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Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez
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User Charges - Policy Review Process
In accordance with the CFO Act and OMB Circular A-25, department wide guidance has been developed to establish policy, procedures, and responsibility for implementing and managing user charges in DOL. The guidance includes the biennial review requirements of the CFO Act. In FY 2002, DOL conducted this review and adjusted user fees in several BLS and OSHA programs to reflect current costs and market value of these services.

Electronic Data Processing (EDP) Systems
To gain assurance that financial data produced by EDP systems are reliable, the OIG reviewed DOL’s core accounting (DOLAR$) system, as well as a selection of DOL agency financial systems. The Office of the Chief Information Officer, the OCFO, and the major agencies are addressing each of these findings from this review in a department wide effort to update system security plans and close audit findings. For more information, see the Assistant Inspector General’s Report in Section III of this document.

Prompt Payment Act
The Prompt Payment Act requires Executive agencies to pay commercial obligations within discreet time periods and to pay interest penalties when those time constraints are not met. During FY 2002, DOL improved it’s on-time payment percentage from 95.4 to 96.0 percent of total DOL payments subject to the Act, based on over 165,000 payments. Of approximately $1.2 billion in gross payments, $166,136 (approximately .014 percent) was paid in interest fees and penalties.

Government Wide Involvement
DOL financial staff continued to participated in a number of government-wide financial initiatives during FY 2002. The Department takes pride in lending its expertise to improving financial management for the Federal government. This year, staff participated in the Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board, the United States Standard General Ledger Board, the Federal Credit Policy Working Group, the CFO Grants Management Committee, the JFMIP Core Financial Systems Requirements Update, AGA administrative and training activities, the Human Resource Project Management Initiative, the Egov Egrants initiative, and the CFO Council Fellows Association. We anticipate continued involvement in these and other government-wide projects in the future.

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