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Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez
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Good Jobs, Safe Jobs, Green Jobs - Earth Day 2010 Chat - Static Page

This chat was held on Thursday, April 22 at 1:30 p.m. EDT for Earth Day 2010.

1:22 Moderator: Welcome! Our chat will begin at 1:30, but you can send in your questions at any time. Your questions or comments won't show in the main window until they are answered.

1:33 Secretary Solis: At the U.S. Department of Labor, we are committed to turning green jobs into golden opportunities. And we are working to prepare employees for the green industries of today and the future—all while ensuring worker safety and protecting our planet.

On this, the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, I wanted to take a moment to chat with people across the nation—especially our youth and Job Corps program participants—about green job opportunities. I want to know what your ideas are about jobs that are both green and safe. How do you feel YOU will fit into the green economy of the 21st century? And, of course, I am happy to take your questions about what DOL is doing to ensure the jobs that await you when you enter the workforce are good, green, safe jobs.

Today I participated in the Job Corps' Earth Day, Every Day Campaign. I had the pleasure of meeting Job Corps students from across the country that have given special priority to green and sustainable projects. I presented an award to the Muhlenberg Job Corps Center in Kentucky for their outstanding commitment to environmentally clean solutions.

I know many of you logging on today are in our Job Corps programs. So, I will add that I am very proud of all you are already doing to promote sustainability and green training in many of the 123 Job Corps campuses nationwide.

Last, but not least, a special “thank you” to those of you who have logged on today to share your thoughts, experiences and questions. Let’s get started!

1:37 Comment From m: yeeeee its earth day

1:38 Comment From Guest: We just want to thank you for being such a great supporter of the Job Corps program!

1:38 Comment From hyphEEEE: HEY EARTHDAY!!!!!!!

1:40 Comment From DeAnthony: Hello. My name is DeAnthony, and I am a TCU Advanced Training Student at the Potomac Job Corps Center. I plan to go into an administrative position within a government agency. I believe that my Office Administration certificate along with my Microsoft PowerPoint and Word certifications will assist me in this goal along with the training from my TCU advanced training courses. We are currently learning about going green in the office and it is my understanding that this could be a range of things, such as recycling office supplies or machinery, using less energy, or purchasing post consumer products. What ways of going green can you implement in an office setting that we could apply here at the Potomac?

1:40 Secretary Solis: Hi DeAnthony,

Congratulations on all your existing efforts, I am excited to hear about your interest in transforming your setting into a clean and green environment. One other suggestion is for you to encourage your center director to look into purchasing environmentally friendly utensils such as plates and cups that are biodegradable that can be recycled and not end up in our landfills.

1:40 Secretary Solis: Many new industries are coming into Calif. as a result of AB 32. And, the state is leading the nation in many sectors of environmentally friendly industries. For instance, I recently visited East LA community college, where they have installed solar panels in their parking lots and are using solar energy to power their building. Through our WIA programs, we are encouraging more wise investments of this sort, and we are training technicians to do the work.

1:41 Comment From Faith Brown: Should you burn pressure treated wood?

1:41 Secretary Solis: Thanks, Faith. Good question. The answer is no. Both the smoke generated from burning pressure-treated wood as well as the ash can contain hazardous substances.

1:42 Comment From Garion Tennon: What is Job Corps doing to offer training in areas related to wind and solar energy?

1:42 Secretary Solis: Job Corp is implementing smart grid training on several campuses. This will enable students to gain experience in both wind and solar, and give them the experience they need to join the 21st century green workforce. These are jobs that usually pay up to 20% more.

1:45 Comment From Collbran Job Corps Center: Thank you for taking the time to talk with us concerning the future of our country.

1:45 Comment From Brandon Jones-TIJCC: I want to thank you for having this conference with us and giving us a chance to ask some of the question's that we have about the effect of green job's on the industries that we are training for.

1:45 Comment From Calvin: I feel that I will fit in the "green" economy positivly!

1:46 Comment From marlon hernandez: In our shop bathrooms in our electrical shop we went green by installing motion sensored light switches, flouresent lighting wich only uses 13 watts instead of 60 or 100 watts that are used by incandesent lights also we have waterless urinals, we have used metal studs instead of wood studs and instead water heaters

1:46 Comment From Nancy Velazquez: It is very competitive to get into nursing school (300 applicants for 70 slots at our local community college) because of the shortage of RN instructors. Is there anything getting done to increase the chance of getting into an RN training program?

