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November 7 Events

Nov 7 Small Business Vendor Outreach Session, Washington, DC.
To increase the U.S. Department of Labor's utilization of all types of small businesses, the Department's Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU) sponsors Small Business Vendor Outreach Sessions (VOS). These sessions offer small businesses the opportunity to market their capabilities directly to OSDBU and agency program officials and learn about potential Department procurement opportunities. Conversely, Department procurement officials can learn more about the diverse small business resources available to meet their procurement needs. Department of Labor agencies buy a wide variety of goods and services valued at approximately $1.9 billion each year. Each DOL agency has a responsibility for procuring its own goods and services in support of the agency's mission.
Nov 7 OFCCP Compliance Assistance Seminar – Supply & Service Contractors , Nashville, TN.
Topics to be discussed include Affirmative Action requirements of federal contractors/subcontractors to include AAP development & compensation analysis.

Later This Month

Nov 8 OFCCP- Community Based Education & Outreach , Memphis, TN.
Nov 8 Southeast Wisconsin Job Clubs & Career Ministries Symposium, Hales Corners, WI.
Nov 8 Traveling Resource Center to assit nuclear weapons workers, Clarksville, TN.
Nov 14 OFCCP - What to Expect During an OFCCP Audit/ Overview of 503/4212, Columbus , OH.
Nov 14 OFCCP - Common OFCCP Audit Violations, Wichita, KS.
Nov 14 OFCCP Compliance Assistance Seminar – Supply & Service Contractors , Nashville , TN.
Nov 14 OFCCP - The Basic Requirements of an Affirmative Action Program, New Orleans, LA.
Nov 14 National Advisory Committee on Occupational Safety and Health (NACOSH) Meeting, Washington, DC.
Nov 14 OFCCP-Compliance Assistance Seminar - Boston, MA, Boston, MA.
Nov 15 OFCCP - National Origin Discrimination, Omaha, NE.
Nov 15 OFCCP - Compliance Evaluation Audit Process, Wichita, KS.
Nov 15 OFCCP - Applicant Tracking, Wichita, KS.
Nov 15 OFCCP- Community Based Education & Outreach , Memphis , TN.
Nov 15 OFCCP Compliance Assistance Seminar – Supply & Service Contractors , Miami, FL.
Nov 20 OFCCP- Compliance Assistance Seminar - Boston, MA, Boston, MA.
Nov 27 OFCCP - Supply and Service Best Practice Seminar, Milwaukee, WI.
Nov 27 Advisory Committee on Construction Safety and Health, Washington, DC.
Nov 27 OFCCP- NOD's Planning For Change Forum - New Brunswick, NJ, New Brunswick, NJ.
Nov 28 The Affordable Care Act: Important New Protections for You and Your Family Webcast, Washington, DC.
Nov 28 OFCCP Compliance Assistance Seminar – Supply & Service Contractors , Nashville, TN.
Nov 28 OFCCP- Compliance Assistance Seminar-Boston, MA, Boston, MA.
Nov 29 OFCCP Compliance Assistance Seminar - Construction Contractors, Memphis, TN.
Nov 29 OFCCP Construction Contractors Best Practices Seminar, Baltimore, MD.
Nov 29 OFCCP Small and New S & S Contractors Seminar, Richmond, VA.
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