Pension Fund Trustees Agree to Reimburse Plans [09/16/1999]
  • Waterport, New York, Man Pleads Guilty to Federal Criminal Charges Regarding the Misuse of Employee Pension Funds [09/15/1999]
  • New York Bank Sued by U.S. Department of Labor to Recover Losses to Employee Stock Ownership Plan For Which Bank Was Trustee [09/09/1999]
  • Labor Department Reaches Settlement With Grigsby Brothers Paper Box Manufacturers, Portland, in Pension Case [09/08/1999]
  • Computer Firm Wins Competition to Process Annual Report Filings [09/07/1999]


  • Labor Department Sues to Recover Money For New Jersey Academy Pension Plan [08/27/1999]
  • Ohio Firm and 401(K) Trustees Ordered to Restore Plan Assets [08/25/1999]
  • Rhode Island Labor Union and Employee Benefit Plan's Board of Trustees Agree to Restore Nearly $250,000 to the Plan as the Result of U.S. Labor Department Lawsuit [08/24/1999]
  • Labor Department Sues Nashville Employer Over Failure to Put Employee Contributions Into 401(K) Plan [08/16/1999]
  • Labor Department Sues Bloomfield Hills Company for Failing to Forward Contributions to Plan [08/13/1999]
  • Regional Director Named to Head Federal Pension Agency in San Francisco [08/10/1999]
  • Labor Department Proposes Two Rules to Implement Summary Plan Description Requirements in Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 [08/05/1999]
  • Labor Department Solicits Nominations for Employee Benefits Advisory Council [08/02/1999]


  • Canadian Convicted of Embezzling Retirement Funds from Massena, New York, Nursing Home [07/30/1999]
  • Baton Rouge Home Health Company Officials Indicted for Pension Plan Fraud [07/23/1999]
  • Advisory Committee on Negotiated Rulemaking to Hold Public Meetings [07/20/1999]
  • Labor Secretary Herman Announces New Disclosure Information on 401(k) Fees [07/15/1999]
  • U.S. Labor Department Settles Lawsuit with Providence, RI, Home Care Agency Sued Over Employee Firing; Worker Had Complained of Unauthorized Health Insurance Deductions [07/14/1999]
  • President of Bourne, Mass,. Home Health Care Firms Sentenced in Criminal Wage & Paycheck Deduction Case [07/14/1999]
  • Michigan Company and Officials Ordered to Restore More Than $200,000 to 401(K) Plan to Correct Plan Abuses [07/12/1999]
  • Labor Department Sues Alabama Corporation and Plan Trustee For Failure to Timely Remit Employee's Money [07/09/1999]
  • Labor Dept. Files Suit Against L.A. Computer Memory Companies, Individuals for Pension Violations [07/09/1999]
  • Executives of ASA Freight, Milwaukee, Ordered to Make Restitution to Health Plan Participants [07/07/1999]
  • Labor Department Settles Its Lawsuit with Brewster Dairy [07/01/1999]


  • Labor Dept. Files Suit Against L.A. Corporation, President for Pension Violations [06/30/1999]
  • Labor Department Sues Gurnee, ILL., Company Officials For Depleting Two Pension Plans [06/29/1999]
  • Ohio Bank and Former Executive Settle Lawsuit Involving Misuse of ESOP Assets [06/28/1999]
  • Labor Department Solicits Comments on Computer Scannable Versions of the New Form 5500 [06/25/1999]
  • Erisa Advisory Council's Working Groups to Continue Gathering Information on 1999 Study Issues [06/25/1999]
  • Labor Department Settlement Requires Columbia Firm to Repay Pension Plan More Than $1 Million and Diversify Investments [06/22/1999]
  • Labor Department Testifies on Initiatives Encouraging Employers to Offer Retirement Savings [06/17/1999]
  • Labor Department Obtains Order Freezing Assets of Third-Party Administrator [06/11/1999]
  • Tacoma Pension Plan Officials Agree to Restore Losses in Court Settlement with U.S. Labor Dept. [06/10/1999]
  • White House Announces Labor Department Outreach To Inform Consumers about Mental Health Benefits [06/07/1999]
  • Community Care Systems, Inc of Wellesley, Mass., & Owner Agree to the Restoration of Nearly $140,000 in Employee Pension Funds [06/07/1999]
  • Labor Department Sues Food Product Operators for Failing to Pay Health Plan Claim [06/03/1999]
  • Labor Department Seeks Public Comments on Women's Health and Cancer Rights Act [06/01/1999]


