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Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez
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Labor Rights Week

OSHA Labor Rights Week 2013 Outreach Activities

Region I — Connecticut | Massachusetts | Maine | New Hampshire | Rhode Island | Vermont

  • During Labor Rights Week, OSHA's Providence Area Office participated in a collaborative effort between the Boston-based Consulate of Mexico and Providence-based Consulate of Guatemala.  Each day the Guatemalan Consulate offered publications on labor rights for people visiting the New England consulate office. For this activity, OSHA offered Spanish language publications on safety and labor rights.  The two consulates also sponsored evening events throughout Rhode Island for the Guatemalan Consulate, Progreso Latino and Fuerza Laboral, with OSHA staffed making publications available at information booths. 
  • In an event associated with Labor Rights Week but taking place later in September, the Providence Area Office will be providing the Guatemalan Consulate and a community group staff with an educational session on workplace safety rights and complaint processing.  The USDOL Employment Standards Administration and Wage and Hour Division will also be participating.
  • Aug. 27: The 2013 DOL Informational and Outreach Labor Forum in Boston, at Bunker Hill Community College, featured six DOL participating agencies:  EBSA, ETA, OFCCP, OSHA, WB and WHD.  OSHA conducted six workshops and presented an introduction, including an agency overview, the OSHA inspection process, recordkeeping rules, how to develop and implement an effective safety and health program, and OSHA's fall protection campaign.
  • Aug. 31: OSHA staff in Bridgeport, Conn., participates in a labor rights event with the Consulate General of Mexico in New York in collaboration with Connecticut Students for a Dream, the Latino Advocacy Foundation of Fairfield County, Connecticut Legal Services and Federacion Guadalupana.
  • The Providence Area office staffed safety and health booths at various locations in the greater Providence area for Labor Rights Week:
  • Aug. 26, Progreso Latino, Central Falls, R.I.
  • Aug. 27, Consulate of Guatemala, Providence, R.I.
  • Aug. 28, Fuerza Laboral, Central Falls, R.I.
  • Aug. 29, Progreso Latino, Central Falls, R.I.
  • Aug. 27: OSHA's Andover Compliance Assistance Specialist participated in Labor Rights Week activity sponsored by the Mexican consulate at the Chelsea Collaborative.

Region II — New Jersey | New York | Puerto Rico| Virgin Islands

OSHA staff conducted presentations on worker rights and distributed OSHA information and literature:

  • In New York City, at the Mexican, Columbian, Brazilian, Salvadoran, Guatemalan, Honduran, Chilean, Philippine and Dominican Republic Consulates
  • At the Consulate of El Salvador in Long Island, N.Y.
  • At the Consulate of El Salvador in Elizabeth, N.J.
  • At the Centro Del Immigante in Staten Island, N.Y.
  • In Marion, N.Y. (co-sponsored with Consulate on Wheels/Mexican Consulate/Alianza Nacional de Campesinos)
  • In New Brunswick, N.J. (co-sponsored with Consulate on Wheels/Mexican Consulate/Lazos Unidos de America)

Region III — District of Columbia | Delaware | Maryland | Pennsylvania | Virginia | West Virginia

  • The Philippine Embassy commemorated Labor Rights Week a few days early on Aug. 16, hosting a forum in partnership with various United States government agencies (OSHA, WHD, EEOC and the NLRB) attended by youth and students from the Philippines and participants from embassies of Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand. 
  • OSHA's Philadelphia Regional Office participated in Labor Rights Week with the Consulate of Mexico of Philadelphia to offer outreach presentations on: All About OSHA, workers' rights and worksite safety with special attention to Fall Prevention and Heat Illness Campaigns.  Attendance: approximately 250 workers.
  • Aug. 26, OSHA participated in the Safety Conference on Workplace Safety to present workers with information on workplace rights and how to make a complaint.  Issues of temporary workers were covered as well.
  • Sept. 3, OSHA will participate in the Health Fair on Workplace Labor Rights.  OSHA will present workers with information and literature on: All about OSHA and how to make a complaint. Fall prevention and temporary workers issues will be covered as well.
  • OSHA's Baltimore Area Office participated in Labor Rights Week with the National Embassy of Mexico, Consular Section, Aug. 26 and 28.  The Area Office presented information on "All about OSHA" and staffed a table during the week to distribute publications to the vulnerable workforce.

