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Newsletter Photos - May 5, 2011

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Secretary Solis and Telemundo's Jose Diza Balart

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Sandra Polaski, Deputy Undersecretary for Bureau of International Labor Affairs (third from left), listens to questions from participants at the Council on Foreign Relations roundtable.

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Students from the local Job Corps help demolish and rebuild a Florida home for ABC's Extreme Home Makeover TV Show.


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MSHA Assistant Secretary Joe Main, right, and Charlie Thomas, Deputy Administrator for Coal Mine Safety and Health, don their self-contained rescuers in preparation for their trip underground.


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Left to right: Ricardo Hidalgo, international organizer of Organizing Department, International Brotherhood of Teamsters; Fernando Tapia, bilingual educator/coordinator, UCLA Labor Occupational Safety and Health (LOSH) Program; Alicia Villarreal, DOL Secretary's regional representative, Los Angeles; Ellen Widess, chief, Cal/OSHA; Linda Delp, director, UCLA Labor Occupational Safety and Health (LOSH) Program; Kevin Riley, coordinator, UCLA LOSH; Chloe Osmer, deputy campaign manager, CLEAN Carwash Campaign; Luz Elena Ocequera, Worker Leader - Carwash Brigade, CLEAN Carwash Campaign; Deogracia Cornelio, associate director of education, UCLA LOSH; Tanya Akel, educator and project director, UCLA LOSH.

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Kurtis Fish (left) and Ronal Severin


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Karl Mier


The posters shows a traffic control construction worker and heavy equipment. The text reads 'Follow the rules to be safety cool!'

5-6 years old: Noah Brobst, 5, of Trafford, Penn.


The poster shows supehero Safety Girl saying 'Come join the crew, and be a safety hero too!' Also shown are Astronaut Annie, Officer Ollie, Chef Sing, Handyman Harvey, and the outline of a person saying 'you are here'

Tamaya Olivia Bush, 8, of Fort Mill, S.C.


The poster says 'Safety belts are not just for cars!' and 'Always use safety belts!' It depicts people operating heavy machinery while wearing safety belts. It also says 'safety belts save lives' and 'click it for safety'

9-10 years old: Tiffany Jade Heishman, 10, of Strasburg, Va.


The poster has a series of hearts and workers depicting different work situations. The text says 'follow the signs in construction sites, safety is important (in multiple languages), be aware of your surroundings, wear safety equipment whenever required, listen to warnings, and let's keep safety in our hearts, literally.

11-12 years old: Anjela G. Sevilla, 12, Jubail, Saudi Arabia


The poster depicts a car crash and says, 'Don't be the sender to cause a fender bender!' There is also a cell phone that says texting on it, with the x turned red.

13-14 years old: Robin Newman, 14, of Madison, Ala.