1:46 Secretary Solis: Hi Nancy,

Thank you for your interest in the health care field which is one of the fastest growing industries in the country. The Job Corps program offers multiple training programs that can support a career path to the registered nurse profession. For example, we offer certified nurses assistant and license practical nurse training programs, which can provide valuable, technical knowledge as you pursue the RN credential. Over the next year Job Corps will increase the number of LPN programs and implement training in electronic health records management. Good luck in your pursuits.

1:47 Comment From Morgann: Hello. My name is Morgann, and I am an Office Administration student at the Potomac Job Corps Center. I am an Office Administration student, set to receive Microsoft certifications in Word and Excel soon. I wish to use my administrative skills, experience, and certifications to one day start a small business. What kinds of green initiatives and training could I implement as a small business owner in order to be environmentally responsible (reduce the carbon footprint of my business) and save money as well?

1:47 Secretary Solis: Thank you for this question, Morgann. Being environmentally responsible can mean money for a small business, that is why I am working with the Small Business Administration (SBA). There are many actions you can take, and the SBA is a great resource ( The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is a great resource, too, You can acquire products that are green, conserve energy and install systems that reduce waste. These just a few of the ways that you can save a small business money.

1:47 Comment From Reyna & marion: yeyyy!! happy earth day everyone!!

1:47 Comment From Justin Smith: Hello my name is Justin Smith from Glenmont Job Corp and I want to thank you for allowing me to express my feeling on Earth Day

1:47 Comment From jermaine miller: Happy Earthday !!!!!!!

1:47 Comment From Glenn Callera from LA JC: I am here with some of our students and we are all glad to be part of this event

1:48 Comment From Students at Cascades: We had fun this week during our events and the tree planting is going on now!!!!

1:49 Comment From Calvin: Having a green and safe job....helps this earth to run and operate much smoother! :)

1:50 Comment From Carmicle,Clifton: HAPPY EARTH DAY EVERY BODY

1:50 Comment From Glenn Callera from LA JC: We are greatful to participate such event!

1:50 Comment From Xavier J. Lewis: I am studying Cisco Computer Networking at Pittsburgh Job Corps Center and am considerin going into the IT field, do you think there will be an increase in the demand for IT workers in the next year?

1:50 Secretary Solis: Hello, Xavier; thank you for your question. Yes we believe that IT will continue in health care as well as in other sectors. You are already doing the right thing getting CISCO certified. Industry recognized certificates are a strong foundation in the IT field. Keep learning!

1:51 Comment From Alaska Job Corps: We are participating in the wind for schools program, we will have a wind turbine on center this summer.

1:51 Comment From Cornelius Morebu: Many 21st Century jobs require higher education. What is Job Corps doing to remain competetive?

1:51 Secretary Solis: Cornelius, this is a good question. Job Corps Centers continue to align their academic and vocational curriculums to ensure that graduates meet requirements to continue their education and compete for good jobs. Industry recognizes credentials and degrees are the best tools to keep workers competitive in our knowledge economy.

1:52 Comment From Townsend.kinney: Happy Earthday!!

1:52 Comment From Damien- TIJCC: Happy Earth Day from Treasure Island's urban farm, from Corey Block (Farm Coordinator)

1:53 Comment From Karen Z: I know we have a lot of students on the chat today that may have questions about Green jobs and the outlook for the future in this sector of the economy. What can you tell us.

1:53 Secretary Solis: Karen Z. thanks for the question. I want to encourage our students in Job Corps to explore all options available for them in the green economy in solar, wind, biodegradable and other renewable energy jobs. The sky is the limit.

1:54 Comment From Justin Smith: It is exciting to see how we can all come together for Earth Day. HAPPY EARTH DAY GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1:54 Comment From Jonathan AKJCC: Yay! It's EARTHDAY!! YAY!

1:54 Comment From Cody Apted: As prior to one of my previous question, here at Job Corps of Tongue Point, I would like to share with you a project that we, the staff and students, are attempting to further Green projects. Through a group agreement with the staff and students in charge of the Recreational Activities center, we have passed a group vote to attempt to use Scanners. Using these Scanners, we can start scanning ID card, which allows us to save on paper, so we would no longer have to use extra paper to see whom leaves and keep track of them. We also would use these Scanners to keep track of what inventory items we would check out to students for entertainment value, as well as keep a better, and more accurate track, of students and items, as well as other assortment of actvities. This is one of our greater ideas that we all are excited to see if it will fully run.