Region IV — Alabama | Florida | Georgia | Kentucky | Mississippi | North Carolina | South Carolina | Tennessee

  • OSHA's Atlanta regional office will sign an alliance with the Mexican Consulate of Atlanta on Aug. 30. The Atlanta West office is also conducting outreach to Mexican workers and the consulate from Aug. 26 — Sept. 2.
  • OSHA's Fort Lauderdale area office participating in several events sponsored by the Mexican Consulate Aug. 26-30, alongside other Department of Labor agencies including Wage & Hour, National Labor Relations Board, and EECO. Activities include:
    • Aug. 26: Workshop on labor rights with community leaders, representatives from other Hispanic consuls and journalists at the Mexican Consulate in Miami.
    • Aug. 27: Labor rights workshop for the Farmworker Coordinating Council of Palm Beach County in Lake Worth, Fla.
    • Aug. 28: Labor rights workshop in Homestead. We Count! in Homestead, Fla.
    • Aug. 29: Labor rights workshop at Southwind Village Community Center in Naples, Fla.
    • Aug. 30: Short talks on Labor Rights at the Mexican Consulate in Miami.
  • In Laurel, Miss., OSHA's Jackson area office conducting outreach to the Coalition of Poultry Workers Aug. 26 — Sept. 2. Outreach topics include explanations of OSHA rights for the predominately Hispanic workforce (approximately 300 workers).
  • The Tampa area office visited St. Cloud high school for construction arts to do outreach and education for students (predominately Spanish-speaking).
  • Aug. 29: OSHA signed a partnership with the Brasfield & Gorrie Florida Hospital and the Women's Hospital Project Partnership.
  • The North Carolina OSHA State Plan Program signed an alliance agreement with the General Consulate of Mexico on Aug. 27 to develop safety and health training for Mexican workers.

Region V — Illinois | Indiana | Michigan | Minnesota | Ohio | Wisconsin

  • On Aug. 27, OSHA, MIOSHA and Consulate of Mexico signed workers' protection alliance in Detroit. The alliance establishes a collaborative relationship to provide Mexican nationals in Michigan and northern Ohio with guidance and training resources on workers' rights, understanding U.S. domestic law and OSHA standards. Alliance partners, including OSHA's area offices in Michigan and northern Ohio, will also develop ways of communicating various workplace safety and health topics to Mexican nationals and local employers.
  • OSHA and Consulate of Mexico signed workers' protection Alliance Aug. 26 in Chicago
  • OSHA, Indiana DOL and Consulate of Mexico signed workers' protection Alliance Aug. 28 in Indianapolis

