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September 15, 2011 - Blog Criteria

Stakeholders to Suggest Improvements for Workforce System Through New Website

The U.S. Departments of Labor, Education, and Health and Human Services are jointly  seeking opinions from stakeholders about how to improve the workforce system.  A new website allows anyone to share experiences and discuss approaches to transforming systems, changing service strategies and investing funds in new ways designed to improve outcomes for job seekers and employers.  The site also encourages stakeholders to blog about innovative practices using specific criteria.

Visit the Site
Read the Blog Criteria (below)

  1. Write a blog post: Have an insight on innovation that you’re ready to share?  Then we invite you to write a brief 100 – 400 word blog post and send it to  We’ll let you know that we’ve received it and tell you the date it will be published on the Innovation Forum.  Not sure how to get started?  Consider using one of the questions below as your writing prompt.
    • Is there an aspect of the public workforce system that is particularly “ripe” for innovation?
    • How is your work changing, and how are you innovating to respond?
    • What is your one greatest legislative, regulatory, or administrative barrier to innovation and why?
    • What is the one most important thing the public workforce system can do to improve outcomes for job seekers and employers?
    • Where do you see innovation in the workforce system?
    • How could the workforce system apply innovations from other systems or fields?
  2. Comment on blog posts: Encourage your colleagues by commenting on their ideas using the comment feature on each blog post.  Commenting is a great way to build on the ideas and questions raised and provide additional thoughts and reactions.  Your insights help others create.  Encourage each other!
  3. Tell a colleague:  Is there a voice you’d like to add to the conversation?  Then forward this message, and encourage them to join the discussion at