1:54 Secretary Solis: Cody, congratulations on your group's great ideas. Thank you for sharing them, and I hope other Job Corps facilities will look at what you are doing any maybe adopt them.

1:54 Comment From Nthan Pree-TIJC: On behalf of Tresure island job corps we say we are happy to be apart of this event!!!!

1:54 Comment From Reyna & marion: we are planting a tree today yeyyy!!!

1:54 Comment From Nthan Pree-TIJC: On behalf of Tresure island job corps we say we are happy to be apart of this event!!!!

1:54 Comment From Emily: Albuqueruqe Job Corps wants to know what you think of the globe projects we recently sent to you for the G-20 summitt which were gr

1:54 Secretary Solis: Thanks Emily,

Marvelous! The Ministers were so pleased. They were particularly impressed that it was made using recycled materials.

Congratulations and thanks to the Albuquerque Job Corps students and staff.


1:55 Comment From Nthan Pree-TIJC: On behalf of Tresure island job corps we say we are happy to be apart of this event!!!!

1:56 Comment From Daisy Monsegue from RJC: In Ramey Job Corps we are celebrating earth week. Today we planted a tree and painted rocks to put around it. We watched a documentary of Planet Earth, and displayed numerous projects with the theme, EARTH DAY EVERY DAY!

1:56 Comment From Leon Medley -TIJCC: !!Earthday Rocks!!

1:56 Secretary Solis: Reyna & Marion,

Where are you planting it? Sounds good. Anything that provides cover, which a tree will do, reduces heat and helps to cool the environment.

1:56 Comment From Klarens Lapice at delawar: HAPPY EARTHDAY FROM DELAWARE VALLEY JOBCORPS

1:57 Comment From jay: what is the best green paying job

1:57 Secretary Solis: Jay, thank you for such a great question. One of the wonderful aspects of the green economy is that there are a wealth of employment opportunities available in multiple industries. The Job Corps program works closely with employer and industry partners to tailor our training to their needs. It is critical that our students receive training in high-growth industries that offer high-paying jobs. We encourage students to obtain an industry certification and pursue additional education programs in order to increase their earning potential.

1:57 Comment From Alaska Job Corps: We have the only water / wastewater treatment trade, we provide the community potable water, and discharge our wastewater so it doesn't effect downstream users.

1:57 Comment From Brittany Rankin!!: HAPPY EARTH DAY!!!!!

1:59 Comment From PHX JOb Corps: Happy earth day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1:59 Comment From Christian Madison: Hi, My name is Christian Madison, and I am a Health Occupations Technology student at the New Orleans Job Corps Center. Will green jobs increase the number of employment opportunities available in the Healthcare Industry?

1:59 Comment From Brooklyn V Anderson: Hi, my name is Brooklyn V Anderson. I am a trainee at the Pittsburgh Job Corps Center. I am a health occuapation student, what medical products can we use that are helpful, or at least no harmful, to the planet.

2:00 Comment From Analy Juarez-TIJCC: Como influenciaria "going green" los empleos en el area medica?

2:00 Comment From Stephen Morgan: I'm worried there might not be any auto body jobs when I'm ready to graduate. Do you have suggestions for me? What other green practices are there in the auto body repair industry?

2:00 Secretary Solis: Stephen, many workers share your concern about jobs as they complete training. As a skilled auto body worker, you will be able to compete for jobs in this area and continue to upgrade your skills as the technologies evolve and become more green by using materials that are becoming less toxic. Earning industry-recognized credentials to demonstrate your skills will help. Also, taking courses in new technologies, business and communications will help you be more marketable to prospective employers. Keep learning!

2:00 Comment From Daisy Monsegue: Hi I am from the Ramey Job Corps. I am in the LPN Bilingual program. Most of the products that we use, have to go in the biohazards container. How do we go green with a situation like this one?

2:00 Comment From Krista: what kind of green jobs will be available in the health care industry ?

2:00 Moderator: What a great group! There are over 200 people on the chat (some of those are actually groups participating together) and you have flooded us with questions! Secretary Solis is working through as many of them as possible.


2:00 Secretary Solis: Thank you for your great questions about greening the health care industry. Health care workers work with a number of toxic materials like chemicals and cleaning products. That's why we're working with partners who are focusing on "greening" the health care industry by identifying less toxic products that are biodegradable and disposing of potentially harmful products cleanly and safely. We want all workers to be safe, and green jobs need to be safe jobs -- for workers and the environment.