Region VI — Arkansas | Louisiana | New Mexico | Oklahoma | Texas

  • On Aug. 26, using posters placed on and in Dallas Area Rapid Transit buses that proclaim “Stop falls in construction,” the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration announced its fall prevention awareness campaign, aimed at providing employers and workers with life-saving information and educational materials about working safely from heights. The DART bus campaign is intended to raise awareness among employers and workers about common fall hazards in the construction industry, such as falls from ladders, scaffolds and roofs, and how prevention can save lives.
  • In New Orleans, OSHA and the Consulate General of Mexico signed an alliance to help save lives, prevent injuries and raise awareness within the Spanish-speaking community in Louisiana.
  • OSHA's Oklahoma City and Little Rock offices signed Alliances with the Mexican Consulate and Northwest Arkansas Worker Justice Center.
  • Dallas Area OSHA Compliance Assistance Specialist Elias Vela provided information in Spanish to a lobby of waiting Mexican citizens at the Consulado de Mexico in Dallas. Mr. Vela ended his presentations at the lobby of the Consulate by answering audience questions about the responsibility of employers to provide workplaces free from recognized hazards that are likely to cause workers injuries and illnesses.
  • OSHA's Austin office signed an alliance with the Consulate of Mexico. The alliance with the Mexican consulate will provide workers with safety training and other outreach in a native language to keep Spanish speaking workers safe in the workplace.
  • OSHA's San Antonio office signed an alliance with the Consulate of Mexico.
  • OSHA's Dallas office signed alliances with the Consulate General of El Salvador, Jose Mario Mejia Barrera and the Consulate General of Mexico Jose Octavio Tripp Villanueva.
  • Aug. 27 in the Dallas Area Office, CAS Elias Vela was a guest on the Spanish radio station 1440 AM.
  • An alliance between the El Paso Area Office and the Mexican Consulate in El Paso was signed Aug. 29.
  • At the Houston North area office, OSHA staff participated in a Community Open House on Aug. 28, with bilingual presentations by WHD, EEOC, and OSHA. OSHA covered worker rights and had information available at a booth on hurricane safety, workplace, safety, and worker rights. On Aug. 30 at the Chinese Community Center, OSHA Compliance Assistance Specialists will give a presentation in English, Vietnamese, and Chinese on OSHA and Worker Rights.  
  • During Labor Rights week the consul generals of Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama and Peru, along with nine government and community action groups, signed an agreement to work together to provide better working conditions for immigrant workers. This agreement began in Houston and has since spread throughout the country.
  •  On Aug. 26 in Little Rock, Ark., labor organizations met to kick start the 2013 Labor Rights Week.  Representatives from Department of Labor, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and the Occupational Health and Safety Administration met with community organizations to renew an alliance agreement, which strengthens collaboration between labor government agencies and Spanish speaking community advocates. Among participants renewing the agreement were the Little Rock Mexican Consul and the Northwest Arkansas Workers' Justice Center. The agreement establishes a collaboration between these entities to provide the Hispanic community with information, guidance and access to resources on preventing discrimination in the workplace regardless of immigration status.
  • Mexican Consulate in El Paso signed an alliance Aug. 29 at the Consulado General de Mexico in El Paso, Texas.

Region VII — Iowa | Kansas | Missouri | Nebraska

  • OSHA's Omaha and Kansas City Area Offices participated in Labor Rights Week activities at the Mexican consulates in Omaha, Neb., and Kansas City, Mo. OSHA has alliances with the consulates at both locations. Presentations were made on the mission and services of OSHA, information provided, questions answered, and Spanish-language literature distributed.
  • The Kansas City Area Office participated in a Hispanic radio station talk show, "La Mas Grande" — KQMO 97.7 FM, Aug. 29. Topics included employee rights and discrimination, temporary workers, and OSHA's falls and heat illness campaigns.
  • The Des Moines Area Office conducted outreach to postal unions during Labor Rights Week.

Region VIII — Colorado | Montana | North Dakota | South Dakota | Utah | Wyoming

  • OSHA's Denver Area Office and the Englewood Area Office participated in several events sponsored by the Mexican Consulate during Labor Rights Week:
  • Aug. 26 — Participated in a kickoff ceremony and ribbon cutting with representatives from numerous DOL agencies, EEOC, community organizations and Guatemalan consulate. Participated in EEOC's national conference in Denver with an emphasis on labor rights and assisting vulnerable communities in understanding available protections.  Area Office staff served at an information booth at the Mexican consulate all week, providing information and answering questions and concerns from Mexican nationals.
  • Aug. 27 — Participated in a question and answer radio show with the Mexican Consulate to broadly convey worker rights information.
  • Aug. 30 — Participate in consulate event in Eagle, Colo.  Explain OSHA's purpose, describe worker rights and hand out information. 

