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Draft Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2006 — 2011

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The Department of Labor is pleased to provide a draft copy of the FY 2006–2011 Strategic Plan. The plan is available for public comment as part of the strategic planning process under the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA). This document integrates the Department’s diverse missions and different program objectives into a presentation of performance objectives under four overarching strategic goals.

  • Goal 1 — A Prepared Workforce
    Develop a prepared workforce by providing effective training and support services to new and incumbent workers and supplying high quality information on the economy and labor market.
  • Goal 2 — A Competitive Workforce
    Meet the competitive labor demands of the worldwide economy by enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of the workforce development and regulatory systems that assist workers and employers in meeting the challenges of global competition.
  • Goal 3 — Safe and Secure Workplaces
    Promote workplaces that are safe, healthful and fair; guarantee workers receive the wages due them; foster equal opportunity in employment; and protect veterans' employment and re-employment rights.
  • Goal 4 — Strengthened Economic Protections
    Protect and strengthen worker economic security through effective and efficient provision of unemployment insurance and workers' compensation; ensure union transparency; and secure pension and health benefits.

Written comments can be provided by email to or by mail to:
U.S. Department of Labor
Office of the Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management
Center for Program Planning and Results, Room S-3317
200 Constitution Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20210

The final Strategic Plan will be posted at this site when officially released in September 2006.

Table of Contents


About DOL

Meeting Tomorrow’s Challenges Today

DOL Strategic Goals

Strategic Goal 1 — A Prepared Workforce

Strategic Goal 2 — A Competitive Workforce

Strategic Goal 3 — Safe and Secure Workplaces

Strategic Goal 4 — Strengthened Economic Protections

Compliance Assistance

Management Initiatives

Program Evaluations


Appendix A — Stakeholder Consultation

Appendix B — Cross Reference of Strategic Goals

Appendix C — Organizational Chart

Appendix D — List of Organizations and Missions

Appendix E — List of Acronyms