2:01 Comment From Brandon Jones: Hi, My name is Brandon Jones, and I'm a Culinary Arts student at the New Orleans Job Corps Center. What types of green job opportunities will be available in New Orleans in the next three years?

2:01 Secretary Solis: Hi, Brandon: That's a good, practical question. You should check with your career transtion specialist at your JC center. They will be able to provide you with the local labor market information.

2:01 Comment From Ashley Piper: Other than recycling, how can the business cluster programs contribute to the green initiative?

2:01 Secretary Solis: Ashley,

Every job -- just like every individual -- has a role to play in going green. The business cluster could do green printing -- using recycled paper as well as two-sided work. Offices can "think green" by using teleconferencing instead of driving to meetings, editing and reading from the computer instead of printing and recycling toner, and hardware as well as paper, plastic and drinking containers.

Keep thinking about conservation and recycling and share your ideas across Job Corps sites -- and in your local areas and at home.

2:02 Comment From Gloria Whatley: Joliet Job Corps is excited about Earth Day events on center this week, and are happy to be joining this chat.

2:04 Comment From Allison Johnson-Golconda: Golconda Job Corps is very excited to be apart of this day!!!

2:04 Comment From wilson.alaceyia: Happy Earthday from Gulfport Job Corps Center!

2:04 Comment From Orlando Mendieta - TIJCC: Happy Earth Day.. Keep it GREEN!!!

2:05 Comment From holly kilpatrick: Happy Earth Day!!!!

2:05 Comment From Morgann: Hello. My name is Morgann, and I am an Office Administration student at the Potomac Job Corps Center. What does the Department of Labor forecast to be the leading “green” industries for growth in the job market over the next five years?

2:05 Secretary Solis: Morgann, thanks for your question. We anticipate that the utilities and construction sectors will grow into the future. Many areas of the country have already seen growth in manufacturing solar panels and hope to see wind turbine manufacturing as well.

2:05 Comment From Atlanta Job Corps Center: Happy Earth Day.

2:06 Comment From jessika: hello secretary Solis my name is jessika adkins from frenchburg job corps and id like to know if there are any green jobs in the dpt. of labor's S.T.E.P S.C.E.P program and how would i go about applying?

2:06 Secretary Solis: Thank you Jessika. I wish you success at Frenchburg Job Corps Center. You can find information on the S.T.E.P.S.C.E.P program on We are very interested in developing employment opportunities for young people that will support a green economy. Since you didn't indicate your specific career technical trade, I encourage you to work with your CTT instructor to identify positions that best match your career goals. Good luck!

2:06 Comment From Clifton Carmicle: HAPPY EARTH DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2:07 Comment From Caleb Acevedo: In my Welding class at Atterbury Job Corps. we are getting new welding machines that should save us up to $200 a month alone in electricity. Plus on top of that it makes welding a litle safer because when your not using it it turns its self off ;)

2:07 Comment From Roakethia Cook: Im not in the green training, how do that affect me??

2:07 Secretary Solis: Hi, Roakethia. Green jobs have the potential to affect everyone. In addition, every career technical training program will have green components. Glad to see you are interested in green initiatives. Best of luck.

2:07 Comment From Richard Danilowicz: happy earth day!!!!!!!!!

2:08 Comment From Tina Massey/Mingo Center: My name is Julian Wade. What can we do as Job Corps in order to promote Earth Day?

2:08 Secretary Solis: Tina- Job Corps is really moving to make every day Earth Day. Today I met with the Muhlenberg Job Corps -- who won the Job Corps green competition. I learned about what all of you are doing -- and I was so proud.

2:08 Comment From Tim Collins: Being a Facility Maintenance student at the PHX job cops i have been hearing alot about going green such as changing refrigerant what i was wondering is what is job corps as a whole doing to promote going green to the public?

2:08 Secretary Solis: Thanks for the question, Tim: Job Corps has several initiatives to insure that our students become environmental stewards on center and in life. In addition, the training achievement record you are following in class is aligned with the latest industry standards, which include green technologies. You should have participated in the Earth Day Everyday event on your JC center this week that focused on greening the center culture and the community.

2:09 Comment From Dayshonna TCU LA: What opportunity do we, as the youth of this country, have to make a difference?

2:09 Secretary Solis: Dayshonna, young people will be the leaders in our green efforts. You are already thinking green at the Job Corps. When you return home, we encourage you to use your leadership to educate your community on recycling, reducing our carbon footprint and creating innovative, ecofriendly ways to building smarter communities.