Region IX — Arizona | California | Guam | Hawaii | Nevada

  • In recognition of Labor Rights Week, Region IX OSHA staff set up a table, distributed literature, and answered questions at the Consulate of Mexico this morning. Literature included OSHA fact sheets on various workplace hazards, stickers, magnets, and posters.  The OSHA Regional Administrator for Region IX delivered a motivational speech highlighting OSHA's mission, which was supported with facts and statistics, during the opening ceremony. Before the opening ceremony, with translation assistance by wage/hour representatives, a brief overview of OSHA was presented during a workshop which covered employee rights and employer responsibilities.
  • OSHA's Deputy Regional Administrator Barbara Goto provided opening remarks at the Labor Rights Week Event at the Mexican Consulate in Los Angeles Aug. 26. Opening remarks focused on fair wages, safe workplaces and protecting the rights of all workers through OSHA's partnerships with the state, consulates, and various community, faith-based and labor organizations. Also provided opening remarks were Kimchi Bui, District Director from DOL's Wage and Hour Division, and Patricia Kane, Enforcement Manager from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
  • On Aug. 26, OSHA's Las Vegas office signed an alliance with the Consulate of Mexico in Las Vegas to protect the rights of Mexican workers through training, outreach and education.
  • On Aug. 26, Region IX OSHA staff set up a table, distributed literature, and answered questions at the Guatemalan consulate. Consular staff announced that OSHA staff was available to answer questions and safety and health and whistleblower rights. Representatives from Immigration were also present, and answered questions through a translator, on becoming a permanent resident/citizen. The consular staff announced that OSHA protections apply to all workers, regardless of immigration status.
  • In San Francisco, OSHA staff visited the Honduran and Nicaraguan consulates on Aug. 27 and distributed OSHA literature in Spanish. Consulate staff assisted in translating, including informing their constituents that OSHA protections apply regardless of immigration status.
  • Region IX staff also collaborated with the Las Positas/Chabot OSHA Training Center to provide a Focus Four Construction training program at the Concord, California Chavez Day Laborers' Center on Aug. 26.  The Chavez Center coordinators were pleased to have this important safety and health training provided directly to these hard-to-reach and vulnerable workers. 
  • On Aug. 22, Jose Benavides was interviewed by the Spanish Radio Program "Voces Hispanas" which was transmitted by the Spanish Language Radio Station "La Poderosa 860 AM" out of San Diego, Calif. The interview included information on OSHA's Mission, worker rights, types of injuries suffered by Latino workers, and how to contact OSHA for assistance. Mr. Benavides also represented OSHA at the LWR inauguration ceremonies on Aug. 23, where he provided a presentation on Worker Rights, Heat Stress, and Fall Prevention.  He also hosted an OSHA information/materials table at the event.

Region X — Alaska | Idaho | Oregon | Washington

  • OSHA's Boise office formed an alliance with the Consulate General of Mexico in Idaho. OSHA and the consulate will provide workers with guidance and access to education and training resources in Spanish about their rights in the workplace and the responsibilities of employers under the Occupational Safety and Health Act, including the OSHA complaint process.
  • OSHA's Seattle office formed an alliance in with Consulate General of Mexico to promote workplace safety and health standards among Mexican nationals and other Spanish-speaking workers living in Washington.
  • OSHA's Seattle office also formed an alliance with the Consulate General of El Salvador to promote workplace safety and health standards among Salvadoran nationals and other Spanish-speaking workers living in Washington.
  • OSHA's Boise Office staff set up a table, distributed literature, and answered questions at the Mexican consulate Aug. 26-28.
  • The OSHA Acting Regional Administrator for Region X delivered a speech during the opening ceremonies Aug. 26 in Woodburn, Ore.  The ceremony kicked off a series of labor rights events scheduled each day in different cities in Oregon. OSHA's Portland Office staff set up a table, distributed literature and answered questions at each of these events.