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Strategic Goal 2
A Secure Workforce

Promote the Economic Security of Workers and Families

Photo of a woman helping a man process an unemployment application at a temporary site at Reagan National Airport.

Virginia Employment Commission and DOL personnel staff a temporary site at Reagon National Airport to process unemployment applications for airport workers unemployed in the aftermath of September 11.
Photo by: Shawn Moore

DOL is committed to promoting the economic security of workers and their families by protecting workers' hours, wages, and other job conditions; providing unemployment compensation and other benefits when workers are unable to work; and expanding, enhancing, and protecting pension, health care, and other benefits. Priorities are to increase compliance with minimum wage and overtime requirements; promote secure retirements for working Americans; provide more pensions for women and employees of small businesses; broaden access to health care; and shorten periods of unemployment in those areas suffering from rapid economic change.

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