2:09 Comment From Richard Danilowicz: Happy Earth Day from Loring!!!

2:10 Comment From Shawn: We are producing bio-diesel at the pittsburgh job corps center and are running some of our vehicles off of it. I was wondering if there is a financial future in bio-diesel

2:10 Secretary Solis: Shawn--Absolutely. In fact, there is a market for bio-renewable fuels here in the U.S. and around the globe.

2:10 Comment From Jeffrey Khath-TIJCC: I am apart of the IPUT Painting program at Treause Island Job Corps and we like to wish everybody a HAPPY EARTHDAY!!!!!

2:10 Comment From Jessie Crook: Hello. My name is Jessie Crook, and i am i painting student at Atterbury Job Corps. My question is how important are commercial painters to the effort of going green.

2:10 Secretary Solis: Jesse, we have just released new NTC painting Training Achievement Records (TARs) which have all been upgraded to include green elements reflective of the industry's standards. Commercial painting opportunities, in particular, are anticipated to be in abundance based on new green building standards. The skills you attain in Job Corps should make you highly marketable in the commercial painting industry.


2:11 Secretary Solis: Hi Klarens,

Job Corps has held green fairs on many of its campuses and has received a lot of community support from local employers. Many Job Corps locations have held green fair events at their 123 campuses across the country this past week, as part of the Earth Day Every Day campaign. We will continue to work with Job Corps centers to hold these events year round.

2:12 Comment From Justin Smith: I want to know that if you get a certification in nursing in one state, what will you have to do to carry your certification to another state?

2:12 Secretary Solis: Justin - Right now each state has their own licensing procedure for registered nurses. We are working with the Dept. of Health and Human Services and with states to see if we can help get credentials to be more portable.

2:12 Comment From Student GovernmentStl.JCC: Happy Earthday from the Student Government Association! We are so happy to be apart of this event.

2:13 Comment From Brittany Rankin KITTRELL: Kittrell Job Corp Center has also started a vegetable garden as well as a compost garden.

2:13 Comment From catlin: hello my name is catlin barker i am a facility maintence student at from frenchburg jobcorps what is the department of labour doing to recycling building materials that are still good that can be used on other projects?

2:13 Secretary Solis: Thanks for the question, Catlin: We encourage all Job Corps centers to focus on "deconstruction" which involves the recycling and reuse of environmentally friendly materials.

2:13 Comment From holly kilpatrick: Kittrell job corp has partisapated in a lot of green day activites

2:13 Secretary Solis: Hi, Holly - glad to see that Kittrell Job Corps is involved in Earth Day green activities! Please also share your experiences with other Job Corps facilities. Best of luck in your future endeavors.

2:13 Comment From Jordan DAuria -TIJCC: Do you think that the "Go Green Project" will be successful? How will it effect the youth?

2:13 Secretary Solis: Jordan - Job Corps' green training initiative is geared toward increasing environmental awareness on all levels -- personally and professionally. The skills you learn in Job Corps green training programs will enable you to be more marketable in emerging green occupations and across all trade areas. We expect green training to result in higher wages and long-term employment opportunities.

2:15 Comment From Brandon L. Jones-TIJCC: Which region is having the quickest growth as far as creating solar jobs?

2:15 Secretary Solis: Brandon - Traditionally, the Southeast and Southwest of the US have been leaders in this field. But states like Ohio are also joining the front of the pack. It's no surprise since it such a promising field filled with good jobs.

2:16 Comment From Janessa Billingsley-TIJC: I Love Earth Day!!!

2:16 Comment From Janessa Billingsley-TIJC: What is a green job?

2:16 Secretary Solis: Janessa - Green jobs are varied. Often, people think about weatherization, utilities and construction -- all are green jobs. But we're seeing green in architecture and city planning; in water treatment and the manufacturing of solar panels and wind turbines. In my mind, every job needs to get green!

2:16 Comment From Tim R - AKJCC: Here at Alaska Job Corps center, we have gotten 4 new simulators for heavy equipment, 1 new simulator for drivers ed, we are getting recyclable bins for every classroom, computer repair use unused sides of papers to create scrap notepads, health occupation reuses utensils instead of using plastic silverware. We have also received 3 new electric cars to save on gas. Ideas for other centers. Happy Earth Day, Tell mama Earth you love her!