  • Labor Department Settles Lawsuit Against Harris County 401(K) Plan for Violating Federal Pension Law [05/26/1999]
  • Nationsbank and Investment Advisor Restore Assets to Polaroid Retirement Plan [05/18/1999]
  • Labor Department Obtains Judgment Barring Fort Wayne Trustee from Plan Management [05/18/1999]
  • Labor Department Obtains Judgments Against Trustees in Lawsuit Over Pension Fund Misuse [05/18/1999]
  • Erisa Advisory Council's Working Groups to Take Testimony on 1999 Study Issues [05/17/1999]
  • Long Island Plan Trustees Plead Guilty to Pension Law Violations [05/12/1999]
  • Labor Department Gets Partial Settlement with Florida Resort Pension Fund Officials [05/12/1999]
  • Executive of Decatur, ILL. Firm to Guarantee Restitution to 401(k) Plan [05/11/1999]
  • Labor Department Seeks to Recoup 401(K) Plan Losses From Former Louis Allis Company President [05/11/1999]
  • Labor Department Sues Trustees of Electrical Workers Pension Fund [05/05/1999]
  • Labor Department Sues Harris County 401(K) Plan Official for Failure to Forward Employee Contributions to Plan [05/03/1999]


  • Massachusetts Pension Officials Agree to Restore Misused Employee Pension Plan Assets to Settle U.S. Labor Department Lawsuits [04/27/1999]
  • Labor Department Sues Minneapolis Company, Retirement Plan Official for Violating Federal Pension Law [04/26/1999]
  • Labor Department Sues Pennsylvania Plan Officials for Failing to Remit Employee Contributions to 401(k) Plan [04/26/1999]
  • U.S. Labor Department Reaches Settlement with Health Care Delivery Services, Inc. and its Directors; Over $208,000 Already Restored to Cover Pension Plan Losses [04/23/1999]
  • Labor Department Sues Ohio Executive Over Misuse of 401(K) Contributions [04/23/1999]
  • ERISA Advisory Council's Working Groups to Take Testimony on 1999 Study Issues [04/16/1999]
  • Advisory Committee on Negotiated Rulemaking to Hold Public Meetings [04/08/1999]
  • Court Appoints Independent Trustee to Operate Florida 401(K) Plan [04/07/1999]
  • Dallas Businessman sentenced for Misappropriating Pension Assets [04/01/1999]


  • Trustees of Howard Beach, New York Teamsters Union Pension and Benefit Plans and Employer Settle Labor Department Lawsuit Over Improper Payment of Expenses [03/31/1999]
  • Owners of Houston Company Sued Over Misuse of Profit Sharing Plan Assets [03/29/1999]
  • Labor Department Reaches Court Settlement With GMP Associates, President in Pension Case [03/15/1999]
  • Labor Department Sues Sutersville Lumber Company Pension Plan Officials and Investment Manager [03/15/1999]
  • Labor Department Settles Lawsuit with Ohio Corporation and Plan Trustees [03/05/1999]
  • HHS Secretary Shalala and DOL Secretary Herman Announce Medical Child Support Working Group to Improve Health Insurance Coverage of Children [03/03/1999]
  • Iowa Insurance Company to Refund More Than $6 Million [03/02/1999]


  • Pension Agency Hosts National Customer Service Day [02/17/1999]
  • Labor Secretary Names Chairs for ERISA Advisory Council [02/08/1999]
  • Kentucky Couple Indicted for Embezzling Pension Assests [02/02/1999]
  • Labor Department Settles Lawsuit with Former Trustees of Maryland 401(K) Plan [02/01/1999]


  • Labor Department Fills Pension Post of Deputy Assistant Secretary [01/28/1999]
  • Labor Department Proposes Rule on Electronic Communications and Recordkeeping by Employee Benefit Plans [01/28/1999]
  • Former Fresno Pension Administrator Pleads Guilty to Embezzlement [01/28/1999]
  • Memphis Pension Plan Officials Sued by Labor Department [01/25/1999]
  • Five Benefits Professionals Named to ERISA Advisory Council [01/25/1999]
  • Missouri Welfare Plan Employee Indicted for Embezzling Fund Assets [01/19/1999]
  • Public Hearing Set on Proposed Claims Procedures [01/04/1999]

Archived News Release — Caution: Information may be out of date.