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Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez
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Mobile Applications

U.S. Department of Labor Mobile Apps

These apps were created by us and are available through the appropriate app stores.

An app for employees to track the hours worked and wages owed. (iPhone)

Heat Index for Outdoor Workers
The local heat index and precautions to take for keeping safe. (iPhone, Android)

DOL Labor Statistics
Latest employment data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Employment and Training Administration. (iPhone, Android)

DOL App Challenge Winners

These apps and websites were winners in our application development challenges, using our data in creative and informative ways.

Equal Pay App Challenge Winners

This contest challenged the public to create software applications that use the department's data to promote equal pay for men and women. Learn more about the winners of the equal pay challenge.


iPhone Screenshot 2

Close the Wage Gap

Gender Gap App

iPhone Screenshot 1

Demand Equal Pay for Women

Assists individuals at all stages of the job search and career management process. (iPhone)

This website educates users about the gender wage gap and offers salary negotiation tips.

Salary differences between men and women doing the same jobs. (iPhone)

This website provides data about the pay gap.

Worker Safety & Health App Challenge Winners

This challenge was to create tools that best demonstrate the importance of recognizing and preventing workplace safety and health hazards, and help young people understand their rights in the workplace. Learn more about the winners of the worker safety and health challenge.

Working Safely is No Accident

Working Safely is No Accident Screen Shot

USW Chemical Safety

USW Chemical Safety Mobile App Screen Shot

No JackNo Jack App Screen Shot

Ergonomics iOS App

Ergonomics iOS Mobile App Screen Shot

A web app for young workers on workplace rights and 29 critical safety tips. (Web)

Chemical safety reference for workers. (iPhone)

Workers (16 to 24 years old) and their employers learn workplace safety. (Web)

Improve your workplace health with stretching and workplace setup information. (iPhone)

InformAction App Challenge Winners

For this challenge, we asked for apps or websites that would empower consumer choices about the hotel, motel, restaurant and retail industries. Learn more about the winners of the InformAction app challenge.

Eat Shop Sleep

iCitizen Labor Report

I.C InfoChoice


Inspection Radar


Customer reviews mashed-up with health, safety & labor highlights. (iPhone)

Enforcement data and customer reviews for local establishments by location or list. (iPhone)

Inspections data organized by company name, state, and zip code. (Web)

Inspection & compliance data to inform consumer & worker. (iPhone)

DOL Connect

Where's the Beef

iDOL iPhone App

Job Tracker

Search and browse labor law compliance investigations data. (Android)

Inspection data from the retail, restaurant, hotel/motel industries. (Web)

Search and browse labor law compliance investigations data. (iTunes)

Find out companies that have exported jobs overseas or broken laws protecting workers. (Web)

Occupational Employment Statistics & Disability Employment App Challenge Winners

This challenge was to create visualizations using data from our Bureau of Labor Statistics to assist individuals in planning their education, considering a career change, moving to a new geographical area or negotiating pay and benefits. Learn more about the winners of the occupational employment statistics and disability employment app challenge.

Where are the Jobs



Labor Wage Statistics

Occupation Wage Data

Availaibility and salary of jobs based on geographic area. (Web)


Key employment figures by state. (Web)

Statistics to help inform future career choices. (Android)

Occupation wages and salaries by type of job and location. (Microsoft)

Job Compass

Access Jobs



An app to help you make that next career decision. (Microsoft)

An accessible solution to job seeking and recruitment (iPhone, Android)

This app helps people with speech disroders get hired  (Android)

Incorporate "accessible innovation" within future web technologies  (iPhone, Android)