2:16 Secretary Solis: Tim - That's great!

2:18 Comment From Students at Shriver JCC: Ms. Solis, the students at Shriver JCC want to thank you for allowing us to participate in this event. We were wondering what you thought of our CTT competition submission, the box with the recipe book of recipes from around the world?

2:18 Secretary Solis: Shout out to Students at Shriver! Congratulations on your innovative submission. I appreciate your commitment to supporting diversity and the valuable lessons we can learn from our neighbors around the world. I am a big fan of Job Corps. In fact, this week I was honored to host the G20 Summit for Labor and Employment Ministers from around the world. Students from Cleveland Job Corps Center created a momento for our guests. Students from Albuquerque Job Corps Center created a globe sculpture. Students from Woodland and Potomac Job Corps Centers catered a reception. As you can see, you are in great company in contributing to the Department's global outreach efforts. Keep up the great work.

2:18 Comment From Catlin: hello my name is Catlin barker. im a facility maintence student at the frenchburg job corps, what type of new green building materials will be used and provided the us in the next few years?

2:18 Secretary Solis: Hello again, Catlin. Many building products coming along now are environmentally friendly as well as bio-degradable. For example, at one of our JC centers, instead of using fiberglass insulation, we used hay bales. The center has made other decisions similar to this that have allowed it to become LEED-certified.

2:19 Comment From Nathan Pree- TIJCC: Hi, how will going green effect cement masonry jobs?????????????????????????

2:19 Secretary Solis: Nathan - All Job Corps construction Training Achievement Records (TARs) have been upgraded to include green elements-even for cement masonry. Green construction jobs are expected to meet green building standards, which include all elements of construction from carpentry to electrical and, as mentioned, cement masonry. Your skills in this area should result in great employment opportunities.

2:19 Comment From Sierra Nevada Job Corps: Hello. My name is Andrew Davis and I am an Office Administration student at the Sierra Nevada Job Corps Center… I am interested in becoming a teacher. What are the projections with hiring high school teachers?

2:19 Secretary Solis: Sierra Nevada JCC - We need good teachers so I am so happy to hear that's where you'd like to concentrate.

In many areas, math and science teachers are in high demand. Other areas of need include special education and English as a second language. Good luck.

2:20 Comment From Anthony jacobs: Hello, my question is in reference to the disposal of batteries, being I work in an office-related trade- what exactly are the methods that follow sending them off to be processed?

2:20 Secretary Solis: There are many resources available, including local recycling centers that provide you with information on where to dispose of old batteries. One suggestion is to visit your city’s homepage that will provide a listing of local recycling collection locations. Or you can also visit the homepage for Waste Management at:

2:20 Comment From Krista: will a 16 year old ever be able to get a job as a cna ?

2:20 Secretary Solis: Krista, the sector continues to grow, and certified nurse assistants are a big part of that growth. Age should not be a handicap as long as you have the credentials and the work habits to do a great job. As a Job Corps student, I know you have both!

2:22 Comment From Justin Smith: At Glenmont Job Corp we have recycle bins all over the center such as the Dorm, classrooms, and the center directors secretaries office.

2:22 Comment From North Texas Job Corps: Recently our center turned in several traditional gasoline pickups in exchange for electric vehicles and have renovated four of our CTT buildings as part of our green initiative.

2:22 Comment From Brittany Rankin KITTRELL: I am the leadt student of the Green committee here at Kittrell Job Corp and this week has been a very successful week with getting students and staff involved in the GO GREEN INITIATIVE!!!!

2:22 Comment From Treasure Island: Does the president plan to visit a Job Corps center? We'd like to invite both of you here.

2:22 Secretary Solis: Thank you, Treasure Island, for the kind invitation, and while I can't speak for President Obama's schedule, I'll keep this invitation handy when I am visiting the San Francisco area.

2:23 Comment From Gerald R Ford Job Corps: My name is Trevor, I am a security student at Gerald r Ford Job Corps Center. I am curious how the Security trade can become more green?

2:23 Secretary Solis: Trevor - Begin by thinking renewable, biodegradable and energy efficient. For instance...surveillance with low-power consumption equipment, or patrolling on electric vehicles--it all reduces your carbon footprint. If that isn't an option, think frugal. When you patrol, can you turn out the light in unoccupied rooms? Every little bit helps.

2:23 Comment From AJCC: very impressed by your knowledge of green. thanks for sharing it with us all.

