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The Department of Labor's Hall of Honor

Welcome to the Department of Labor's new Hall of Honor. We’ve transformed our Hall of Fame into the Hall of Honor, a showcase highlighting the life-changing contributions that women, men, groups and organizations have made which have had a profound, positive impact on the American way of work and the American way of life.

The Hall was established in 1988 to honor those Americans whose distinctive contributions in the field of labor have, among other things, elevated working conditions, wages, and over-all quality of life of America's workers and their families and communities.

Every year, a special panel comprised of the Solicitor of Labor, the Assistant Secretary for Policy and the Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management select who will be honored. The panel is chaired by the Senior Advisor for Public Affairs and Communications. Clarisse Young is the current point of contact for the Labor Hall of Honor. The honorees are inducted to the Hall of Honor during a formal ceremony conducted at the Department’s headquarters in Washington, D.C.

The Hall of Honor is located inside the North Plaza of DOL's Frances Perkins Building on 200 Constitution Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. The exhibit is open during government working hours. The portraits and brief biographies of the Inductees are included in the online section of the Hall of Fame. For more information call the Wirtz Labor Library at 202-693-6600.

Hall of Honor Inductees

Artist's rendering of the new Hall of Honor