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Bureau of International Labor Affairs
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By the Sweat & Toil of Children (Volume IV)
Consumer Labels and Child Labor

By the Sweat & Toil of Children Volume IV - Logo

The fourth volume in the By the Sweat & Toil of Children series studies the use of labels to communicate to consumers child labor related information about the products which they are purchasing. Consumer labelling programs in the hand-knotted carpet, leather footwear, soccer ball, and tea industries are discussed in detail.

Specifically the report considers the label, the claims behind the label, the administration of a labeling program, transparency for the public, and monitoring and enforcement. The report also includes information on other policies which prohibit child labor in these industries, including codes of conduct.

In preparing this report, the Department of Labor used information from site visits to Brazil, China, India, Kenya, Mexico, Nepal, Pakistan, and Tanzania and conducted a small, non-random survey of 49 U.S. importers and retailers. 252 pages. 1997.

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