2:24 Comment From Steven Ross - TPJCC: Being a student at Tounge Point Job Corps Center, in the CST class, I am focusing on the computer repair aspect of the computer industry, how will that be effected by going green, if at all?

2:24 Secretary Solis: Well, Steven, as you may already know, the disposal of computer parts should be carried out in accordance with environmental considerations, as one quick example. Another might be that, as new electronic components are developed using earth-friendly materials, methods of installation may also change. I am sure your instructor can provide you with plenty of other examples. Best of luck pursuing your career in computer repair!

2:24 Comment From Anthony Jacobs: This week as we cellebrated "Earth Day Every Day" we introduced a "Green" mascott to the entire Paul Simon Job Corps student body. It was a great experience because it helped rally the energy of students

2:24 Secretary Solis: Thank you for sharing that, Anthony!

2:25 Comment From Tiffany-South Bronx JC: Happy Earthday! My name is Tiffany Cocco from the South Bronx Job Corps - your hometown. I am a culinary student and President of our Student Government. How can we, as students, educate our local inner city employers on how creating greener job positions will benefit our community. Thank you.

2:25 Secretary Solis: Tiffany: Happy Earth Day to you! I think that young leaders like yourself are well positioned to change how businesses operate. Give your local business your innovative ideas and let them know whhen they are doing good, GREEN work.


2:26 Comment From Scott Pearson: Secretary Solls, what does going green mean to you?

2:26 Secretary Solis: HI Scott,

To me going green means lowering our carbon footprint, reducing our dependency on foreign oil, and utilizing renewable energy. Of course there is increasing the number of green jobs. The sky is the limit!

2:27 Comment From Gloria Whatley: Joliet Job Corps students participated in a tree planting today to celebrate earth day. Students will be using pervious concrete to mount the tree plaque.

2:28 Comment From frenchburg job corps: We would like to say thank you secretary solis for your time and attention we enjoyed the chat and found it very informitive

2:28 Comment From Sierra Nevada Job Corps: Hello. My name is Dusty Spencer and I am a carpentry student at the Sierra Nevada Job Corps Center… What advanced training can I do once I complete this program to help advance me and my career path?

2:28 Secretary Solis: Dusty, thank you for your question. I am encouraged that you want to continue your training after you complete the Job Corps program. There are several opportunities to advance your career, including apprenticeships, community colleges, and entry-level employment opportunities that may provide you with a career path. Your career transition specialist and your guidance counselor should be able to provide you with additional resources.

2:28 Comment From Rashad Demings: Hello Hilda Solis My name is Rashad Demings I am currently the Student Government President here at Treasure Island Job Corps. I would first like to start off by saying thank you on behalf of our student body, for your wonderful contributions to our thriving community here at Treasure Island Job Corps. We recently started our urban garden which we feel is going to thrive on many levels. My question to you is in the future do you see Treasure Island starting a trade to show our youth how to cultivate maintain and even market the goods that we will produce.

2:28 Secretary Solis: Hi Rashad,

It sounds like your green gardening skills could turn into an entrepreneurial program to create a local market. Good luck!

2:28 Comment From Faith Brown: Do you see training in weatherization on job corps centers to be a benefit for employment?

2:28 Secretary Solis: Faith Yes! The Job Corps program works closely with employer and industry partners to ensure that the training you receive is matched to their needs. Weatherization projects at Job Corp centers are excellent opportunities for students to enhance the skills that will be needed in the workplace. Believe me, this will give you an edge when you are ready to seek employment. I also encourage you to obtain industry certifications to further your competitiveness in this field. Good luck!

2:29 Comment From James at schenck jcc: I plan to go into contruction field,what green ideas can i inplement in my carpentry trade

2:29 Secretary Solis: Thanks, James. All Job Corps carpentry training has been upgraded to include green building elements. You will have many opportunities to practice and learn skills involving innovative carpentry practices. We look forward to seeing your craftsmanship and how it has been influenced by your exposure to green building practices.

2:29 Comment From Rashad Demings TIJCC: We have a thriving leadership program here at Treasure Island Job Corps and maybe if you’re in town you could stop by and visit us. We would like you to meet you in person. And you can check out our urban farm when you come

2:30 Comment From Ben Stewart: what is the possibility of you touring centers to see the green initiatives personally?

2:30 Secretary Solis: Hi Ben,

In the latest year I’ve visited 20 Job Corps centers – I’ll continue to include more visits as I travel across the country.

