U.S. Department of Labor E-Government Strategic Plan

Table 3. E- Government Scorecard

OMB Rating | Baseline Evaluation ( As of End of FY 01)

Scorecard Item

Progress On Implementation of the PMA



Mission Alignment


  • Alignment with PMA
  • Alignment with Federal and DOL E- Government Strategies, including the PPI ’s
  • Alignment with DOL ’s Strategic and Annual Goals or Priorities
  • Reduce burden under the PRA and GPEA compliance efforts
  • Contribution to mission performance



Red, Yellow, or Green for each rating

Architecture Compliance

  • Compliance with the Federal Enterprise Architecture
  • Compliance with the standards set forth in the DOL ’s EA
  • Implementation plan to comply with the DOL agency ’s EA





Security Compliance*

  • Implementing security policies and proce dures: Compliance with FISMA, Privacy Act, OMB Security Guidance, departmental security policies




Project Management

  • Compliance with CPIC process ( Clinger- Cohen, A- 11, A- 130, SDLC)




  • Utilization of I- TIPS




  • Performance Measures ( A- 11, A- 130)




  • Viability and Risk Analysis




Overall Progress Report Rating



* Indicates a “showstopper" A red rating for this element would automatically result in an overall scorecard rating of red.

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