2:30 Comment From Inland Empire Job Corps: Inland Empire Job Corps students and staff participated in the planting of a Strawberry Tree today in honor of Earth Day and Arbor Day!

2:30 Comment From Susan Taylor: Albuquerque Job Corps Center would like to thank you Ms. Solis, for all your answers.


2:30 Comment From Students at Shriver JCC: Ms. Solis, we just wanted to thank you again for taking the time to speak with us today.

2:30 Comment From Brandon L. Jones-TIJCC: Thank you for your time and for answering our many questions, I gained more information then I thought I would. So once again thank you and have a blessed day. Happy Earth Day!

2:31 Comment From Ms Flynn, Shriver JCC: Shriver has recently acquired a hybrid vehicle for the Automotive Students to train with. How do you feel about the advancement of technology in regards to this industry and how it will affect training at Job Corps centers?

2:32 Secretary Solis: Hi, Ms. Flynn. Job Corps has implemented the new green training in automotive because the industry is clearly headed in this direction. And Job Corps students that receive this training will be ahead of the curve and able to meet the demands of the new automotive technology.

2:32 Comment From Clinton MacLeod: What is the best way I can personally impliment green into my daily life and trade as a electrican?

2:32 Secretary Solis: Thanks, Clinton, this is a great question. All of Job Corps is going green, so you will have many opportunities to incorporate green practices into your dialy life. Our goal is to enhance environmental awareness both personally and professionally. As an electrician student, you have, no doubt, experienced our greened electrical TARs and are hopefully getting lots of practice applying your new skills and saving lots of energy across your campus.

2:32 Comment From Bianca M-Golconda CCC: Hey! my name is Bianca Maldonado, and I'm a current student at Golconda Job Corps, my question is, with "going green", how will that benefit the Culinary Arts Trade?

2:32 Secretary Solis: Bianca, I'm glad you asked that question. Going green in the culinary arts program, among other things, means using resources wisely as well as preferring to use organically grown and raised food products. Your instructor can provide you with other examples. We look forward to hearing about your future success!

2:34 Comment From Sierra Nevada Job Corps: Hello. My name is Andrew Davis and I am an Office Administration student at the Sierra Nevada Job Corps Center… What steps are currently or planned to be taken to have the United States adhere to the Kyoto Agreement? Also how will this affect the job market, primarily in Nevada?

2:34 Secretary Solis: Andrew, thanks for your question. The United States is proud to have participated in the Copenhagen climate meeting this past December. It is a priority for the administration to pass a climate bill that will take us in the direction of a clean energy economy. I encourage you to visit the White House Web site at to see all of the initiatives that have taken place in the area of protecting our environment.

2:34 Comment From Rashad Demings TIJCC: Hello Hilda Solis My name is Rashad Demings I am currently the Student Government President here at Treasure Island Job Corps. I would first like to start off by saying thank you on behalf of our student body, for your wonderful contributions to our thriving community here at Treasure Island Job Corps. We recently started our urban garden which we feel is going to thrive on many levels. My question to you is in the future do you see Treasure Island starting a trade to show our youth how to cultivate maintain and even market the goods that we will produce. We have a thriving leadership program here at Treasure Island Job Corps and maybe if you’re in town you could stop by and visit us. We would like you to meet you in person. And you can check out our urban farm when you come

2:34 Secretary Solis: Thank you, Rashad, for the invitation to Treasure Island Job Corps Center. I read about your garden in the Job Corps ARRA newsletter. It sounds amazing, and I would love to see it! Keep up the great work and say hello to Mr. Miller.

2:34 Comment From Shawn: hello my name is shawn hellmann and im a manufacturing student at the pittsburgh job corps center. I was wondering what the outlook for manufacturing jobs in northwest pennsylvania is. Also what are these companies doing to go green?

2:34 Secretary Solis: Shawn, thanks. Western Pennsylvania has many new companies in advanced materials manufacturing, and many companies are working in solar panel manufacturing in nearby Ohio.

2:35 Secretary Solis: Thank you all for your comments, suggestions, and ideas today. With your help, we will turn 21st-century green-collar jobs—that are safe and pay family supporting wages—into economic opportunities that benefit everyone.

Our goal must be a clean energy future that works for all Americans, so that we can pass on to our children and grandchildren a cleaner planet and a stronger nation. I commend you on your commitment to that goal!

This has been terrific. I'm sorry that I can't stay longer, but I promise that we'll do this again soon.

2:36 :